I love cassio. They are my favorite brand of watches, but my love isnt blind, even though sometimes i wish that it was. There are some pug ugly casios out there, and indeed i have reviewed a few of them, including the dw290 and the dw291. There are plenty more, though, that i have ignored completely many of them coming from within the g shock range, but though the g shock on my wrist today may be a bit of a hoofer, i cannot stop wearing it. I think it is fantastic. There is no nice way to put it, though, that color scheme is just bloody awful, i mean orange, yellow and with a gray strap, i dont think they could have chosen a selection of three colors that were less complementary to one another than they did. But the watch itself, the gbd200 is like a horological onion. You just keep on peeling off layers of utility if you want a tough digital daily with stopwatch alarm, etc and with the best negative display i have ever seen, youve got it. If you want to watch the hooks up to your phone for accuracy and setting purposes and sends you call messages and email notifications and keeps track of your daily step, count youve got it and if you want a watch that has all of the above, but with Full workout running cycling and training, mapping and logging capacity, which links to other apps like strava youve, got that too, and with a battery life of a year plus now.

This is part one of my reviews of this watch as theres just too much for me to get through in a single video im only going to peel off the top two layers today. But i promise to return with a video on how this watch performs. As a daily semi, smart watch, particularly how it copes as a running companion, both with and without a phone accompanying, it im doing a half marathon at the end of next month july. So it seems like a perfect opportunity to test it out now i didnt actually buy this watch. It was sent to me as a gift by the ultra generous adam over in melbourne. Aka blue moose racing on instagram ill leave a link to his ig in the description of the video. He also sent john with junior a grogo plushie hes, a fellow sci fi geek, and he knows me too well, i dont mean to sound ungrateful towards adam. We spoke about the colour of this one already. I actually like this watch so much. I bought a black one for myself. My other good friend in melbourne ashley had an orange one that he managed to destroy by not replacing the battery properly. It now lives frozen on that particular screen in a ziploc bag. I have broken a deal between them whereby i send this one to ashley and he sends adam something interesting and everyones happy watch. People are lovely people. Are they not anyway? Lets flip the camera and peel this onion.

My eyes are stinging already. Okay lets. Do it lets peel off the first two layers of this horological onion, then, while im getting into the box, lets talk price ebay.com, probably the go to place for these ones, starting at about 115 120, depending on colorway, then moving upwards from there plenty of them available. Amazon, a little more expensive, 150 to 175 again, depending on color ill leave, links to both of those in the description. The video ill also leave a link to where i got my one from my black one currently on order, tic tac area spanish dealer. I think this is the fifth casio that i bought from them: 108 bucks. That is a hot price. They only have a couple of colors available, though, and obviously import charges will vary, but it works. For me it might work for you, okay. I promise im not going to spend the entire video bagging out this color combo, but my goodness it is awful. I mean orange is okay on its own, but orange with yellow orange, yellow with grey. What universe does that work in? Not this one anyway, all right lets do the basics, the dimensions. First of all this one coming in just under 46, i measure at 45.6, mil in diameter 13.8 mil thick lug to lug, taking it from those little hex bolts running through this one. Connecting the head of the watch to that slightly unusual, yellow colored, acrylic section and then onto the resin band thats, a 48 mil measurement.

Lug width is n a on this one. I dont think there are kits available to convert it to anything other than the standard. Resin band dont worry about those dimensions, though, if they seem big, because the weight is only 59 grams. This is probably a constructive comparison. Next to my square gs or one of my square gs anyway, i think ive got three at the moment. It is a little bigger, but its not too big. I dont think and check the clarity of that display. It is outrageously good on the 200., so the usual mixture of resin and rubber can a clear resin outer on this one theres, an orange rubber inner protecting the module. Does that funny piece joining the two with that hex bolt and we have that gray strap? These are actually okay, because the holes are spaced closer together than they are on other g shocks that ive seen slightly unusually its a metal tang here, but it is still a resin buckle case back is stainless steel and screw on 200 meters of water resistance, which Is the standard for all g shocks a couple of interesting things to note its a module 3506 and underneath that g shock resistant label in the center acceleration sensor? This one has an accelerometer, hence why it can give you your daily step count, but that is layer. Two lets talk about layer, one first, five buttons, the central one here is the light.

The white backlight is just as fantastic and super legible, as this watch is during the day. Okay, so the four buttons on the outer edges of the watch on the left and the right and the standard positions are as follows: display and mode which double up as forward and reverse. As you can see on the inner edge of the screen there. We have start and lap which double up as run and back im not going to get into the run or the workout functions today. That is the third layer of this particular onion. I will show you the app briefly later on this g shock comes with its own g shock, move app. It means its now, the third casio app on my phone, in addition to the regular g shock app and my oceanis app. As i said, more on that later lets have a look at the basic functions, fantastically legible display this one. It really is, and you can adjust what you see on it ill show you that in just a second time in the center there with am pm, you can switch that to 24 hours using the app. If you want to, we have month and day of the month up the top day of the week and permanently ticking second down on the bottom right. Top left is a bluetooth symbol because it is currently connected to my phone, and that is the notification symbol. Next to it, because i have notifications set to on down the bottom, i have turned the sounds off, but i have turned the vibrations on for those notifications.

