I wanted a watch that also alerted you of calls and texts. I did not care or wanted to. Allow me to check these calls or texts from my phone, but just alert me Music. It does not do a fantastic job of this. It will vibrate on a call after about four seconds, and it will not notify you of texts. The app side of this phone is not amazing, but that said it does far more than i gave it credit for 45 day battery life. Oh yes, my phone says that my watch is at 51 currently and was charged 13 days ago. It actually was charged at least nine days prior to that, since my phone is only 13 days old and that’s. When i paired the watch for fitness it’s, not the best watch ever, but it has enough to keep your appetite wet for the low price of 80 and after reviewing other watches and how long they last. This thing is amazing. I don’t feel the sleep tracking or heart rate monitor are super accurate, but they work. There is a lot of customization available for the watch face and it has alipay available for what i have no idea. It gives accurate weather and nails your steps for the day dead on the watch itself is super accurate and it does more than i ask for out of my first smart watch outside of the notifications being slow to the uptake. This is everything i wanted.

The look is sleek and the watch face looks pretty nice for lcd compared to oled that everyone seems to want, but with oled you get that super short battery life. So you have to weigh your pros and cons. My recommendation is, if you are on a budget, this is the watch for you, if you’re not on a budget but are curious about smart watches. This is the watch for you. If all you want is a well rounded smartwatch without the bells and whistles and want a great value without top of the line output, this watch is for you, the only people i don’t recommend this watch for is for people who want their smart watch to do More than this one can or for people who want top of the line, electronics, this watch is worth it for the battery and looks alone Music. This is my second smartwatch. The first was an lg g watch. I wore that for a while and kind of realized that i don’t actually need a smartwatch. Nor do i really want to see texts or facebook or anything else on my watch. Maybe i want to see who’s calling by simply lifting my wrist but that’s about it. So i let the lg g rest in the drawer and when i pulled it out recently, i got the dead android image and nothing i said or did would revive it, but remember i don’t really need or want a smart watch, so a dead android man is No big deal right, except did i mention that i am a tech and gadget junkie.

I don’t want a smartwatch. I don’t need a smartwatch, but after attempting resuscitation on dead, android man for a few hours, i suddenly felt the urge er strong magnetic pull to see what’s new in the land of the smartwatches. I couldn’t justify spending apple dollars aside for my dislike, for all things, apple made or any other quality dollars, and the thing had to be square or rectangular not circular. I dislike most things circular as much, if not more than i dislike things apple made, and so i came across this little gem. The name fascinated me: i love how the company shamelessly created a name that would sound familiar on many levels and yet has nothing to do with the companies that it sounds familiar with, and the price fascinated me even more so i bought it. I love to fidget and play with gadgets. I take my dogs for a walk and i track my route on the watch.