We believe that the right choice for you is samsung galaxy watch, active 2. you’ll stay connected with the world and also stay in touch with your health and lifestyle. The device sports a larger screen with a total size of 1.73 by 1.73 by 0.75 inches, along with a weight of a single ounce. The touchscreen is surrounded by a black inactive ring of about 0.15 inches sporting. The super amoled board, with a resolution of 360 square pixels on the right side, you’ll find the only two buttons of the device both are made of plastic and the same shiny black finish on the dial structure. The last accessory in this set is a wireless charger. It consists of a tablet shaped structure which has a positive magnetization on the upper side, so that the device can rest on it, while charging also included in the mix is a 12 inch cable that leads to the usb a port. The charging process, as recommended in the instructions, should be performed using a samsung adapter, no alternative. The device comes with a set of pre installed: health widgets that are connected to the samsung health and samsung music applications, there’s also the main timer that can be customized. The app menu, as well as a fully customizable widget section, the number of parameters on the screen is quite large. Calendar calorie consumption alarms, notifications and control of sleep hours are some of our favorites it’s, also possible to set up training programs and manually activate them from the smartwatch pretty cool.

The device is driven by the tizen operating system based in linux in the hardware department, the processor is a dual core model operating at 1.15, gigahertz also included in the mix, are 0.75 gigabytes of ram and 4 gigabytes of storage, something that also caught our attention is The addition of pre determined rest times during which the smart watch can be programmed to remain quiet and with a dark, low, late screen mode ideal for the night and for saving battery, speaking of which the battery capacity is 340 mah. Depending on the type of use you can expect between 60 and 131 hours of continuous operation on a single charge for listed price, you can’t beat this guy up next check out the fossil gen 5e, also known as the best stylish android smartwatch available on the market. In 2021, among the new additions that the manufacturers added to the fossil gen 5 are the extended battery mode and an improved speaker, the new onboard technology offers different battery settings with the aim of offering a longer battery life. As for the improved speaker, it is bound to improve your user experience during calls. Fossil gen 5e is available in different colors with leather, stainless steel or silicone band. Under the hood, the snapdragon wear 3100 processor offers top performance as expected from such a cool. Looking smartwatch, on the other hand, if we talk about sensors and connectivity, we can say that the smartwatch comes with onboard bluetooth, wi, fi and nfc.

The latter is increasingly in demand due to the ease of payment by mobile phone. The battery has a service life of around 24 hours. Now the big advantage is that the device has a fast and magnetic charge, so it can be charged as much as 80 in just 50 minutes. This watch also has the great advantage of being elegant so that it can be used in most formal situations, but also in casual day to day activities. The fossil gen 5e offers a variety of sport modes and the option to measure heart rate thanks to the sensors. On the back, and if you like swimming you don’t have to take the watch off because it is water resistant and to make your life easier, you can manage google now directly from the device. Also, it should be noted that the fossil gen 5e comes with a screen resolution of 416 by 416 pixels. In short, we can say that this fella stands out not only by being stylish and pretty looking, but also for delivering all the features. A good smart watch should have thumbs up for sure if you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars to get a top quality product. We have singled out the ticwatch pro 3 for you, the best premium android smartwatch on the 2021 market. One of the most interesting features of the ticwatch pro series is the dual screen. The main one is a very nice 1.’ inch, amoled screen with a resolution of 454×454, a very popular format that ensures high readability of apps and notifications.

