Today, we’re going to unbox the new trdt6 smartwatch. This smartwatch has a long name but it’s very simple. If you go and use it in today’s, video we’ll show you what we have in the sovereign. We will see how this watch will work in the next video we’ll show you how to connect it with android and ios. So you don’t have to worry about anything. We will see if this watch is worth to buy or not so let’s go ahead, see what we got from this device. The box itself is very small, as you can see, but the watch is bigger than usual. This is a little bit confusing. We have 1.28 inch display, as you can see, hd serve full circle, full touch, screen, etc, ip68, waterproof bluetooth, 5.0 and from the functions we have time. Multi watch face steps, calories, distance, sport watch and much more from health, caring to sports and other stuff. As you can see in the package, we have very small charger with magnet and we have a very small user manual as well so that’s why the box is small and it won’t take too much place. This is what i prefer so the watch itself. Now that is turned on you can see. We have the taskbar here, some shortcuts brightness settings find device. We have information, don’t disturb percentage of battery and the time as well down below. We have the messages and press and hold to change the faces you can see.

We have quite a few good faces. Let this watch in this watch looks pretty good. This one goes with the bands itself. You can see right now, it’s in chinese, but here you can restart the reset the watch and go to english, because for me i don’t know chinese. You can change the language in the settings, but i don’t know what i’m looking at at the right. We have horde rate sleep data and some information what we did throughout the days in the left. We have the menu sport, data, sports, heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, music, stopwatch muscle, message, fine phone and the settings in the settings. We have display vibration, language, qr code and the system, so you can see quite a few options. Very, i would say very easy watch to use not too complicated and it has the main option you can see. We have quite a few here that we can try out and see how this watch will work and the left in the right button. We have the sports, as you can see, we will try that later with the left, one, you power it on and off and again the same option in the left side like in the right side. So this is all that we have in the tr dt6. So let’s begin with some tests see how this watch will work, starting from the spores that we had at the top. We have sport data in the first position, but sports in the second let’s start with that we saw a couple of sports that we had before walking running hiking, which are pretty good let’s.

Try here, one of them and see how it goes you can see. We have the time at the top seconds, going underneath blood pressure, steps, kilometer and calories, not too much information, but i think these are enough for someone that doesn’t do too much spores. We have finished the session next, we have the horde rate. This is how hard rate data will look like down. We have some statistic about the heart rate: minimum maximum and average, and, as always, all these data will be saved in the app for us later to check out on what we did. Blood pressure is the third option that we can try. This is how the result of the blood pressure will look like. We don’t have statistics down below only the main option and the main information after blood pressure. We have blood oxygen, which we can see the percentage of our blood oxygen right now and again, all these data will be saved in the app other than that we don’t have anything else to test here. We can do a couple of things here and there so guys this was all for today’s video.