, Especially in India.? In fact, it is the fastest growing category. And Indians, especially like smart, watches, very much.. There was a report saying in the next year. There will be more smart watches sales in India than in the USA.. The range for these smart watches is 25001 Lakh., And many people buy budget series. Smart watches, from 05000. From these budget series, smart watches, I have 3 of them in front of me., And this video is not just unboxing.. We are going to do something different.. We are going to do an actual tear down of these watches. And well test the accuracy., Because from these this watch EXACT even gives ECG. Well actually open. The watch see which all sensors are there. And how accurate they are. Generally guys. If you take a cheap watch, keep it somewhere say: keep it on a table. Itll show that the table has a heart beat. Well test, all that in this video, with these beatXP smart watches. Guys. If I talk about the prices of these watches, then MARV come in 2500, EXACT and UNBOUND. Come in 4000. Lets open these boxes. Quickly.. Alright. Obviously there are documents. Anything else, No just documentation.! Then you have the watch itself. The watch.. In this, too, there is documentation, along with the watch, obviously, the charging cable. With those magnetic tips. And the same with this too. Documentation charging cable with the watch. Thats about it. In the most expensive one, its the same.

Documentation. The watch. Alright lets keep the watches. Aside. Everything else is too much. Here. Lets keep them. Aside. Lets keep all of this aside.. Alright, now lets look at the watches. Lets, look at them from the outside, but well also look at their inside.. That is the most exciting part, so wait for that.. Alright, these two square have 1.8 big screen., But in MARV you get IPS LCD and in this one in this you get AMOLED screen., Yes, AMOLED for 3500.. So that is good. It is 1.8 screen, whereas this circular one has 1.32, that is IPS LCD.. But this one has more sensors., So these smart watches are focused for different people.. If you want ECG more features, then look at beatXP EXACT.. If you want a brighter screen with nice colours, then look at beatXP UNBOUND.. If youre on a budget, then you can look at MARV. One thing: there is a BT Calling feature in both of these.. I remember 1 year ago, not even the 10k watches used to have the BT Calling feature. Nowadays, there is BT Calling in 2500 watches. Guys talking about the beltstrap of the watches. The quality of all three of them is good. Ill, say its a decent quality.. Overall, the build quality, especially of the EXACT watch. It is quite good., According to the prices, its really good., Especially the build quality.. The exciting part is looking at whats inside these watches., But before that lets quickly talk about the features.

By the way the BT Calling used to only come in the pricey watches.. But now this 2500 MARV UNBOUND have that. EXACT. Has the feature to reject a call.? 70 workout modes are present. MARV UNBOUND, both the square watches have 200 watch faces. And more will come.. So that is there., But we thought one thing was interesting which shouldnt have been.. There are three different app for these three apps. Apps are good theres, no problem in that., But why three different apps But ok, youll buy one watch, so therell be one app., So that is there, but it was an interesting thing.. Marv UNBOUND are interesting. They have 120MB storage in them., So you can store your favourite songs on them. And youll, be able to listen to them, youll be able to listen through Bluetooth.. By the way there is an AI assistant on the both the watches, but not on the watch.. When youll trigger that itll be opened on your phone., Whatever AI it is. AI Assistant., All the watches are IP68 certified, which is good. IP68 means when youre swimming. If it drowns, it should not have any problems. And all the main health features. They are all there.. Theres SpO2 its accurate. Well talk about that. Later. Heart rate sensor is present., So no problems there. There is sleep tracker. It tracks. How is your sleep deep or light.? You can do that. And you can see your historical data in the app.

Guys. There is another interesting feature: Remote Health Monitoring.. It means that if youre in another country, you want to monitor your parents health. If they are wearing that, then you can do that from your phone.. If I talk about EXACT till now, I was talking about MARV UNBOUND. If you look at the bottom at these two contact points, they are for ECG.. Another surprising sensor was the ECG.. Yes, it does have an ECG sensor.. Imagine you can do ECG at home whenever you want with a 4k smart watch. Guys these budget watches of 2k 3k. Do you know how they show the SpO2? They generate random numbers, sometimes 97 98 99.. They dont have sensors for that. They show a wrong information.. In these three watches there is a dedicated SpO2 sensor, so it accurate. And well test that.. I have a banana with me. Here. Lets see if that has a SpO2. Lets, see lets test. Alright lets see. Look theres a XXX showing here.. Ok now lets try. Ecg. ECG wont happen, since you need to connect. So Ill test ECG on me., But the SpO2 works. Fine. Temperature lets see the temperature. Wow. Even here the XXX has shown. Alright, now Ill out it on. Im actually wear it see.. By the way, well, not trust these sensors. Well open it up. So wait for that.. Does it show the temperature 35.7C, which is right.? 35.6 35.7C, should be the temperature.. Sometimes it shows 35.

6C, sometimes 35.7C., So the temperature is right. Now lets see.. ECG.. no lets see the heart rate.. My heart rate is generally 65 70bpm.. This is showing a little more., Alright guys well test 2 watches.. I have 2 watches here., Well see how accurate the heart rate is. Lets see., Alright, let it stabilize. 6970. 70bpm. Both of them are showing. 7168bpm. 72 66bpm. Its pretty accurate, its, not some random numbers, guys.. So Im pretty happy. It only has 1 2bpm difference. 65 66bpm 65 65bpm 66 66bpm. Thats. What it shows that is generally my range.. My heart rate is generally 64 68bpm., So yeah in that matter. Definitely there is accuracy.. Alright, Im doing the ECG test.z Guys look at the ECG. 74 HRV blood pressure, 10974. Heart rate 77. This type of reading is not good, which maybe caused by dry skin.. So guys, heart rate temperature, sensors works perfectly well. ECG, I have to say, is inconclusive. And it should be like that. Things like ECG should be directly consulted by the doctors. They given proper results.. That is very important. Guys it time to open the smart watch.. Yes, there were 4 screws on it, weve removed, that. And Ill just show you. Look at this.. This is the vibration motor. You get haptic feedback from this.. These are the temperature sensors.. These are the pogo pins for charging. And then… Alright, This is clearly battery.. This is their CPU, their main chipset.. This is that storage.

. Let me tell you this is the SpO2 sensors? This one is the ECG sensor.. All these small sensors are accelerometer, gyroscope, etc. So that all is there. Now. This is obviously the display panel.. Now, from these two one is the ECG display connecting pins.. So all that is there., So its not like it generates shows random number. But, like I said before, ECG isnt 100, accurate in my opinion. Talking about the sensors Texas Instrument is a very well known, company.. Even Osram is a very well known company.. They used their sensors. Despite being a 3k 4k watch. They are using good sensors. And due to that guys in EXACT, you get an IPS LCD, even though it is more expensive.. Maybe more money got spent on sensors. Yeah thats, what I think. By the way guys if I talk about the EXACT UNBOUND about the price. Ill, definitely say it is value for money.. If you want accurate sensors, you can look at this one. EXACT.. Yes, even its name is EXACT., So that is good.. These were the beatXPs smart watches in budget range.. If youre interested Im giving the link in the description, guys. Youll get special offer, especially for you.. If you have any question about these watches, make sure to comment in the comments: section. Thats it for this video.