But this is the box right here uh. It looks like a neat little watch, rectangular design, one button on the side here, let’s take a look and see what the box has for us. This is actually by company called wall: passle packle w a l, l p, a c l e i’m sure i’m pronouncing that incorrectly, but there’s the name on the back. It does give you a little bit of information screen, type 1.7, inches tft battery capacity, 180, milliamps ip68 protection and ios 8 or above android, 5.1 or above so that’s. Pretty much anything that you’re going to have mostly at this point got a couple of uh qr codes for downloading. The app looks like for android. It is called gloryfit so that’s what we’ll be downloading when we actually install it on our phone, and here is the watch right here, not too bad. Looking, it does look like it actually has. Yeah has a screen protector on it, so that’s that’s pretty nice. I appreciate that you can see on the bottom let’s go ahead and take this just wrapping off, so we can see it a little clearer, so here’s the device right here you can see. There is a nice little screen protector on there. It’S got a decent profile on it looks pretty pretty thin, you can see, it’s got your standard straps on it, so you can pull these off and probably get standard straps for it. If you don’t like these, you can get something different, so you can at least take these off if you don’t, like them, get your heart rate sensor and everything down here, and you got your two little gold plates there, which i’m sure is for charging, and your Single button here on the side not really much else to look at there.

Let’S put that down see what else is in the box. We have your charging cable and some instructions. Let’S see how the charging cable works so here’s the charging pad. You can see it’s just got a couple of pogo pins right there that are obviously going to hit those two gold plates. We looked at on the bottom, i don’t know if this is magnetic or not or if it just looks, neat yeah it’s, not not magnetic, but it does snap in there. So it does hold it pretty well, but not magnetic if that’s a thing for you all right, not a very long cable on there either, maybe a foot at best there you go yeah about a foot, so let’s go ahead and power. This gun this on we’re, going to go ahead and take this off as well see if we can power it on ta da, so powered right on you can see. You got the whole screen on there. No messages a few different options here: some settings, heart rate, blood, oxygen, sleeping weather messages, more got, flashlight, timer, all your pretty much standard stuff that you’re gon na have on on any smart watch nowadays and there’s your fitness information doesn’t, look like it scrolls or anything. It’S just what’s there i like that as you’re going through it, does give you the battery and the time up at the top let’s see. If i can give you a little bit better view of that as i’m.

Looking at that there, so it does give you the time and the battery there up at the top messages a few different settings and options there. The button obviously takes you back a few more options here. We aren’t going to have anything in here. Yet strange see weather i’m sure you’ll have to actually pair it to get that information. So let’s go okay, so i have spent some time working with this watch for the last few days and i have to say i am actually rather impressed. The screen is very responsive. I don’t have any problems going between screens bringing up information going to you know my messages or anything like that. It’S got a lot of options both on the watch and in the software itself. It was very easy to set up it’s. Very quick there aren’t, a ton of different watch, faces there’s, maybe about i’d, say two dozen give or take some of them. You can customize a little bit most of them. You can’t, but there’s there’s plenty of different options: there’s analog versions, there’s, you know all kinds of different digital ones, some that have minimalistic information. Some have a lot of information, it’s very easy to read the button works very well. I didn’t have any problems with it. Uh using it, while you know giving kids a bath washing the dishes, anything where i was getting water on me, i didn’t – i actually take it in shower or bath or anything like that.

So i can’t say anything about that per se, but the information included does say that you know you can take it swimming in this kind of information. Just you know not too deep or anything just ip68. So, as far as i can tell that’s that’s really good the battery lasted me, i didn’t charge it when i, when i grabbed it out of the box, it was probably about three quarters of the way full as far as the battery and it lasted me, a Good three days a little over three days. Actually so i mean the battery life has been really good other than that let’s see the the heart rate sensor. Blood plush blood pressure sensor all seemed very accurate. The sleep information was actually a little bit better than the last fitness watch that i was wearing. So at least you know, as far as i can tell i mean it seemed more accurate based on you know when i was going to bed and when i woke up at lea the times were at least accurate. The software seemed really good uh. There was uh, it was very easy to go through the software there’s a lot of options. It gave you a lot of information and actually that’s a pretty good segue let’s go ahead and take a look at the software right now. Okay, so we’ll go ahead and take a look at the software for this smart watch and you can generally get into it.

Obviously, by going into the icon right here, glory fit or you can pull down and go to the step number here that it’s giving you and we’ll take you into the device software right here. This is the main home screen the dashboard. You get a lot of information on here. Obviously you have your steps that you’ve done for today. Your target steps, your distance, your calories, you burned your heart rate and your sleep record there’s, nothing else down here. You can click up here on the weather and it will give you a forecast, which is pretty cool, it’s, pretty good. You can change to celsius if you wanted to up here – and this does also change the setting on the watch as well right. So you can go back, so you can go down here and you can take a look at steps. You can click on the steps and it will give you more detailed information here. As far as the steps that you’ve made now, this watch has been charging a little bit today. So there’s not going to be a lot of information for today, but we can go back to another day and it’ll. Give you all kinds of nice information. As far as when you walked what activity, it was your total distance, all that kind of stuff, and of course you can go to weekly and monthly, and it will give you that information as well so back out of there and we’ll go to heart rate, recording And you can go through the graph here and it will give you information as far as what your heart rate was.

