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If you love remote controlled toys, you will love the mini remote controlled smart watch voice command car. Car comes with flashing lights from inside the car when you turn on the button under the car, then means the car is stand-by commands from smart watch. The car also has 2.4Ghz relative frequency connection, after first connection, the car will default the smart watch which you already connected.

1. Frequency: 2.4G
2. Car battery 3.7V 1200mAhLi-Po, USB charging cable, use time 25-35 minutes
3. Watch 3.7V100mAh lithium battery, USB charging cable, use time 70-80 minutes
4 control distance: 12-20 meters
5. Battery overcharge and overdischarge

Voice control mode
1. go forward
2. go back
3. Turbo
4. car break
5. spin out
6. Demo

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