Music now lets start right off with the packaging. On the front. We just have an image of the watch. Looking pretty sleek right there on the sides. It just says: hi, hayley quinn, tso3 smartwatch on both sides tops nothing on the back. It gives us some stats about the watch itself and a qr code to get to their app all right lets open it up. Nice clean slide off this red actually looks really nice. I kind of like that. Okay and we go right to the watch right there. This is actually really good packaging, its just its clean, its sleek, its right to the product we have. The watch right here lets go on ahead, pull this tab off Music. Ah nice, all right. What else do we have got a charging cable and then, under that we have a one year? Free, extended, warranty, lets, go and a big old manual, but yeah thats it for the packaging. Now for the connectivity all right, because the ts03s do have a qr code that we can scan on the back were simply just gon na. Do that using the app store real fast, just give it a second to load up, and apparently we already have this. So all we have to do here is simply click add device there we go tso3, plus and just like that were paired. All right now lets just see what they have on the app. So we can, it looks like we can change up the watch faces.

We only have four options which isnt that great, but these are still four pretty solid options. Music. I think i actually like this one, the most uh. What else do we have? We can turn notifications on and off for all of our all of our apps. We have alarms that we can set shutter okay. What does this do is this is just one of the ones where you shake it and it takes a picture or not quite sure what were doing here im pressing the button its if you hold it down. Oh thats, why i have just taken 2500 pictures alrighty, so thats pretty cool feature. Just i think we just shake it and take a picture of us so thats, pretty cool whats up all right, so thats thats cool feature ive, seen that on a couple of these watches, weve reviewed so thats, definitely a nice feature to have what else do we Have okay, so we have an option where you can find you can click on find device and it makes it vibrate to help you locate where the device is. We have the options between 12 hour time and military and we can set reminders to get moving. We can adjust how often it monitors our heart rate between 5 minutes to 30.. We can put on do not disturb. We can change between quite a few languages here, lets see we can, we can change between imperial and metric and then we can just reset all these settings.

We can do quick view, we can have a drink water reminder, we can check out the weather and then we could have a cycle reminder so basically just a bunch of reminders to exercise right there and all this stuff like that and then upgrade it looks like We can update the software if its if it ever becomes out of date, and here it shows our steps, how much sleep we got our heart rate, which is interesting because i havent worn this at all so thats pretty funny also will calculate our blood pressure and Blood oxygen well have to see whether or not that actually works later and yeah you can access. You can allow it access to the apple health app. You can also adjust what goals, what step goal you want and then just adjust your personal stats, so it can uh. So it can better predict how how many calories you burn, but overall we have some pretty solid features on the app now for the battery life. The ts03 can last up to five days of continual use. It can also last up to 25 days of just standby, which is a really long time, which means the watch has a really good battery in it. Now for the price the watch comes in around 65. Us dollars, but currently on the website, is down to about 36, which is a huge gap thats about half. So definitely i would recommend picking that up now before the prices go up again, so yeah now for the features.

So, as we were kind of seeing on the app, the watch can actually hopefully detect uh blood pressure and then oxygen oxygen levels and were gon na see if that actually works. So i think we have to give it a little bit of a sec to calculate, and then what were gon na see is uh were gon na put this on absolutely nothing and see if it still gives us the same result. So it says i have 1 over 9 of 71 right now and now were going to take it off and well see whether or not it detects okay, okay, it knows that were not wearing it all right, so that thats giving us a bit more credibility. What, if were gon na put on this little stand here and were gon na see if it still detects that its not on my wrist okay, so i think what it does is it uses your heartbeat to detect whether or not its on your wrist so can Confirm this thing actually works lets check out the oxygen levels real fast, too, all right. So here we are with the oxygen levels. I think we simply just click on that and then we just give it a second of load Music. I personally have never calculated my oxygen levels, so i dont know how accurate itll be, but uh it says were at 99, which seems pretty good but yeah. It also calculates your heart rate, so were just gon na.

Let it do that for just a sec and the other two seem to function pretty well. So hopefully, this two works art 76 that sound. That sounds about right for right now. So i think, overall, these all three of these functions actually do work, which is honestly something i did not expect. I kind of thought that there was kind of going to be some ripoff, like many of these watches are so im. Actually that thats actually fairly impressive to me so now were just going to check out what else we have on the watch. So i think if we swipe to the left yeah, it shows us some some things we can get to sports sleep. That makes you sleep heart rate. I think you can start an exercise here. You know blood pressure, oxygen level, weather and then this is where we do the camera. This is playing and pausing music, others. What else do we have alright? So we also have stopwatch alarm. Timer dimming shake on im, assuming this is vibrations cinema mode. What is this? Okay, so its just quite in a theater, you can reset all of it. You can turn the power off and then you can do the ab qr code, which is just right here, but i want to see 2048. Can you? Is it swipe? Okay, its swipe were pl were playing 2048 on a watch lets, go incredible, gameplay, legendary, Music, okay, cool and then up top.

It shows us the weather. We can turn on cinema mode, we can adjust, brightness go back to settings, turn shake off and it shows the battery down there here just shows us unread messages. The watch has ip68 resistance, which makes it dust proof, as well as resistant to water, up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes now, for my personal opinion overall, i think this watch is a really good product ive enjoyed using it, while the time ive been reviewing it And overall, its definitely something i would recommend this watch is very solid for its price. It definitely undercuts many in in the industry, such as say an apple watch coming in like hundreds of dollars. Well, this is only this is only what like 40 bucks ish like this thing is actually really solid, watch its not quite as good as some of those, but for 40 bucks. This things a steal. This thing is a really good product. I would definitely recommend that you check it out in the description below and yeah. Thank you all so much for watching. If you would like to check products out there, links will be in the description below as well as our merch will be linked below. We also have an active giveaway link to this watch in the description below. So if you would like to get this watch for free make sure to check that out down below just follow all the steps youll be entered and in about two weeks time ill draw ill draw the results on another.