Welcome back to the channel. Now, before i get started, make sure you hit that subscribe button, so you don’t miss out on any video goodness now today, we’re going to talk about the wear it premium surf watch range when we talk about what they do, who they’re for, of course, whether you Should buy one so yeah let’s jump straight in so what makes the wear itself watch stand out from the crowd? Well, the first thing: you’ll notice is a beautifully built analog surf watch, but it also comes packed with some epic smartwatch capabilities. So as well as the standard tidal data you’ll get on any surf watch, it can also pull through the swell height and direction. So you have all the circuit conditions right there on your wrist. It does this via magic seaweed, so to understand a bit more about how that works. Let’S talk through how to get it all set up. So now let’s talk about the important thing: how to set up your where it’s surfwatch and how to get all the surf data directly on your wrist. As you can see from here, i’ve got the bfpvd model, which is the black watch face, and black finish with the lovely blue highlights so we’re going to go ahead and unbox it here. As you can see, everything’s got a really nice premium finish this little envelope. Here contains all your um warranties and all your instructions and then, of course, you’ve got your watch face that you chose and also your charging dock.

The charging dock is much like the one where your iphone is by usb um and then it’s also contactless charging. So you just place the watch face on top of it to charge. Obviously, i’ve charged it already for this demo, so that’s, why it’s ticking over nicely, but if you’ve ordered a fresh watch, that’s, obviously not going to be moving when you open it, and now this little box here contains the watch bands that you’ve ordered, which for me Was the silicon ones um, as you can see, i’ll get them out here, um. So yeah i’ve got the silicone bands on my one um, but you can attach those really nice and easily uh. Now. Obviously, the most important thing is pairing up your watch and getting all the information on your watch face uh. So what you need to do is boot up your smartphone uh unlock the wear, it watch app and then click connect to your watch. So, as it says, you’ve got to put it on your charger and hold your phone nearby, obviously i’ve, charged already so it’ll connect nicely with my iphone via the app. So there we go it’s all found it and you can simply click pair watch. This takes a couple of seconds, bluetooth request, so just click a pair and then it will take a couple of seconds pair it up and we can select the theme you want for your watch: Music cool. So once it’s paired you’ll have that watch phase pop up.

Like that – and you can simply select theme now there’s a few – a few themes you can choose from including wave. Obviously we want to have our notifications uh on there as well, so you can click from wave weather or wind, depending on what you what you want to do and if you go in it gives you an example of what it includes. Obviously we’re using it as a surf watch, so you want to do the magic seaweed theme, and so here i’ll give you an overview of what the watch is going to display and you simply select theme once you’ve done, that you can choose to have the swell Height either meters or feet, and then you can also check out your local surf beaches to set up the tidal data. So i see my local here – suffolk beach boom i’m, actually going to select byron bay because that’s, where i surf the most done and click save boom, so that’s got everything set up. So you can see here. This is the time setting so it’s, going to show your swell height and also the origin of your swell as well, and then, of course, the time and if you toggle to weather it’s, going to change it all around so it’s going to show the air pressure. The tidal data is across the middle and then, of course, the water temperature, as well i’ve, obviously set the swell height here to meters, which i don’t really want to do so i’m, going to go back into themes, explore the theme and then, when i go down.

Select that one and toggle that to feet, and then click save so that’s we’re gon na order updated now so, as you can see, four foot swell with a southerly origin. Now, one of the best things about the wear itself watch i’m, going to take it out of the box. Now is how it toggles between these two things. So, as you can see here, it is the time so it’s three minutes past night at night i’m doing a bit of late night filming here um. But when you press this crown button here, it’s going to move across so now, we’ve got low tide here. Water temperature here, which is 26 degrees and then you’ve got the swell height and the swell origin there, and then you click back and it spins back now. Obviously, if you have a bigger time difference from what the setting uh, what the actual conditions are like, it has a really nice, quite therapeutic animation between the two bits of data. As you see, click it back there so low tide, 26 degrees and then there’s. Those two things there and click it and it’ll go back to the time, but yeah that’s, your wear itself, watch how to get it all set up and how to get the tidal and the swell data right there on the watch face Music. So what about the build quality? Well, as you’d expect from any premium priced product? The wear watch range is a solid piece of kit.

The swiss timepiece, coupled with swedish design, has resulted in a super functional, well designed watch to handle everything you’ll, throw at it as a surfer. The sapphire crystal glass comes encased in surgical steel and comes with an anti glare and anti scratch coating, so it’s definitely built with surface in mind. The bottom line here is is as durable as it is stylish. So how much will a wear its surf watch set? You back well they’re firmly aimed at the premium surf watch market coming in at 595 us dollars now within the wear range. There are a few different watch faces and bands you can choose from including silver black and rose gold. Of course, my personal favorite, the black with the blue, highlights – and these do all include free shipping worldwide and if you do want to check out the full range of where it’s surf watches, make sure you click on the link in the description below to check out The full range and pick the perfect match for you Music. So what are my final thoughts on the wear? It’S surf watch range. Well, obviously, the wear itself watch isn’t for everyone, it’s, quite a big chunky, surf watch and it’s. Definitely a statement piece. I think that’s the market we’re, aiming at there’s kind of people that really love what their watch says about them. It’S, a beautiful watch that’s at home in the surf as it is in the office and it’s a beautiful combination of business and pleasure, and if you’re, one of those people that loves what their watch says about them, then the wear itself watch is definitely for you.

For the average surfer other options, such as the ripco gps2 watch and, of course the apple surf watch, are also awesome alternatives and definitely a little bit cheaper in terms of pricing, but for those who love their watch, love surfing and love. The combination of both the wear itself watch is for you and there you have it guys, that’s everything you need to know about the wear it surf watch range and whether you should get one now, if you are still looking for the best surf watch for you Make sure you check out the links in the description below for my full written guide, including the apple watch, the rip, curl gps watch and, of course, my full review of the wear.