So here we have the box for the reward fly for uh. Nothing else around the box, except a picture of the watch. Uh youve got a smartwatch series. Six on the side, weve got in the black color and on the back. Youve got as always includes smartwatch band charging, cable and user manual. Not all capabilities are available in all areas. Smartwatch is not a medical device battery life charge cycle, the display life may vary by use and setting smartwatch may need to be serviced and replaced by authorized service provider and theyve actually spelt provider right check that out. I think theyve actually listened to my previous videos uh. You got a few trademarks here, but no made in china, but you do know its made in china, as is everything else. So here we go lets do a quick unboxing. As you can see here, you got the smartwatch flipping it up, thats the uh watchband and the smartwatch itself, and it shows you how to put the watch bands on if you didnt know that on how to lock it, but well take a look at that, so That actually comes out. What else do we get inside the box? So weve got the latest charger, which is a wireless charging pad with usb, so thats really good theyve updated the uh chargers on the fly four and then you can see here. Youve got the manual which is in two languages. One of them is english, and this actually shows you how you can set up your v wall fly for what app you need to download when it comes to connecting it to your smartwatch and how to use each of the features, and this also has gps.

It actually positions your gps were going to check that later in the video today, so thats. What we have inside the box lets take a look at the watch. All right so lets quickly. Look at the watch band. You can get them in a few different colors and they come color coordinated. When uh you actually get what color watch you need and the same color will come in the watch band as well. So you can see heres a duplicate of the original thats. The watch button lets take a look at the watch. Look at that here we have. It. Weve got a nice little screen protector which will take the plastic off right there and, as you can see here, this is a 44 millimeter smart watch. It has a bigger battery of 340 mah, which lasts a little longer um its a 1.7 inch. This 1.78 inch display if im wrong, the crown does work. You have a crown, a might cut out on the power button, um and yeah. Take a look around. Everything. Looks exactly the same: youve got a dual speaker: not one of them is fake. So usually you get one fake one real, but we have a dual speaker right here: uh, the the only thing that gives it away from the original it doesnt have the watch button. The back buttons here to take off the watches the watch bands, its got to slide them in and out, but, as you can see here with the sensors youve got text around it, which says: gps, ecg, bluetooth, aluminium, uh, glass, im trying to read this bit: elephant Glass wr live smartwatch series.

Six pro you can see. Youve got a few texts around the smartwatch right reading. Our camera is kind of hard because i actually have to put my face in a little bit closer but anyway. So that is the watch. So, as you can see here, we have to push this button is real as well. Some of them you get a fake cutout one, but holding this button in and itll vibrate and, as you can see, youve got the animation earth animation and there we have it. It goes straight into the watch phase, so lets check out the watch faces first, so well just hold the watch faces in or you can just turn the crown and it will change the watch face. So we have one two, three, four, five, six, seven. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, well, yeah, 20, now go yeah call it 29 watch faces. Did i have one this one on the white one, but it dont matter so yeah 29. What 29 watch faces you can well see later in the video if you can actually download more uh when it comes to connected it up, but do these apps actually work on the watch rate so well click the heart rate. Yes, it does so well just check that straight away, as were in it, so keep keep it still well, thats, keeping it still all right.

As you can see, youve got a few lights. Christmas lights flashing on the back, uh were going to keep it still now to see and straight away. Youve got 67 beats per minute and its showing 84 or 118 lets press it, and it gives you a recorded heart rate right there. So that goes to show on the heart rate, with all the series 6 clones, they never have a accurate higher reading. So thats the music one that does it. We need to connect it bluetooth, music. That is a record of all the apps youve done with the exercise and the date so yeah. It does actually work theyve actually gone through to make sure the apps work on the watch face, which is really really good. So lets take a look at the features swiping it down. Youve got the shortcuts bluetooth on and off. This actually changes your smartwatch uh. You only have two uh menu options, which is a nine well um, a detailed one, a list one as you see right here or if we change it again, its a smart view which you can zoom in and out of right there. But i always like in a list view which is much better but yeah here is the live button on the silent thats, the torch youre, not even why they put the hat that doesnt do anything uh battery. You can put it in three power saving modes uh, as you can see right there and you can change the clock for 12 hour or 24 hour clock so, and it also gives you a battery indicator right there to show you how much battery you got left, Which is really good swiping it up.

Is your notifications, of course swiping it to the left. It gives you your menu, its working it to the right. It just says: bluetooth connected its your bluetooth, music, no, its not it doesnt, do anything swipe it to the right. So lets go into menu, as you can see, spot weve already checked it well this actually, you can choose which kind of sport mode youre actually wanting to do outdoor walking, ready to click on icon, and it actually uh calculates your heart rate uh this little bit Different layout as well, which is really good, it shows the battery percentage time time your heart rate, as you can see right there, which is 68, and you just press that button right there as you can see, and it will start your heart rate and your walking Time, how do you take it off? Suspend yes, so youre just pushing the crown, so that goes to show which kind of uh exercise you want to do heart rate. Weve already checked, ecg is going to be same pedometer and just show you how much steps youve taken sleep record. The sleep monitor that youre doing dialer, you can actually make calls and receive calls on this watch well check out later in the video call logs same again. You just need to connect it to your phone and it will actually show you the call logs as well. Uh phone book, which well check later messaging as well, all your messages will go here and your notifications remote notifier same again.

