I have a new smartwatch, the vastking feed m3, which ive been using for almost three weeks already. Thank you for asking for sending me this really neat, and this is blasting. First attempt to the smartwatch market, so the question is: is it worth trying? Let me show you my honest view, one by one. To be honest, i like the whole packaging here, white box, feed m3 smartwatch and at the bottom here you have some information like step. Counting, it monitor sleep, spot record, hiring, monitor calorie, monitor and it measures spo2 and better and also control your music app on your phone lets unbox this – and this is the actual watch lets put it aside, and this is actually the charging dock with two pin and Also, usb a and also you have this very nice manual book by fasting for this watch and you have this extended warranty one year which you can register. So this is the actual watch. It has a 1.65 inch ips display, which is considered bigger than some of the smart watches in the market, and the resolution is 240 x, 295 pixel, so with the correct brightness setting using this watch under bright. Sunlight is not an issue and the whole body here. Okay of the watch is actually made of metal, which feels very premium. The strap here is 20 millimeter size very standard, looking strap, but its soft and comfortable to be wear. To be honest, i prefer this conventional design strap, which has zero learning curve when wearing the watch so lets dive into the interface to wake the watch either.

You press the side button here or raise too weak, so theres no tap to wait. If you swipe down you, have these quick toggles, your battery status do not disturb brightness setting and also your watch faces for you to choose, and this is to search your phone torchlight timer, to control the shutter of your camera, app on your phone and the weather. App and to go to some of the settings here, if you swipe up, you can check your messages from sms whatsapp, etc. Unfortunately, the notification appear here its only five at the same time, and also theres no support for emoji swipe to the left. You have your step counter, your in kilometers, swipe to the right. You have your add menu and thats all lets dive into the function of the fit m3. So far, the heart rate and spo2 monitor have been quite consistent, which im quite satisfied and spo2 monitor is very important, especially during this curvy era, whereby you need to measure your blood station saturation from time to time and also the steps and sleep counters work. Okay, not the most accurate one, but it does a good job, giving an estimation of your step and also your sleeping patterns. As for the sport modes, you only have 8 workout modes, walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football and swimming, which i think is a bit less compared to the competition nowadays. So i hope that vas king can actually add on more workout modes to this watch via software update, if possible.

But the good news is. This watch has ip68 ratings for waterproof, so you can actually bring this watch for swimming no issue. This watch uses a darfitt app, which you can download from apple appso or android play store, and the user interface is actually very user friendly from the app here. These are. The watch faces that you can download and apply it to your watch, so i already counted a total of 78 watch faces so far that you can choose from from here. You can choose to have water annotation to be appear on your watch and you choose others and you scroll down. You have this physiological cycle reminder which can be useful for female users, so they go guys. My full review of the latest masking feed m3 smartwatch. This watch is selling at 60 us dollars on basking official website, but you can use a 20 discount code which ill put in the description below.