This is aaron from dad point 0. So i personally love reviewing budget smart watches. Just because not everyone needs to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get the best of the best. A lot of people arent training for marathons or need to check their email or have apps on their smartwatch. They just want the basics they want to get notifications to their wrist. They want to get a general overview of their activity and how active theyre being maybe keep an eye on their heart rate and track a workout, those sort of things one of the newer ones that im reviewing today is the vast king fit m3, and it has A lot of cool features for only 60 us, and actually you can find it for even cheaper, so i picked one up, ive been using it for a while now, and i just want to give you my review of it. Music first lets cover some of the specs of this fit m3. It has kind of an apple watch style design with a 1.65 inch ips display resolution at 240 by 295. It has 24 7 heart rate monitoring. It does have blood oxygen level, monitoring as well. It has sleep monitoring for battery life. They quote 30 days of standby time now, youre, not gon na get that unless you basically dont use it at all, if youre using it. Normally, they quote seven days of battery life. You do get the push notifications from your smartphone.

You have music controls, camera remote, breathe, exercises female health tracking, it is ip68 waterproof and it can track eight different types of workouts. It also has bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with android and ios. Now, before i get into my full review of it lets talk about how you use this in the navigation of the smartwatch. Now setting up this watch was really simple. The companion app for this watch is an app called the fit and thats, not a joke. Its actually called duff at d a fit, and even though it has a horrible name, its actually a decent app but ill get more into that in just a minute. So all you need to do is download the app turn on the smartwatch go into the app and connect to the smartwatch through the settings and then youre set to go total setup. Time was about five minutes to get to your watch face. You can do a couple different things. You can press the button on the side or you can turn your wrist to wake. The display theres no tap to wake feature on this right now there are some pre installed watch faces to choose from on the watch or you can go into the app and download one from a bunch available now, like a lot of smart watches once youre on The watch face, swiping, left, right up or down will bring up different menus or different widgets. If you swipe to the left, youll get an overview of how your day is going.

The first card or widget is your steps. Here. You can see how many steps youve taken that day and you can scroll down and see how many steps youve taken during the week swiping again will bring you to your sleep again. You can see how you slept the night before and how your sleep is going for the entire week. The next card is your heart rate, and you can actually click and measure your heart rate by pressing this button and again scrolling down will get you more data. The next card is your spo2 monitoring. Again, you can click to measure and get more information, and the last card is your weather, where you get current weather and a forecast going back to the watch face and swiping to the right will bring up a menu of all the apps available. Here you can also access all those cards like the steps, sleep monitoring, heart rate, sbo2 and weather, but you can also track your workouts again theres eight workouts. You can track walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football and swimming now. That might be the most random list of workouts that ive ever seen, but hey at least they cover the essentials and im sure the badminton players and skippers will be very excited going back to the menu. You can also access your notifications. Here you can access the camera, remote music controls. You can get into your breathe exercises here. You can program an alarm.

You can set a timer. You also have a stopwatch app theres, a flashlight. You can use the find my phone feature, which i personally love and use daily. You can customize the watch face and get into more advanced settings like brightness, do not disturb theater mode, and then you can also reset and power off the watch. Going back to the watch face and swiping up will bring up your notifications. So if you were to miss a notification on your wrist, you can easily access them here and you can customize which notifications you want pushed to the watch and, lastly, going back to the watch. Face and swiping down will just bring up some quick access to apps and settings going back to the fit app, and i really cant get used to saying that anyways, like i said its a decent app when you open it up, youre immediately brought to your today. So you can get a little bit more detail on your steps, your sleep, your heart rate, monitoring throughout the day, your heart rate zones, your blood oxygen level and then your workouts at the bottom here and then on the bottom. You have three icons. If you click on the watch you can download watch faces, you can customize your notifications, alarms by clicking on others, theres a lot more detail that you can customize here and then going back to the menu. You can also do the upgrade button which downloads and installs new firmware updates for the watch.

The last tab is called me, which is basically your profile again. You can edit your profile here, your height, your weight, your age. You can set different goals for steps. You can integrate with other health apps here and then just get more information about the app. So the app itself is very basic, but its very user friendly, very easy to understand and gives you most, if not all the information that you need from a budget. Smart watch, okay lets get into my review of this watch. First lets start with the design. Overall, i really like the design, especially coming from an apple watch. This is very easy to get used to. It does have a metal casing around the display, which is a nice touch for a budget smart watch. The weight is only 40 grams, which is actually pretty light. Doesnt feel bulky doesnt feel heavy on the wrist again, the display is 1.65 inches and overall, its a decent display, its an ips panel. So its not going to be like your oled displays on some of the higher end watches, but in my opinion it does get nice and bright. I have no problem seeing this outside everything is really crisp and clear on the screen. The touch functions work very well. The bezels are a little thick on this watch, but not annoyingly so again, something you would expect on a budget smartwatch, the band that comes with it is a 20 millimeter, silicone band and overall, its okay, its a little bit stiff.

But the nice thing is that this is interchangeable for performance when it comes to just navigating through the watch os. This does pretty well its not going to be as fluid or as smooth as some of the more expensive watches. It gets a little bit more choppy. Sometimes but ive never experienced any significant lag or crashing yet going in and out of apps checking. My notifications and tracking workouts have been really easy to do. This does have bluetooth 5.0, so all notifications come in right away and it has a strong connection. Even when im pretty far away from my phone when it comes to fitness and health tracking, just like with most budget smart watches, this will give you a good overview of your health and fitness activity. And what i mean by that is its not going to be the most accurate out there. This doesnt have gps on board, so youre not going to get exact distances. The heart rate monitor, while it does really good measuring your resting heart rate when it comes to tracking your high and low heart rate during workouts, it tends to be a bit sluggish. Comparing this to my apple watch, the heart rate was consistently about. 10 beats less during a workout, but, like i said when im not doing workout, i think the resting heart rate is spot on. The sbo2 monitor seems to be fairly accurate as well, but dont be surprised. If this gives you some readings that seem way off from time to time, same thing goes with sleep tracking.

I believe this does track fairly accurately, but is it 100? No, its not theres, been a few nights where i know its at least 15 to 20. Maybe up to an hour off so again as long as youre, okay, with getting kind of a general overview of your fitness and health activity rather than exact results, then youre gon na be very pleased with this smart watch. Okay, so taking all this into account, do i think its worth 60, and would i recommend it? I would say yes, i think it is worth 60 dollars. I think its got a nice looking design it doesnt, look, cheap navigation and ui is easy. It gets pretty good battery life. I am seeing about six to seven days like they quote and thats, with typically tracking one half hour to an hour workout per day and all notifications on, and i think the fitness and health features are generally accurate. Like i said before, and at the end of the day, its 60 or less so it doesnt really have to well you all that much to be worth it. So if youre interested in it ill put a link in the description below so you can check it out, get some more reviews, get some more information and buy it. If you wish, if you have any questions or comments about this watch or any smart watch out there, leave them in the comments below ill get to them ill.

Try to answer them. I appreciate everyone that watched to the end of this video. Alright, everyone im going to wrap this up thanks again for watching and ill catch.