Apparently, this has always on display we’re, going to see what that’s like in today’s video, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always put up sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and as Always make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So this is what the box looks like um. It actually stays w68 spg, whatever qr code. On this side, you’ve got a few trademarks made in china, as everything else comes in four different colors we’ve got the black one right here with different buttons, but we’ve got black on black. As always, you got the picture of a smartwatch right there, and that is about it. So let’s unbox this right now and here what is what we have inside let’s open this up just before we take a look at the watch, just check out what else we get inside the box. So here is a charging mechanism it’s a two pin charger. As you can see right, there just place the watch inside and you know whack it on charge. This is the watch right here. What else do we get and you get some manuals which comes in a few languages as well and uh yeah, so that is it that’s the manual right there we’re going straight into it? People let’s get uh and see what this watch is like straight away.

I can see a few big bezels, but uh let’s open this up, as you can see right there. So taking a look at the back, you’ve got the two pin charger right. There. It’S got the old style of sensors, as you can see, um let’s get so you can see it properly. You’Ve got text around which actually states stainless steel, uh, bluetooth, series, 6, smart health watch, 44 millimeter sapphire crystal that’s. Why? It actually says i don’t know if you can see it right there, my studio lights are actually a bit bright today. So here is what it looks like. So you’ve got the crown right here. I don’t know if it works we’re going to see if it actually works. Uh in the later in the video you’ve got no mic cutout. Where is the mic hotel? No ideas? I don’t think you can actually make it call on this. Uh you’ve got the button placement here for on and off switch uh. Take a look around you’ve got the two speaker grilles right. There you’ve got no buttons for the button to take them off and put them on. So you just slide them in and out. As you please, you can change buttons. You know uh how you like. So as you can see here, you can see you’ve got a big bezel at the bottom and a big big bezel at the top. It did state when i purchased this. It was a 1.

75 inch display, but definitely that is not true right. Let’S power, this on so i’m, just going to hold the power button right here. You’Ve got a vibration and straight away it just boots straight up. So does the crown button work we’re going to see if the always on display works later? No, the crown ball does not work to change. The watch faces it switches off really quickly as well. So let’s see what watch faces we have. So we have one two. Three four: five, only five watch faces, which is not really good. To be honest, it is vibrates every time you hit the screen and look at the bezels. The bezels are really bad on this watch, it’s really big bezels, not my taste, our smartwatch. It looks similar to the original, but it doesn’t, i don’t, think it performs the same. So swiping up you’ve got your shortcuts right here. So this one on the top left hand corner is for your always on display. Let me show you how that works. So once you click this you’ve got it here, use the standby dial for battery lifetime. Uh well time may cut in half uh. The raised wrist will turn off uh determined to use let’s press that that is on. So, as you can see here, the wrist the watch is on, it does dim down, but you can’t see as much, but what i’ve been told we, as you can see, is dimmed down.

What i’ve been told is this watch has to be uh moved about uh for the always on display to stay on. So once this watch detects movement, it will actually stay on. I don’t know if you can actually see it. It’S still on don’t. Get me wrong. So it’s not switching off it’s, not switching off, but once you leave it in a stable place it after about, i think about 15 seconds. Let me just show you i’m just going to show you in real time as well, so once it detects no movement, it will actually switch off because it’s probably not detecting it on the wrist that’s. Probably why it’s saving battery, as you can see, it’s just switched off there, just shaking it about and, as you can see you switch back on so this watch only detects the movement and it will actually leave the display on it will dim it all the way Down as well, which is good, but when you hit the screen it pops back up so that’s good it’s good in my uh in my opinion, but it would be better if you were. The screen was a bit where you know a bit bigger and the crown actually did work. So you know it don’t matter about that. So let’s hit the screen and, as you can see, it’s come back on swiping it to the left. You’Ve got the smart style. Um the smart style apps, but we didn’t check out what else we’ve got on here.

So you got the brightness which is already on max swipe back. It does work. Uh you’ve got the loud button right here, put it on silent. That is the six percent. Sixty percent is the battery capacity uh percentage uh, and this one is the bluetooth it gives you well information native information, as it says: uh device, w68 switches off really quickly, uh device, w60 way, version number and whatnot. So swiping it back up, and this actually goes straight to the smart menu it doesn’t actually uh you haven’t got no other menu faces as well, even clicking the button in even holding it in let’s hold it in. Does it work? No, it doesn’t. So here is what you have to go by. So there is a lot of um held up, so you need to connect. The phone will connect the phone later let’s go into health apps. It just goes straight to measuring, as you can see, we’re gon na leave. It to see if we actually get a result, while the watch is off my wrist, as you can see, there’s a green light flashing right there and would we get a reading let’s see i don’t want to cut it as well. So just want to show you how long it takes heart rate. Retests wow. It didn’t actually work there. So um let’s put it on to an object. So here we have it onto a box and let’s see if it gets the reading this way, which i’m not gon na call, because i want to show you in real time if it actually gives us a reading or not so that doesn’t work as well.

What i’m going to do now is put it on my wrist and see if it actually gives me a really retest, so we’ve tried it without it being on an object on my wrist. We’Ve tried it with with it being on an object, which is the box and it didn’t give her the reading let’s see if it gives us a reading while it’s on my wrist. If it does, then i’m gon na be shocked. So this one and there we go look at that. It’S actually gave us a reading on my wrist. Let me just take quickly, take it off to see if it goes, if it just switches off and as you can see, wow wow. I think this one actually works, even though the bezels actually put me off, and also this crown you’ve got it flashing, really uh high. Now uh it schedules a good reading, let’s just retest it. I just want to check it again. I do apologize if this is going to long the video out but wow if that actually works. If this doesn’t give us a reading while being off the wrist off my wrist, then i’m pretty sure they’ve, actually cracked it on this one with the heart rate, because uh it’s scared of the reading. While it was on my wrist and as you can see right there, no it happened. It’S not gave us the reading, while it’s off the wrist. I think. Well, let me just check those up.