You can come in here to go to a little bit more detailed information. You can go back through different days, get what your average heart rate was, and this kind of information and it kind of breaks it down to other different sections of tranquilization state, which is, i guess, your resting heart rate stress, relieving state. Whatever all these things mean here, but it gives you some different things to look at and some different goals to hit some different things too, to reach for here’s your sleep record again, as i mentioned, i thought this was fairly accurate. I thought it was definitely a lot more accurate than some of the other ones that i’ve used it’s, pretty straightforward, it’s, pretty basic. You have your deep sleep, your light sleep and you’re awake now. The other ones have all kinds of crazy stuff. Like your deep sleep, your light sleep, your rem, sleep, your floating sleep, your whatever all kinds of different stuff that just really kind of honestly just confused me. So i thought this was pretty straightforward. Pretty easy! It seemed accurate. As far as the times i went to bed and the times that i woke up, and it just gave you decent information, it gave you a little bit of a sleep quality analysis and some things that you can do to get your sleep a little bit better. In this case it told me i went to bed too late and i’m, just not getting enough sleep, which is obviously true.

We just got a new puppy, so it has been a little difficult to get a full night’s sleep right now, uh as you go through, you can go to week and you can get a whole bunch of other information as well, which is really good, really detailed. I like that, a lot so then, as you move on, you can go on to the the bottom panel here and you can go to the next next item, which is basically, if you’re going to go doing some walking or some other activity that you can add In here it will keep track of it here you can do go and it will tell you, you know, get started and then we’ll go ahead and keep track of your heart rate, and if you want to keep track of it via a map, it’ll do that As well there’s some different settings in here that you can set up so it’ll, you know give you some voice, information or it’ll. Just give you. You know your heart rate and the stuff if you want to keep track of that as well. So if you go over here to devices is where you can really get into some of the settings of the device and those are really the main ones that you see right there, that you can turn on and off. So a lot of different things in there. You know daily heart rate, monitoring your call reminder which is basically just when you get a call it pops up on the screen.

Your sms notifications send said sedentary reminder, raise hand to activate display which actually worked really good. I didn’t have any problems you know, raising my wrist and actually showing up the way it’s supposed to do not disturb all that kind of stuff. For more upgrades a few more settings under universal settings, then you can go on to me, which is basically setting up yourself, setting up your account for the glory fit app setting up training plan, which is basically just you know what your number of steps that you Want to reach for as your different goals and whatnot and setting up your target steps, and just a few other. You know system, settings and stuff like that. The permissions settings, which i think is really good, that it gives you an opportunity to go through all the different permissions that the application asks for and even after you set it up, you can go through and turn these on and off which you know if you’re Very security, conscious person – and you decide later on that you want to turn some of these things on or off. Then you have that ability right here and you should to take care of any issues that you might have at that point. So definitely a nice little addition as well so that’s, really it that’s the software again. I really like that. It doesn’t have too much information, but it’s got just the right amount of information it’s.

The information that i’m interested in my steps, my heart rate, my sleep and then i can add other stuff other activities. You can even get the weather on here. If you wanted to so a lot of good information, i was very impressed with it. Everything works. I didn’t have any problems with things with settings that i was changing, that didn’t actually change anything you’re able to change just about everything that you want to. As far as you know, the the units that you’re using fahrenheit or celsius or any of that kind of stuff, so very granular, very configurable – and it all worked very well so again – very impressed. Okay, so that’s, really it that’s the the smart watch here that we’re taking a look at it really again. I was actually very impressed with it. Uh it’s got a great form factor, it’s very thin. The band is very comfortable, it’s, very flexible. You can, of course, take this off and put a different band on here that you that you might want the charger is a little hokey. It’S just got the two pogo pins, which i’m not a big fan of pogo pens because they kind of tend to go bad after a while and you have to constantly clean them. But this one seems to hold on pretty tight. So hopefully, it’ll work a lot better in the long run, the heart rate sensor the blood pressure sensor, the sleep monitoring all that stuff seemed to be fairly accurate, really good.

The fitness tracking, as far as the steps seem to be very accurate. The screen itself is very responsive. The button works very good. Everything worked really good. I didn’t have any problems or really any major complaints about this watch at all it. You know it’s it’s, not uh, android, wear or anything like that. It’S a proprietary kind of software. So who knows how often they’re gon na update it and if it’s, going to get a whole bunch of new watch faces or anything like that? But if you’re just looking for something to give you the basic information and give it to you accurately and give it to you in a nice thin profile and just fit really good and just work, this is definitely one i would check out now i don’t this Was sent to me to do a review on, i don’t have any pricing on it, but as soon as i get that i will put it down in the description on the pricing and where you can buy, it so feel free to check it out. I was pretty impressed with it. I i certainly uh this. This may actually be a daily driver for me, we’ll we’ll see i got a couple other watches to take a look at, but right now i i really like this one. So hopefully, this video was helpful to you and if you have any questions, let me know down in the comments and we’ll see you again next time on hyperdog digital thanks, hey! This is scott for hyperdog digital thanks for watching.

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