This video is all about the best smart watches under 3000 rupees. If you are in a budget of rupees, 3000 or below 3000, then do watch this video and buy the best smart watch before starting this video. If you are not yet subscribed our channel, please do subscribe our channel and turn on the bell icon to get latest tech updates from tech world. So without wasting much time, let’s get started Music at number 5. We have zebronics upfit. It comes with a feature like pedometer, a trade monitor sleep, monitor alarm clock along with the long battery life, so you can focus more on your fitness. It tracks multiple sports like batman, football, cycling and basketball. The smartwatch comes with custom watch faces 2 style straps in the box, so you can offer this according to your convenience and style, use more and charge less high capacity built in rechargeable battery provides 30 days of standby time and lasts for entire week on normal usage. Next, we have both watch flash with 33 mm lcd display and a perfectly round dl boat. Flash smartwatch is what you’ll be flaunting in style. It is slim sleek eye catching with a metallic finish and comes in a dual colors with 1pix8. This flash is ready for sweat, water dust and intensive workout session, get smart notification with vibration alerts for calls text, vibration, reminder alarm and weather forecasts. Even you can monitor your sleep heart rate and blood oxygen.

At number 3. We have realme classic watch. It has a glossy finish and its right side is a multifunctional physical button with a golden accent. It offers a decent feedback and can be used to turn on and off the screen go back and power on and off smart watch. It weighs just 31 grams making it ideal to wear at night for sleep tracking. The real me watch is ip68 certified, meaning you can take it shower, wear it and, while swimming but like real me band, the real me watch does not track swimming, so you won’t get any data about your performance. Realme says more than 100 watch faces will be rolled out on ota, but no time frame has been provided for that. At present, the smartphone can hold a maximum of 6 watch faces on board, and this can be replaced whenever you want through realme link app. It comes with real me, heart rate, monitoring, sleep tracking, step, counter, drink, reminder, sport mode and smart notification. At number two. We have noise color fit pro 2.. The watch has a square touch screen dell and there is a button on right side which is used to navigate through the menu at the back. The color fit pro 2 watches an art rate sensor and electrodes for connecting the charger. It has a 9 sport modes that are running walking, spinning hiking, climbing walkout treadmill, yoga and biking the straps made of silicon, which is comfortable and comes with enough adjustment option to fit enough.

The smallest of the just like its predecessor, the color fit pro 2 is light and 35 grams and strap can be detached on both ends. The colorfit pro 2 is compatible with both android and ios to pair up with the smartphone. You just need to install noise, fit sport app from google play, store and app store. Music. Coming to the first of the list we have bootstrap boardstrum watch is 1.3 inch square shaped dial fitted with the color lcd display, with amounts of 250 to 250 pixel resolution. The smartwatch has a multi touch panel with a pixel density of 261 ppi. The display is scratch resistant that makes it favorable for daily usage boards from watch as a removable and comfortable strap. The straps are made up of silicon and are skin friendly. The smartphone is also 5 atm rated with a water resistance up to 50 meter depth in water. It has a poly retained, thermoplastic body with a light body. It has a 9 sport modes that are running walking, spinning hiking, climbing, walk out treadmill, yoga and biking. Both strom watch is back with lithium polymer battery that offers 10 days of battery life. This makes the watch wait for daily usage. Also, it comes with usb magnetic charging cable out of the box. It is compatible with android, 5 plus ios smartphones, thanks for watching this video and for more videos based on tech.