My earbuds seven hours later, where buds by ai power, have a bulky yet simplistic design, something reminiscent of our casio calculator, watches from way back when oh or any gorman, sorry, i meant or any garmin sports watch with pliable resin straps and a round watch face just Large enough that it wouldn’t draw attention yet deep enough to sneakily hide inside the very inconspicuous earbuds. This ends up giving it a much more utilitarian appearance than the minimalist fitness trackers. You may be used to right it’s, really only upon further inspection that we start to see some of the real changes that distinguish this watch from its thinner, more attractive cousins, who have, of course, very sexy social media accounts that everyone likes and subscribes to the watch. Only comes in one color black, like our souls. My advice to you, creators is to give some more color options, we’re hoping to find that in the future man people didn’t come here to talk about colors let’s break down. This watch fair enough, all right. So talking about the watch on the left side of the watch, there are two buttons known in the accompanying instruction manual as upper side button and downside button. I’Ll leave you guys to guess which is which Music and we were a bit confused about the functionality of the two buttons. I do believe they do do the exact same thing, both of which turn on and off the digital watch face and once on return.

The screen to home, which is watch on the right side of the watch, what looks like yet more buttons are actually where the earbuds are stored. Two little nuggets of audio inducing joy and i remember what a happy surprise. It was the first time i coaxed these little turtles out of their shell. The earbuds are about the size, weight and shape of really deformed corn nuts and will continuously charge inside the watch and can easily slide in their housing. Thanks to the addition of magnets. Yes, magnets, something which we can be added to anything for a boost of performance, boosting our number of subscribers. I guess we need a magnet for that too, or at least more magnetic personalities. Hey speak for yourself, although i must say that pulling the earbuds out can be an anxiety inducing experience only possible with fingernails or tweezers, and even then i dropped them about a quarter of the time. One full charge of the watch will get you two and a half hours of continuous listening time before you have to pop them back in the watch where they’ll charge back up to full in under an hour, each charge of the watch will charge the earbuds four Times providing 10 hours of listening and fitness tracking and if you forgo music, a full watch charge will keep the watch going for up to 10 days. Yeah nice and as denny was saying. The kind of revolutionary thing about this is that they’re taking two different technologies which we’re all familiar with, which is like the smart watch or fitness tracker, and the earbuds and they’ve put them together and it’s through bluetooth, 4.

2 and 5. That the watch and earbuds are seamlessly connected to your smartphone, although annoyingly you have to connect both the watch and the earbuds independently to your phone. It seems the only way for this setup to work, but it would be nice if they’d made it so that you could only connect the watch and then the earbuds connect through the watch to your phone yeah. But thankfully there is a connection and you’ll be notified of any incoming messages or phone calls, which you can answer on the touch screen or by pressing twice on the earbuds for a hands free experience. But, unlike some of the famous smart watches, you can’t respond or react to messages directly from the wear: buds, yeah and music and sound quality through the earbuds is good, but not great. The sound is clear yet somewhat tinny which hold on a second. I think we’re saying airbus let’s, try let’s try that again, but with earbuds, so music and sound quality through the earbuds is good, but not great. So the wear buds comes in at 135, around 135 dollars for the normal price, but there is a discount price available for those in the tech. I want community at 119, you can get it click the link below or join our newsletter and click. The link there, aside from staying connected through calls and messages you’ve got your usual health management features accessed through the smartwatch, using the built in biometric sensors and smart technology.

Whereby’S watch measures, your blood, oxygen levels and heart rate and even has a heart rate alarm to let you know when your body’s going crazy, perfect for my squash partner. It also tracks temperature blood pressure and sleep cycles, making sure you can easily monitor, keep track of and access your health situation at any time through the colorful display of the touchscreen, speaking of which remember to touch the like and subscribe buttons. There are also integrated features which have become expected for all smart technologies, such as music control, pedometer, an alarm chronograph, which is kind of just a fancy word for stopwatch through the app you can control your phone’s camera. So you can actually take pictures. You know like selfies, if you put the camera way far away, you can control that and take photographs from the watch and if you lose your phone, you can also find your phone from your watch promoted as a tool for an active lifestyle. The wherebuds watch provides easy and convenient access to your notifications, calls and audio while running cycling, working out or doing chores around the house. We were told that the prototype we have in the studio today is not fully waterproof, so we didn’t want to test that out. Yeah well, deer. Sorry, sorry! Unfortunately, we did not get to test the wear buds in water um. If any of you do, let us know and make sure that you have your receipt while you do it, while the wear buds doesn’t have the same aesthetics as fancy or more established smart watches and the user interface leaves much to be desired, but come on.

Do the rest of them have earbuds inside true, very true at this price point: wear buds is an excellent entry level smartwatch, which offers the added bonus and convenience of, storing and charging your earbuds. These items when purchased individually from the big players might each cost. You two times what you’d pay for the wear buds. You might not get the same, sound quality or dependability as with the big brands and it’s missing some features, which i personally love like gps tracking.