The colors of the screen are quite pleasing to the eye. The sharpness is great. Everything just looks charming. An additional layer of the screen is a monochrome fstn screen which does not require backlighting but can be used when hiking in direct sunlight. The fstn screen can be activated in three ways: manual, cinema mode automatically through the use of ammo’s screen and via a switch to basic mode in each mode. The fstn screen displays the basic time time date, number of steps and optional pulse. No other functions are available in the basic mode ticwatch pro 3 gps is the first smartwatch based on the new qualcomm platform with the snapdragon wear 4100 processor. This is a big step up from the previous generation of the chips, and you can feel the performance boost from the get go. These are big changes in ticwatch pro 3 gps. The processor is assisted by 1 gigabytes of ram and for the applications and other data you’ll get 8 gigabytes of storage space. In addition to the new processor, the watch is prepared for other challenges: sporting, a receiver that combines gps, pido and support for google play via nfc it’s, also equipped with a barometer. Also, we get a set of google applications and various tools such as a timer or alarm. Furthermore, the ticwatch pro 3 gps is enriched with accessories from manufacturers such as health analysis based on sensor, data, heart rate measurement, sleep analysis, stress, monitoring, blood, oxygen, saturation, monitoring, noise, meter, breathing control and training monitoring for over 10 disciplines.

If you can afford this beast, we say: go for it. The next product on our list for today is the fitbit versa. 3. The best fitbit android smartwatch that you can find in the market in 2021. Fitbit versa. 3 does not bring a whole lot of change compared to the versa 2 and still remains one of the best choices you can make the device sports a square screen with a very modern, rounded top, but this time it looks much wider. This screen has a tactile design that provides the always on function designed specifically for athletes who must constantly monitor their pulse level. Also included in the mix is an extremely accurate gps that’ll be able to record all routes traveled without the need to carry a mobile phone and with the advantage of receiving reports on each trip, the device is extremely comfortable to wear thanks to the weight that does Not exceed 0.7 ounces. This is an ideal smart watch for athletes and anyone who wants to monitor their heart rate and other health values. Throughout the day when it comes to water resistance, the fitbit versa. 3 can be submerged up to 165 feet, meaning you can even go scuba diving with it. Another feature we love is that in 12 minutes of charging you can enjoy a full 24 hours of the device. Wow fitbit versa, 3 smartwatch comes with a new software, upgrade a significant improvement to the previous model. The smartwatch also boasts sweat resistance, so athletes will not have to worry fitbit versa.

3 also offers a heart monitor, which can indicate the degree of exercise. The main function here is to calculate the intensity of physical activity and suggest the appropriate level of training. Additionally, there are many other functions, such as a function designed to quantify sleep hours, a blood oxygen meter and more, if you’re, an athlete you can’t go wrong with this one. Finally, after all the reviews carefully summarized opinions and experiences. We have come to the gold medal and it went to the samsung galaxy watch 3.. We are looking at a top notch mixture of the company’s well oiled smartphone productivity and state of the art health monitoring technology. The device’s, elegant design will grab you from the get go while the features take everything that was great about samsung galaxy watch, active 2 and take it to the next level. The device sports a large screen featuring a super amoled panel of 1.2 inches and an image resolution of 360 by 360 pixels. This screen quite similar to the previous model, guarantees an outstanding visual experience. The galaxy watch 3 can be submerged underwater and still continue to provide its functions. Naturally, in terms of image resolution and contrast, sharpness and brightness are not lagging that’s for sure. The smartwatch also enables the activation of the screen control panel, not only by touch, but also by a simple movement of the wrist, pretty nifty right. One of the key elements that distinguish the galaxy watch 3 from older models is its resistance to both water and the atmosphere of different pressures.

As for the latter, the device has the ability to withstand a pressure of five atmospheres and, as far as water resistance is concerned, this model offers the ip68 certification, meaning that it’s possible to swim with it. Furthermore, the metal structure guarantees excellent resistance to falls and shocks, which makes it an excellent watch for any sport without any worries. Galaxy watch 3 functions as a personal trainer, providing several training programs that provide difficulty levels and suggestions for increasing and decreasing the intensity of physical activity. It also boasts a top notch battery that can run for almost 48 hours on a single charge. It takes approximately two and a half hours to get fully charged, which is a good ratio between battery life and charging. So, in short, you’ll get a premium device that can tackle all competitors wrapped up in a durable quality casing all at the best possible price quality ratio. You wanted the best you got it thanks for watching and that’s all for now.