I am again huawei bun 4 pro the manual the warranty card. Add it to your watch, nothing guys! Charger! Uncord um, clip your phone Music Music! Do Music, Music, guys the size of this band, guys is dimensions of length. Width and height is 45 millimeter span of main body by 19, millimeter wheel by the 11 millimeter maximum thickness of the main body, material, engineering, plastic and metal front shell. This is so nice right. The width is approximately 25 gram, including the rest strap, so the colors of this is graphite black, so nice and beautiful right so brandon that another base, the button full screen, plus a full screen, touch plus home button. In this case, sensors, six excess imu sensor, accelerometer sensor and gyroscope sensor, guys optical heart rate, sensor, infrared wear sensor, so nice operating system, android, 4.4 or later ios, 9.0 or later, okay, guys so Music, gps supported checkers. The screen is amoled color screen resolution 240 by 120, pixels size, 0.95, inches or 21.6 millimeter by 10.8 millimeter for us for a and a area charging port. Two pin yes, this one two fan charging port connected to charge: charging cable through clip. This is the clip. Yes, this one battery life um battery life of this one is five days with true sleep and automatic heart rate monitoring and able to then seven days with jerusalem enabled an automatic heart rate monitoring disabled 12 days with true sleep, disabled and auto matic, heart rate monitoring, Disabled 7 hours, independent gps movement, so nice right, waterfall, waterfront level, 5 atm devices complying with the 5 atm rated water, have a water resistance rating of 50 meters under iso standard of 2, 200 22 810 by so this means that they may be used for shallow Water activities like swimming right by the shop and swimming in a pool or ocean.

However, they should not be used for scuba, diving, water, skilling and or another activities involving high velocity water of sub immersion below shallow depth for details and water precautions. Please refer to this customer: okay, guys so environment ambient operating temperature of 10 degree celsius, then plus 45 degrees celsius, bloated bloated frequencies, 2.4 g ghz bloated for um 4.2 bloated connection of distance less than or equal to 10 meter in the open area. Yes, guys, restaurant material, silicone, rubber, sugars and silicone rubber wrist strap material, silicone rubber with 16.5 millimeter after the strap is fully loose, loosened length. The long strap is about 120 millimeter and, and the short one is about 22 millimeter. While we help okay, Music, uh, Music, Music, hello, heart rate and sleep workout more, we suggest anyways more and smaller timer stopwatch so guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, so much guys for watching my review on my huawei. So, thank you so much guys for watching my full review of huawei bun 4 pro so this is it so ready to go Music. Finally, i got mine, so thank you. Thank you for watching my video guys until next time. Bye, please don’t, forget to like share subscribe and hit the notification bell so that you will be notified on my new uploads.