One thing i really like the display button up here: it cycles through a number of options. This is the step counter as discussed. I wore this watch all last week, wednesday, thursday friday i hit my step quarter, took it off on saturday, when i got back from cairns and popped the watch back on today, tuesday, for this review, you can see you still have the home time there in a Decently, legible, size of font with the day the month and the date of the week, etc. If i press this once more, it gives the monthly run indicator again. You can set targets using your phone. Like i said i havent really set this one up to run. Yet one more press and youve got a dual time feature. You can show a world city. I have chosen london sydney, obviously been my home city press it one more time and youre back to the regular heaps of options with this one. Frankly, if you have concerns about a second time zone, you can run this and its still pretty clear, which is your home time, both still very, very legible, all right so thats the display lets have a look at the modes. Then lets have a look at the stopwatch and the alarm specifically to finish off with layer. One lets get it back to the regular home time, so one push of the mode takes you to work out not today. Next one is stopwatch one push of the top pusher to start one push of the top pusher on the right to stop and one push to reset.

You note its only in full seconds, though, so, if you do need to time something to a tenth or even a hundredth of a second. This may not be the watch for you, but you also note the display is so large. The home time is permanently displayed down the bottom. There fantastic, you dont, get that on all casios. I personally really enjoy that feature reset that one and then into this activity, tracking mode and notifications, if you want to set all this manually, hold that down for two seconds now. It is a little bit clunkier than your standard four button g that you might be used to. You can adjust the home time here. Uh time adjust well time and alarms. You got four alarms on this one again you can set those individually. You can do all of this on the app, but at the moment this first layer were not bothering with the app back again down from alarm system to profile from here. You can adjust the user profile, then you can adjust whether it beeps or vibrates how long? The light stays on for whether the light is auto on or not you can pair it with your phone at this point, turn it into airplane mode and it even has a phone finder function. So if you are hooked up to your phone by bluetooth, you hold down a button and your phone will start singing at you useful. If youve dropped it down the side of the sofa and have forgotten where it is units, you can adjust the units from kilometers to miles, etc, reset all back to factory back button once and youre taken back to the home time.

Okay, so thats us done with the first layer, then, even if you never hook this watch up to your phone, if none of the extra features are of interest to you, you have a reasonably priced at between 125 and 150, us dollars average anyway, reasonably sized. I think lightweight g shock with all of those usual protective features: 200 meters of water resistance, etc, an incredibly legible display, either by day or by night menu system. Not as easy, though, i will say that and the stopwatch, as i said, not as accurate, either only down to one second, even then get the right price on one of these and get the right color on one of these, and i think theres enough to recommend It even if you dont take this watch any further, but of course this watch can do so much more lets have a look at the app okay. So this is the watch now connected to the g shock, move app much like the watch itself. The menu system on the app is a little bit slower than the regular g shock app that im used to perhaps its because its a relatively new app. This watch only been launched last year. What ill do to show you how it works in real time? Is i will change the time display? I adjusted it to 24 ill pop it back into 12 hour mode. I will send that to the watch and you can see it update there.

You can adjust the four alarms that way you can adjust the home time. The world time, etc, etc. You can adjust the back light to be an auto backlight and so on. I used to think these apps were a bit of a gimmick, but now i am properly into them, especially as i dont have access to the atomic clock here. In australia, it means that the app will adjust the phone to the right time. All of the time, which is fantastic now lets have a look at sound and vibration here, because this is important. This brings me on to the next section, which is the notifications. Now, notifications ive got all of those set on now. These are the watches internal notifications. Also, i have it set to pick up notifications from my phone one problem with. That, though, is it sends every single notification from your phone to your watch and it does so 24 7.. So if you have this one on vibrate like i have, your watch will vibrate throughout the course of the night. If you get emails, messages, news updates, etc, etc, so thats something perhaps you want to look at its, not something you can adjust on the app here, its something youll have to adjust on the settings of your phone, so yeah its good, but its not without its Downsides, so what do these notifications from your phone look like on your watch then? Well when they arrive, they arrive full screen.

You still have the time permanently displayed at the bottom, which, as discussed earlier on, is great if you miss them and want to find them a little later on you cycle back through. Here we are one new. What do we got? Theres, a whatsapp theres, a breaking whats breaking breaking australias energy market operators, forecasting power interruptions right, i better hurry up before my electricity gets cut off. What else have we got down here? Whats up amy stewart thats, my wife nappy change time. Okay lets pretend that one didnt arrive. There are some notifications you want. There are some notifications. You dont want its not ideal as discussed because youre pretty much opting all in or all out for alerts by by vibration, sometimes that useful. If you want to pick up a call but its not useful, if youre getting an email at 4am, if you see what i mean but overall im quite getting into it, i havent had a smartwatch before this is as close as ive got yeah im going to Give this one a good run over the next month or so when my black one arrives, see how i live with it long term so thats, where im going to leave the gbd 200 today. That, i believe, is the end of the second layer of utility im. Not going to discuss any of the workout settings and the running, etc. One thing to note, though, is that it does need your phone to operate the gps.

It doesnt have gps built in it. Doesnt have heart rate monitoring built in, and it doesnt have music built in obviously its relying on your phone to do two out of those three, so perhaps its not quite as versatile as a purebred running watch would be. So what have you got even if youre not into that whole running thing? Well, i think youve got a relatively attractive if you pick the right, color and relatively well priced fabulously, legible watch thats slightly awkward to use if you really dig into the menus, but if youre just using a surface level, and you quite like the odd notification sent To your phone, i reckon this one is great plus lets not forget its a g shock. That means you can beat the hell out of it and it just wont care thats, not something you can do with an apple watch. I dont imagine certainly not the prices that theyre charging for those things. It may be ugly, but i think its awesome, so there you have it pretty much for the price of a regular g. You get a regular g that does so much more as well. You then get to decide how much or how little of it you want to take advantage of. I think its great.