For a live demo unit as it states on the back of the watch, so the seller could have done a better on the price giving that it says not for sale, so that’s the reason for 4 stars. It came just in time, watch joke with no damage pros, perfect condition. Battery life is amazing cons. The bands are hard to change depending on the type, but i would recommend this new or refurbished after some commented on receiving defective units. I was worried. However. My watch arrived in perfect condition and i couldn’t be happier the packaging doesn’t offer any wow factor as it’s a flimsy box that barely holds the contents, which amount to the watch and charger. Additionally, the unit doesn’t ship with a power brick or any type of documentation. Those were the negatives now on to the overwhelming positives. The watch also includes built in lte. I didn’t realize this when i made the purchase and it was a pleasant surprise – i texted verizon and had it set up as a linked device in about 20 minutes 10 month now i can do activities without the need to have my phone in my pocket. This has been super useful while working in the yard and going for walks all of the switching happens automatically. So there is no need to manually swap between your phone and the watch. The quality leather band is thick and substantial Applause. It definitely adds to the quality. Look of the watch for day to day use i like to wear more sporty bands swapping between the leather band and colors and styles couldn’t be simpler with the quick change feature built into the straps.

I was concerned when i realized the watch. Didn’T run google’s, wear os and instead uses samsung’s own tizzy os. I had been using a take watching for the last year and had grown accustomed to the wear os ecosystem. Let me say my concerns were unfounded. After an initial learning curve, the tissue os is super slick and the overall experience has been smooth and enjoyable. My wear os experience was always laggy. The s3 has been fast and dependable for those who may have heard it has compatibility issues with a google pixel phone. Rest assured those issues have been resolved. I use a pixel, 3 xl and everything has worked seamlessly. You would never know they were not created by the same company samsung’s fitness apps are great and offer broad range of tracking options. These go way beyond steps and also add stairs food, water exercise, etc. Thing like longer walks or biking are automatically started based on your movements. This has been great for me as i could never remember to start an exercise until i was already well into it. I did find it funny, though, that mowing the lawn was registered as biking since your body and movements are very similar. If you put it into perspective as a former apple watch user, you won’t be disappointed in the quality or the user experience. Every aspect so far has been top notch. Battery life hasn’t been as long as advertised. However, after initial setup and playing the watch gets me through a full day with power to spare Music.