This is my fourth garmin watch, the past few were for cycling and they were rock solid. This one is nice, but doesn’t have that bomb proof look and feel to it. The band was flimsy, although it works very nice watch, just the right size of 43 millimeters not distracting to wear while playing golf lightweight and slim watch is made for golf. So not much other sports features played 27 holes, but for reason i don’t know last nine holes was not recorded. I was previously using s20 and did not encounter unrecorded holes started with 100 battery 65 after 18 holes. So probably this will be good for two rounds. Only ordered the s40 rather than the s60, which might be too big on the wrist Music. So my god, buddy voice 2 got wonky after two years and i wanted the convenience of a watch. But i didn’t want a huge dive. Computer on my wrist got the s40 and love it. It is three millimeters small in diameter and three millimeters thinner than the s60 or the golf buddy a10. That is a big difference. You can and will wear it to work and it won’t interfere with your swing. Graphics are clear and though it has a big number option, you want needed. If you drove yourself to the course watch faces are good. Looking and all the graphics are readable without the backlighting front, slash middle slash, backer in order with middle slightly larger and putting green outline on the home screen tap on the green to move the flag on a new screen no button pushing also each shot distance is Shown on the top of the screen, as you move to your next shot again, no button pushing exclamation mark s40 has distances to most hazards front and to clear i understand on the s60, you have to select and measure which is fiddly the graphic versus overhead, like The s60 view is functional, but shaped like a striped alien.

I thought the auto swing. Detection would be only fair, but it really works in a switch for lefties where on the wrist it records each full shot, reliably just don’t throw a club. It is an accelerometer. Add your putts and short chips and your score is recorded. You can change holes easily with the bar graphic that is around the edge of the face innovative pair with your phone for more fun, including call notification, weather updates, sunset and twilight times even calendars. If you want the notification, vibration is not intrusive. Like sounds on other watches. I had only a partial sync with my iphone 6, the s6 at first, but an email to customer service was answered in one business day. Jack said to update the software at garmin connect and it worked a charm. I love it when a company responds fast and personally kudos when you pair up with garmin golf app, you get all your saved, scorecards, automatic handicap, calculation, club stats and a cool overhead of each hole showing fairly accurately each shot you made, including that 30 yard duff Jogs the memory and might just help me with course, management someday. It is really fun to review your round this way and it records fairways gear cuts and drives and gives a relative to your handicap report card. Graphic under the scorecard select a hole to show the graphics. Then you can navigate from hold the hole. I couldn’t figure. This at first also, when setting up your watch preferences, green slider, means on gray means off duh, but i wasn’t sure at first i’d, like to rewrite their manual for them.

Charge lasts more than three rounds on twenty percent.