Hey guys here I present Kiddizoom smartwatch DX2 purple color for girls unboxing and review for you to check out its cool features and funny features. I got it gifted on Thanksgiving from my dad..
.Looking for a nice Christmas gift…cool idea…
Some of the features of this watch are :-
Two cameras allow you to take video and selfies that can be customized and made into new watch faces.

Helps kids learn to tell time and has 55 digital and analog clock faces that they can customize.

Monster detector game creates an augmented reality gaming experience where you can capture monsters in the real world.

Includes a motion sensor for active play challenges and a pedometer.

Using the included Micro-USB cable, upload photos and videos, recharge the battery and download extra free content like games and seasonal clock faces from VTech’s Learning Lodge. This is appropriate for kids from 4-12 years.

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