com. Uncle ticks is going to stretch the meaning of wearable once again and delve deep into blood pressure, that's appearing on all of our watches and it's about time. We get it right right. Okay, just in case you don't need the full on sophistication of a blood pressure cuff with ecg and everything else, but you still want wireless capability to be able to transmit the values that you get from a simple old fashioned style reading to a smart watch. This is what you're looking for again get your 15 discount off of this one and it's only 60 that's what it looks like called portable professional trends trackable in your phone, and basically you have these kind of displays that you'll see in your phone there's that Readable, i hope so um trends and individual readings, as well as your heart wave uh from the ppg from the pulsing going through and easy easy easy. You just enter the app and you take your measurement like you, normally would pumping it up and letting it bleed off and i'll share your results. If you want to so. Basically, you've got the cuff and it's, like any cuff it's a velcro attached thing. It shows you which way you're going to put it on your arm and you've got the valve here that you use to release to press it up and turn it on here after you've charged it with the charging cable so that you got power in it.

I'M. Not sure what you do with that anybody know probably is in the manual and a little bag with nothing in it. Oh, i probably had that in it originally: okay, any users manual. This is where we get down to the goodies, so we're going to page through this. If you get this cuff or even if you have a cuff already, you may want to take a look at these notes to make sure you're doing things right, because some of this is universal will apply to any kind of a cuff. And, of course, some of it is specialized to this quasi electronic and standard cuff the positioning, how you want to sit with your feet, both flat on the floor and your arm at heart level. All of that is standard and folks seriously, if you're going to do the cuff thing, do it right so that you get a really solid baseline reading. Now many of you who are looking at getting the bands and watches that say they do blood pressure they're doing that against a universal standard, usually 120 over 80, but your blood pressure obviously is going to be different. So if you take a nice resting heart blood pressure reading with this calibrated cuff or the more sophisticated one we just looked at, then you can use that information. Now some of the apps will let you put that in say: you're 185 over 90. Usually you can tune that into the app for the watch and then when you're, using a watch or a band, and it gives you a blood pressure reading it'll be against that a little higher or a little lower than the standard that you put in so use.

The calibrated cuff it's a great investment for only 60 bucks. Oh excuse me, 15 percent, less. If you go with uh go into their website, search for the portable professional trends. It'Ll, look like this on the screen and i just put it in your cart and check out you'll get the discount at the end and then you'll have your baseline cuff that you can use anytime. You want to the whole family can use it okay. So let me show you how we're going to use this thing. You'Ve got the cuff first thing you want to do is plug it in and charge it really good charge it overnight. If you got the time you can take out the charger you don't need that here's, the little module has one button press it's going to start flashing blue. Then you need the app. So you can go to the google play store same thing for iphone. You get the air bp app when you install it and you open it, it's going to come up and you see right there. It asks to choose a device which is this one, which i already had paired the first time, and so it automatically is pairing. It a second time if i hadn't paired it already. I would have selected that from the list – and i would have touched okay and it would identify the unit so now we've got it and i need to wire this up while it's connecting put this on my arm and get ready to take a reading.

So just refer to the picture in the app it'll always be here, you're going to put it on your left arm, you're going to do the whole thing with the cuff right across from your heart, usually sitting at a chair with your arm on a higher table, Works really well you're, going to put the cuff on so that there's, a couple of fingers width in between your crease and the cuff and the bulb is going to come off on the side. It'S going to look um pretty much like this i've got the cuff on pointed down, there's the crease in my arm i'm, going to bring the bulb over to the inside and i'm going to finish, wrapping the cuff, like so okay, now we're ready to go now, You got to be quiet for this and um don't pump it with the same and obviously you're using use your other one there's a release valve here. We'Ll use here in a second at the end and i'll just hit the start. There'S, a lady's voice comes on guides you through this, we pump up to over 200 and then we sit silently while it counts down. You'Ll, see the heart wave right down here at the bottom as it starts to read it and that will start vibrating there. You go and i'm definitely not in the right position for doing this release it by just pressing. Here i got an insane incorrect blood pressure.

When i do this properly, i sit – and i do it three times at the table, quietly to get a really good baseline, uh heart rate uh blood pressure. My beats per minute is over here systolic diastolic i'm. Definitely in the bad zone. It says, but i'm, not really. I will be checking it officially after this to confirm that you can go over here to history. This is a typical reading. This is what i did earlier and uh yeah i'm in the yellow zone there. So you have a history and if you get a bogus one that you don't believe is correct, you can just throw it away now: don't, throw oops, sorry that's. My little sliding brightness thing on here to adjust it for the camera, pretty cool right. If you're interested in that mention it in the comments and i'll give you the link where you can download it it's not in the google play store anymore, i hit the x. I can delete the record and um yeah i'm going to keep that one. There don't go through and just delete all the ones that look bad and keep the good ones if it's really really way off from your normal one. You could do that because, because in the settings you can export all of your readings using a csv formatted spreadsheet right here and you could send that to your doctor or archive it for your own use a little bit more firmware information for doing, updates, that's the Settings that's the history and you could start another test anytime.

You want to uh huh right from an app on your phone, but there's more remember this little puppy yeah the well! You check me pro. We reviewed it a while back it's a army, swiss knife of health and wellness. This thing could do all of it: heart rate, blood, oxygen body, temperature, blood pressure and, of course, your daily heart check Music. What this device could do is everything except the blood pressure. It didn't have it built in you have all of these capabilities for 24 hour monitoring of ecgs i mean on and on and on, and this is what it looked like. Remember this guy yeah yeah yeah, where you know you could lift your finger here. We turn it on and and we could get blood oxygen with that little monitor right. There, shining the diode through your finger, getting the uh waveform, getting the information and coming up with your accurate blood oxygen. This whole thing is fda listed, got to get it in the right reflected light, though it's got one of those lcd kind of a screens, so i could go on and on about what this thing can do, but what it couldn't do is the heart rate. I mean blood pressure now, blood pressure is cuff oriented and i've got the cuff back on again. So what i'm going to do is hit this i'm going to go in, as mr tix see that and now it's searching to find it so i'm going to take the unit i'm going to turn the button on watch it there.

It is. It got itself connected connecting up to it blue light here, and there we go. It says place the cuff on your upper arm and start cuff, is on the upper arm and start now. It just says in writing start pumping until new instruction, which i'm going to do it's, showing you the uh value of pressure i shouldn't be holding it. I should be resting, stop pumping, i shouldn't be talking, but i am so again. I'Ll probably get a bogus reading. Sorry guys, but this is just to demo how the process works just like we saw in the app it's counting down, but we don't see the waveform there we go 160 over 100. I can press the release. You always want to remember to do that right away and it's, giving the report that i'm in a high range blood pressure, so good that i got an anomalous reading, but bad. If it's true of mr tix health. Again, i will be verifying after this uh video that my heart rate is actually within the range as it should be so you've got this uh go well, you device that does temperature right here with a probe um. I could put it to my forehead, but i'll put it here to my hand. Instead it's the infrared type of a reading and it'll, give you body temperature and, like i said, ecg everything everything is built into that one. And when you add the cuff, you have the complete compliment so gowellia.

com check out the checkme pro and, of course, the uh blood pressure unit that we've been talking about all day. Okay, now you're educated by the way we got a playlist, also in uh. All of these products, so you can just run through all the videos if you want to learn about any of the products and that link will be in the show notes too. Thanks for watching we'll see you again soon remember: go well. You.