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Tethering App:
LeClock –

The TOPHILL WATCH from Switzerland features a black on black design with both a dark stainless steel bracelet, black PVD case, and dial equipped with luminous hands giving that very desirable sleek look that many look for in a Tophill watch. Extremely fancy in operation, the hands are guided electronically from the Bluetooth tethered app to align to the current time via a sophisticated User Interface and Swiss-Made mechanism. Special fluorescent material is used on the mechanical parts and strategic aspects of the watch face itself. This wearable is worth having just to show off setting the watch from your phone!

It is fashionable and hybrid, combining classical mechanical hands with advanced smartwatch functions. In addition to the analog aspect, the digital window hosts step count details along with heart rate on a bright display, easily readable outdoors. The designers top it all off with an elegant case and bezel and a very high-end leather band.

This watch speaks to those looking for fashion in a traditional watch with a taste of functional new technology unobtrusively added as well. With 3-Axis gyro, angular velocity, motion sensors and heart rate monitoring, your steps, pace, heart-rate, blood pressure and calories burned will be recorded everyday for data collecting. Everything captured by your watch can be automatically synced to your phone.

Here’s the full review of the TOPHILL WATCH:

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