So don’t speak too soon, right here so um. I think that is the blood oxygen, something like that i’m gon na do this in real time as well, um measuring see if that actually works. It does take a time with this up a lot but i’m pretty sure it actually gives you the proper readings, because it is measuring trying to measure as well that’s, why it’s, probably taking its time and i don’t think or maybe well. This is my opinion. I don’t think that it will actually give us a reading, because, if it’s taken this amount of time, it’s not actually getting the reading, so it’s probably come up with nothing and, as you can see, right there blood oxygen. So what i’m going to do is try again and i’ll. Show you properly i’m going to hold it hard onto the uh box and see if it actually gives us a reading from there and then i’m going to try on my wrist and if this works, then the health apps on this w68 does actually work with the Ha and it’s also got always on display, which is really good, good features, but a a bit disappointed with the watch watch screen and also the crown not working if they actually worked. It would be a really really good watch so we’re still not getting a reading. It’S taking its time to get a reading – and yes we’ve – got our oxygen reading of uh 97.

So let me go back into the heart rate and i’m just going to check it this way as well um, i might not have been holding it properly with the with when it was on the box previously, but i’m proper holding it down now to see, if Actually gives us a reading, so actually it actually got me excited there, because i thought this. Would this well the as you can see right here because i’m holding it firmly down onto the box, it gave us a reading, so actually got me excited right there. To be honest, i thought uh. This w868 watch will give you accurate readings of your heart rate and whatnot, but making it being on an object, because i had it on my wrist tight, um that’s. Why i gave a reading and i didn’t hold it down really firmly onto the object onto the box and now, when i did on the second time it gave us the reading, but when you actually take it off, it comes off the wall. So there is something of a sensor there when it detects an object to give you a reading. So to be honest, that is about it, you’ve got your uh running apps right there, your health apps – and this is your. It tells you how much calories, you’ve burnt steps you’ve taken and the distance you’ve actually bought, travelled or whatnot. That one is alpha. Sims uh you’ve got unite mode right here as well cycle mode, so yeah all this has is you can get notifications with this? You can’t make phone calls from it and it has only the best thing about it.

It has always on display, and it only has health apps as well. It doesn’t have anything else. So what i’m going to do now when you press settings? It just goes straight to this to show call which gives you the um always on display feature the brightness and and everything like that. But you know when you’ve got it on the uh menu and everything it will actually switch off like this, as you can see right there, but if you, if you’ve got it on the uh watch, face it won’t actually well, it will just dim down, as you Can see right there it’s just him down but like i said it detects movement and it will stay on, but if it doesn’t detect movement like you placed it like that, it will actually switch off to save battery. So let’s connect this to my phone and see what features we get when it comes to the app right. The app you need to download is where fit 2.0 once you click that, hopefully you should load up and you just press direct access. If you don’t want to log in and sign in, so you need to go to connection management bind bracelet. Hopefully you get w68, which is right there searching and click on the bracelet let’s press connect connected as you can see right there. Press pair, yes, uh, allow notifications on you from your iphone yeah straight away, it’s already connected from the bluetooth settings.

So going back into the app let’s see what features you got so all of the steps and everything your calories get synced to the app itself as well, which is okay, let’s press find we don’t need that let’s go straight into the settings of the watch so Device management find bracelet once you click that it just vibrates until you just press the crown bone and it switches off uh shake to take photos, connection management, we’ve already connected it, intelligent reminders, you’ve got your call reminder sms reminder right, let’s see if this actually works. So you got your call reminder we’ll, just toggle it on and off so it actually recognizes it. So what i’m going to do now is i’m actually calling from my other phone uh to this phone and, as you can see here, you’ve got all sorts on the phone and straight away. You’Ve got all sorts on the watch as well. You can’t pick it up, but it does show you the name which is good, so just giving a notification that you are getting a phone call. Uh let’s go into messages and see if we actually uh get the message on to this one as well, which we should be quite quite good, subscribe to all source and, as you can see here also said, subscribe to also so that’s really good as well. You can get same again, you can get notifications from whatsapp uh. All you need to do is intelligent reminder, app notifications, and these are the apps you can get notifications from.

I have tried it and it does work, so you can’t the only bad thing about it. Is you can’t, actually change or add custom watch faces or watch images to this smartwatch i’m? Pretty sure you can’t settings, uh apple health. We chat support, so you can’t do nothing like that exception details, no data, personal detail. That just gives you, if you want to put information about yourself, and that is about it. This just gives you the uh information, uh health information on your sleep and your heart rate, blood pressure, good oxygen and fatigue that is about it clicking these doesn’t do anything. So that is it people the w68 good thing is about. It is always on display. You can get notifications, you can’t make phone calls from it. You can’t send text messages, but you do get notifications from the text. Messages phone calls whatsapp and everything like that. Uh the bad points about it, i my opinion is the crown doesn’t work. You’Ve got no micro, of course, for the calls this button right here. It doesn’t do anything. You can’t switch it on and off, like that. You have to use the crown, as you can see, right there if this doesn’t switch off the only this uh button is useful, is if you hold it in, and you want to switch the smartwatch off totally that’s. The only use for this button right here, which is no good to be honest, uh and yeah, that is by if i didn’t tell you about the screen the screen is the screen is just too small, but some people might like this because of the always on Display, let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below.

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