So i get this package from the amazon, so let’s check this out. Let me open this packet first, okay, so now we have the box of zap fit. This is this. Smart watch is recently launched in the month of june, so this comes with the branding of zebronics uh. The box is looks like so cool, so it this. What has the call feature function? Oh wow, with the inbuilt speaker in my call, can be answered directly wow, that’s, really nice and i impressed with this feature. So among them the old features looks like this: it has the bluetooth pressure, blood pressures, sp2 ip67, waterproof rating uh it it should be 68 it’s much better if it is 68 and full touch. Okay, that’s nice, seven spot modes round display okay, heart rate, monitor customizable, call function. This is really cool. I don’t know the uh battery backup so we’ll check this and this this is iso. Certified. Okay, that’s, really nice subronix Music. So this is the scan code for download the zapfit app to connect the watch or step pedometer calorie burn distance tracker, caller id so the it is bis government approved okay, nice imported by zabronics, okay maiden, yes, nice let’s get open this. Let me tear this okay. Yeah we have done oh cool wow, so we have this watch. Let me open this. Oh the smartwatch, the magnet cable which comes with magnetic and the box include the uh user manual, so the books include user manual, cable and the smart watch.

Yeah let’s check this out. Oh, i have to remove this okay, and this is really cool. The finishing of this watch is tremendous, looks so cool, okay, the band material. Also, very you know nice it’s, a silicon band. So let’s start this up. This is the button power on button yeah, so the watch is now started. Let’S see the function, so this is very new, so zero steps it has the sleep mode, blood pressure exercise. Oh this is the call feature. If i turn on this, this will work blood pressure, oxygen level, weather because it’s not working. This is the camera control. Okay, so i guess this is the back button. Yeah. Is this the back button? Okay, and this is the home button, i suppose yeah this works. Oh wow has 75 percent battery, okay, the vibration and the volume button is there. It has a vibrator wow. I feel the watch is vibrating. Theater mode is also there in the watch. Okay, this is whether these are the settings on the settings. We have a smartwatch alarm crown bluetooth, theater mode. All the settings is there i’m going to home, so the this watch is really cool. Let me open this here now the display is showing great. It has a metallic. It somehow feels like metal, but it’s, not metal. It’S, a like a good quality of, we can say plastic here: the sensors, yeah it’s, the magnetic port charging port and the we can change the band from here, it’s openable yeah, so the watch looks really nice.

Let’S get rid of this whoa it’s. Look great feels so luxurious cool, that’s, really cool. So here is the pricing of this watch. Yeah, the color we have available is black corner. The pricing is this three thousand triple nine.