This works awesome. Sometimes my finger doesn’t work, the swiping very well, but it gets their lol. The strap feels nice light and flexible on the wrist, and it has a pretty good battery life Music, a feature i love is being able to track my sleep and the activities i do during the day as a businessman, sleeping activity tracking are very important to perform At the highest levels, i like that i can track my heart rate: blood pressure, oxygen monitor at any time of the day, and also let my flaw absolutely love. This fitness tracker. The manual was detailed and easy to follow after downloading the pubfit app the watch connected easily to my iphone 11.. One of the major reasons for purchasing is to track my steps. This watch accurately tracks my steps and reports the speed of my phone, which i’m happy about. I love the watch had no issues with it. So far, the battery is lasting, a long time quick to charge the app is easy to use and love that it tracks. Your health information and uses your phone’s health app to track it getting checks and information through the watch is easy. I would recommend this watch. I am so glad that i purchased this watch. It is all of the features that i was seeking. I am able to see who is calling or texting me. I am also able to keep track of my heart rate in my steps.

Overall, an amazing watch just received a watch in the box beside the manual, the watch. No charger do i have to order this separately update it turned out. The charger was missing from the box. I contacted the seller and within hours the seller responded to my complaint with apologies and promise of a new shipment, not of just a charger but a whole new watch plus charger. The replacement shipment arrived today, lightning fast service i’m, very pleased with the quality of the watch. The display is bright and clear, so very easy to read and pairing with my iphone was easier than expected. I’M happy. I bought this watch for my 10 year old son. He is such a watch lover, he loves the big screen and this watch has so much function. I was surprised for the photo function, a good product which exceeds my expectations, especially when i am specific about quality and looks the build, is a superior quality and display colors, very vibrant it’s, exactly as expected and it’s, even quite light, which i did not expect. I can wear this watch all day, long without any itching or the need to remove it. I can track my heart rate. Blood pressure, oxygen monitor at any time of the day. This helps me track my health and make new fitness goals based on the various workout modes. Knowing how much i achieved in the day motivates me do better the next day pros premium, build, look and feel lightweight well designed charging station battery life cons could not ask for more than a few more watch faces or options to install watch faces.

I, like the silicone band, it fits well and doesn’t rubber constrict when i get sweaty it monitors my activity accurately and gives me a clear picture of what i have been up to. I haven’t connected to my smartphone, which was really easy to do excellent fitness tracker for about the little stuff like appearance and temp tracking at night, or things like that. But this watch is the best i’ve had so far i’m in love with it. Also, the battery life is good. I used it for two days: it’s quality and it’s, so sleek and pretty i like it. It has only unique qualities overall it’s a great watch. The value is excellent. I have not worn this in a pool but i’ve gotten it wet by hand washing or bathing the kids and it’s totally fine.