You have to connect it to your bluetooth. It has a voice recorder as well lets check it out hello and welcome to all sorts make sure you subscribe lets play it see that works uh, silly search. You have to connect that to your phone clock. You can actually also use the crown as well clock. Um, well see that, as you can see here, you can change the clock as well. The time format change the time or you can sync it to your smartwatch with the app and that will actually automatically sync the time and date to your smartwatch calendar similar to the previous one. Youve got weather as well. Once you connect it to your phone, it will actually be all right. Bluetooth, music, same again, connect it to your phone, most of its connect to your phone remote capture. Same again, alarm you can tap to add a loan. Smart watch a stopwatch calculator with we will fly models. You always get a hand massager. So all you got ta. Do it give you a really nice massage on your hand which, if you like that or not you have to take it off by that as well. Just carry on even if you go back to the home page, so find device. I can connect that to your phone gps. This was the same gps positioning. Now, once you connect this to your phone, which will check later, it will actually show you well, i dont im going to check if it actually gives you an accurate reading of where you are and positioning so in the gps, so well check that later uh qr Code to download the app as you can see and settings so lets go into settings, bluetooth, bluetooth, settings, power, visibilities, um, on bluetooth connection.

If you want to search it manually, you can language, youve got quite a few languages. As you can see right. There is one of them, yours, let me know, uh display you can choose all that sound display. You can choose your list menu, which we have two as ive told you before brightness and the screen time out this uh sound. As you can see, you can um up the sound to which ringtone you want, and tony one and uh yeah and volume you can change it between your notifications and your ring motion. Youve got flip to mute incoming call flip to mute alarm or gesture wake up system, which means rise to wake which is already on lets. Just check that out see if it actually works so go back. Take off from here lets see how how much delays and, as you can see its a little bit of delay, but it still works. It still works so going back into settings main menu style. We know how much is three power: saving mode general power saving and super power savings, which is really good, uh reset bone and about, as you can see right here. So that is the v wall fly four, and now what we need to do is connect it to the app to show you what other features we get and lets see what up we need to use as well right here have my iphone x if youre thinking It looks like an iphone 12, its not.

I actually done a house com, housing conversion which i transferred my iphone x into an iphone 12 pro. If you want to see that make sure you check out my previous video ill leave the link in the description box below so here is my iphone x, which looks really nice a duplicate of my iphone 12 pro. The app you need to download is fit fly, which we have somewhere right here, which we have right there and yeah so make sure your bluetooth is on and well make sure our bluetooth is on on the watch as well, which we can just click right there. So yep thats on go back into the app we have to go into device and lets press device press that hopefully, and we should get smartwatch right there. So, as you can see, um now it says connected loading. All the information which youve used uh from on your watch will sync straight to the app as well. So you can raise or raise to wake. You can toggle that on and off and as you can see its already connected, but like i always say with these clone smart watches, if you want to use the calls and text messages, uh syncing straight to your phone from the app, then you have to connect It twice so once its in the app which weve done now and also the next one, as you can see, smartwatch is already connected. The next one is in the bluetooth, so this activates, all the voice, calls and text messages that you get from your phone itll.

Sync, it all the way to your app, which will ill show you later in the video, so lets go back into the app and see what kind of other features weve got. So youve got raise to wait. You can change the language from here. Alarm, clock reminders: sleep settings goals watch face, so you can actually choose your watch, face your default and also put a customized one, which you ive showed you before on other v wall fly watches, so you can actually do that which is really good, find device and That just gives you an insight on finding your device right there. Phone is missing, watch not anymore, so yeah thats, the only thing you can actually do with this fit fly up with me. You can actually put your information in about yourself daily. All the information from your uh steps per meters, your distance, your calories – will sink straight to here, and you can actually check your heart rate, everything from the app as well. So that is what you can do with this flip fire fit fly up on the v wall fly four. What we need to check is the gps positioning. Here is how you can actually check the gps on your smart watch from your um smartphone. So all you need to do is go into settings. Put your location services on and make sure you actually um press fit fly. Is that because thats that you need to use, you can choose any of these private, precise location and whatnot? And then you have to go back to your smartwatch and lets.

Show you how its done so going to gps and it will actually do positioning and, as you can see straight away its giving you a latitude and longitude uh um, which is a location that you can put on: uh, google or whatnot, and actually show you whereabouts. You are in the world, so it doesnt show you by absolutely showing you by long these details right here which im not going to put on the screen, because i dont want to know where uh well, i dont want you to know where i am its a Secret im just going to make a phone call now on my other phone to this phone and see if we actually get the name or the number on the watch. So, as you can see here its saying also on the smartphone, but it doesnt say on the watch, it shows you the number because, as it shows its uh blacked out uh but yeah thats, the calls features now. What well do is you get a notification saying this call as you can see right there pressing view it says all sorts of miscalled yet so it doesnt show you the name that on the notification, but when its called in um you dont actually get a uh Name, you just get a notification, so lets go into messages and lets copy a message and send a message to this phone and see if we get a notification, as you can see here from all sorts which does give you the name and say subscribe to all Sorts you can view it right there, so lets go into whats up as well, because a lot of people this will actually give you notifications from whatsapp instagram youtube any other app that you can get notifications from this will actually give it to you as well.

So lets do whatsapp and, as you can see right here, youve got a notification right away. It says sms, but its not its uh from whats up. It just gives you a normal notification, so that is the uh weevil flight. Four. We will fly for smartwatch. Let me know what you think in the comment section below uh. My opinion on this watch is uh. This is probably better than the previous ones that um ive done recently recently, which is the view of flight 2, and we will fly 3.. I will be doing a comparison, video with all three watches, so make sure you are subscribed for that. If you want to see in other videos with this watch, do let me know in the comment section below its got.