So this is a digital watch or smartwatch. I bought in lazada for about 110 ringgit, so it doesn’t has a brand name, but in the lazada it’s called unaware k22. So i think the seller just simply named it, because the box here doesn’t have any brand name so it’s using a app called traffic. You can download it from the android market. Okay. Actually, i already use this watch about 10 days. I bought it on 6th june and then this item arrived malaysia from china to malaysia. It took about 9 days 9 days, so it’s considered quite a fast shipping, so the charging is using this uh magnetic clip on uh, okay, you can see it’s like this it’s magnetic, so you won’t be putting on the magnetic clip wrong, because if you see you Try to click on here. You cannot click it because it has a force to push the clip away. So, okay, this is the menu actually has symptoms, see to the menu, and you just simply can straight away. Look at the watch. This one of the watch watch uh interface. Okay, so you can scroll down. It says about a battery percentage left fifty percent. I have used this watch from 15 19 about 10 days already. Okay, so 10 days for 50 50 is quite good. Okay. This is a vibration. You need to turn on the vibration, so only it has the vibration function. Okay, you can see here.

The setting has stopped watch alarm countdown, brightness, okay, straight on so for this alarm you cannot set in the phone itself. You only can set it uh in your phone using the battery app, but you can use to turn on here, turn on and turn off. Okay. So next we are going to explore the function of this washer. Okay, let’s go all right. This is a pedometer. It can count how many steps you have uh one okay. Next, this one is a sleeping pattern. I detect your sleeping i, but i suddenly use this function because i didn’t wash, i didn’t wear the wash at my sleeping time. Next is this one is uh what’s. It this is a bits per minute, so it actually measures your heart rate here. Next is this exercise mode? I haven’t used it. It has a few as high smooth, okay, okay, sorry zoom is not okay, so this one is the blood pressure. It can measure your blood pressure and this one is spl2 and measure your blood oxygen level. The purpose i bought this was because i i feel i need this function for oscillator, because colony the copy 19 is quite serious, so i feel instead of buying an oscillator. I buy this digital washer. Okay, whether shutter is, can be used as a remote control to turn on your turn on your camera, sorry, to capture camera on your phone, okay. So next is a player i’m going to pair this watch with my headphone and then, if you turn on display mode, it can play the music okay, so, okay, scroll again step.

This is the same as just now i showed you already. Okay, now we go to explore the app fitness, so you can see the target app. Okay, so it’s connected already at this watch. You can change. The watch in the face actually has a few in watch in the face. So i try to change to this one. So the watch interface is changed already: okay, another watch interface, we’re trying so it’s also changed. Okay, but you see i use this uh because it’s easier to read the time. Next, we go to see a alarm so, as i say you can set the alarm, you need to set the alarm using your hand: phone okay, shutter, okay, let me see what else it got now, so you can see your pedometer step record. Your sleep pattern record. Your heart rate, your bp, your blood, oxygen. Okay, we go to the heart rate. Okay, we go to again fit. This is my first uh product review, uh video. So if it’s not good, i hope you can pave it. Just try it as my first uh product review, uh shutter, okay, we tried the shutter function using this uh using this uh phone, this camera. Okay, we go to shutter shutter; okay, the press is taking picture remotely. Okay, you see here. Okay, the picture is taken already. Okay: next, we try the remote music preview. Try the remote music player; okay done so i’m, going to demo to you how to measure the blood spl2, the blood pressure, the calf dinner.

Okay. So, basically, i feel about 110. You get a watch like this it’s. Quite a killer, so we go to see the sp02 okay. This one is a black pleasure measurement. It will take a few seconds about five five six seconds like that: Music. Okay, my pressure is actually a bit higher so i’m aware of the problem. Also, this one is a position level spl2, so for a healthy person, the sp02 rating must be most of the time above 95 or 96. 96 is the minimum. Actually, i can see.