I received the fitbit ionic as an upgrade through work and thought it would deliver. However, after just over one year and past its warranty, it quit working. I found the garmin swim too and find the functions comparable and better than the fitbit ionic. The watch syncs up to my phone and alerts me when a call or text message has come in due to coved. However, i have not been able to test the swim features. I participated in two virtual runs in the past two weeks and the mapping and timing were almost perfect hard to decipher perfect based on comparison with google maps. I haven’t tested on the trails yet, but will try to do that this weekend. One thing i haven’t found is selecting a walk versus run, so i usually select run and then change the activity type in the garmin app overall. I like this watch and believe the quality outranks the fitbit by far very accurate after the open waters – competition Music – if i were to buy it again, i would just buy the watch without a wearable power pack, bundle battery and two plugs the gps is better than My last garmin running watch the battery life is close to what is specified. It took two or three days to figure out the buttons, but selecting functions now comes naturally i’ve had it on two open water, swims three hikes and one run it’s worked great. It is now my daily watch.

I would buy the swim to watch again Music. This is my second review after using it again today, keep in mind this does not count meters for you. You tell the watch how many meters or yards the pool is. It just counts your laps and does the math for you to catch your laps. You have to push off hard enough at the beginning of each turn. This means you also have to end with a final turn around today. I swam 2. 400 meters. I know this because i counted in my head, like i’ve, been doing for years. The watch only states 2375, since i start and end on the same side of the pool. It should never be an odd number Music. My only guess is when i finished, i touched the wall and clicked to stop. It never captured my last lap because i didn’t turn around when i finished gon na test this out tomorrow. But keep that in mind also. I did 200 meter kick at the end and it didn’t capture any of it. Even though i pushed off the wall hard each time for open water, tracking and analysis from a garment, you’d, otherwise need to spend 350 dollars more for a 935 or 945. This watch is slimmer and is good for daily wear. My limited use with it in a pool was a good experience. Running with it is solid, lacks an altimeter, but i see the elevation change at the end when i sink to strava, open water tracking seems very accurate.

Also check out a review online from a website, starting with dc, should be one of the first. When you do a search, i toggled the open water swim setting to use galileo satellites instead of glonass, and that gave me better open water tracking near a city. I recommend this watch to friends. I use it four times a week. Battery works very good and needs to charge once a week.