This is the Apple watch Ultra versus the Samsung Galaxy watch 5 Pro, oh its about to go down Im. Your smart watch Guru lets get straight into it. First, stop is design lets start off here. Both of these watches are built extremely well with high premium quality materials in mind from a design standpoint between these two lets start off with weight. Now the Apple watch Ultra is the heftier coming in at 63.1 grams, while the Galaxy watch fire Pro, although being just as Hefty and chunky, is coming in a lot lighter at 46.5 grams. So if youre into weight and youre worried about that or if you like, lighter watches the Galaxy watch 5 Pro is a lighter smart watch and Apple watch. Ultra is going to be a bit Hefty from the build quality standpoint theyre both rocking a sapphire crystal glass. Both are surrounded by titanium. The main difference with the Apple watch Ultra to the Galaxy watch. 5. Pro is when you flip them over now, I will say this: the Apple watch Ultra has a ceramic backing, while the watch 5 Pro, I think I dont I dont know if this is, I dont know what this is. This could be plastic right here with this glass backing versus ceramic, so a lot more premium quality and build quality from front to back on the Apple watch. Ultra water resistance: they both have a pretty ideal water resistance, but one has a little bit more than the other.

The Galaxy watch 5 pro has a standard ip68 up to 50 meters of water resistance. Now the Apple watch Ultra has kind of increased that this year, with an ip6x certified 100 meter water resistance. The Apple watch Ultra also has features ideal for scuba divers, where it has like depth sensing, and it can tell you how deep you are underwater and so forth, really cool, very all terrain and all that you know and then theres the sensors between these two. They pretty much have a lot of the same and similar sensors. Even the Galaxy watch. 5 pro has a heat sensor, but it doesnt have any function yet, which is weird as the Apple watch Ultra has the heat sensor that has function, but what I can say to the sensors is Ive. Seen from my comment section and me Gathering the consensus of everyone is the Galaxy watch. 5, Pro can be slightly Tit for Tat, uh hit or miss when it comes to its sensors and its uh. Fitness tracking versus the Apple watch, Ultra and apple watches, just in general, have a stronger track record for accuracy when it comes to their sensors and tracking. So this is something to keep in mind, but nevertheless they both have most of the same typical sensors and measurements that you get out of the top end premium. Smart watches, okay, now lets talk, displays you guys these both have great OLED or AMOLED. Whatever you want to call it displays on them now, lets start off with the Apple watch is rocking that ltpo OLED, with 2 000 nits of peak brightness, its a 1.

9 inch display with 502 by 410 pixels with a 338 PPI pixel density covered in that sapphire. Crystal glass, with an always on display now the Galaxy watch has a Super AMOLED 1.4 inch, 450 by 450 pixels with a 321 PPI density, so not as dense as the Apple watch. Ultra has the sapphire glass Crystal as well with the always on display. So a lot of things lining up kind of neck and neck and for tap when it comes to display. I dont have a exact measurement of the peak knit brightness of the watch5 pro, but the Apple watch at 2000, nits of peak brightness definitely is the brighter watch and a lot of times visual is going to give off the appearance of a more crystal clear and Brighter and just more visible display all right. Next topic is performance. You guys now when it comes to performance on smart watches. Both of these are really good, really effective, really responsive, very Snappy, very quick, as far as you know, navigation and things like that. I love the performance of both of these smart watches. All right lets talk about the next category between the two and that is storage, something that you might not consider as much when it comes to a Smart Watch. But a lot of people like to get LTE versions or they like to go for, runs and become extremely active to the point where they dont want to have their phone with them.

So theyre going to rely on the internal storage of the smart watches to carry their songs when theyre not streaming, and things like that. So we have 16 gigabytes of storage with 1.5 gigabytes of RAM when it comes to the Galaxy watch 5 Pro now that storage does get different. I think when you get the LTE version, because it takes up more space versus the 32 gigabytes of on board storage. With the Apple watch Ultra all right next up lets talk about the speaker, quality, the speaker, quality and phone call. Quality on both is cool. The Apple watch Ultra has a pretty nice loud speaker and the phone call Quality and Clarity on it is really good. The watch5 pro not as loud doesnt have you know as robust of a speaker system, but call Quality is decent connectivity. You can get both of these watches in LTE forms. If you choose to the Apple watch, Ultra just comes with LTE, whether you choose to use it or not the watch5 pro you have to pick the LTE version or Bluetooth only and then, when it comes to Bluetooth, we got Bluetooth 5.2 on the watch5 Pro versus Bluetooth 5.3 on the Apple watch Ultra the Apple watch Ultra also has a very robust GPS system as well as this new satellite contact feature for those who go off on the you know, unbeaten path and possibly might need to be rescued. Theres, a lot of safety features and connectivities with satellites for that, as well as the crash sensors and things like that.

So just something to think about its a little bit more robust and it just is what it is now lets talk about. One of the most controversial and absolutely subjective topics and thats battery life. Now, when it comes to battery life between these two devices lets start off with the technical specs first, because the battery sizing is extremely similar between these two devices, you have a 542 milliamp hour battery on the Apple watch, Ultra versus a whopping 590 milliamp hour battery. On a Galaxy watch, 5 Pro heres, what I say so far to my user experience with battery now with the watch5 pro, I call it the three day battery guaranteed, although with certain settings and certain use cases Im seeing reports of four even up to five days Of battery on here, the same is going to go with the Apple watch. Ultra now my use cases, it has been a little bit heavier on the battery Im seeing three day battery, but its kind of like that 2.5, two and a half days type of battery life, with the Apple watch Ultra versus the guaranteed like three day with the Watch5 pro now, obviously with maybe different settings and different use cases, this battery on Apple watch Ultra. I know you can probably stretch out to about four days Im just more on the heavy Apple watch or smart watch user side, so Im, seeing that two and a half technically three day, but not that 36 hour advertised uh battery life on the watch Ultra.

But with the watch5 pro easily three days, okay, now for the most important topic to discuss user experience, what is it that youre actually going to experience the day you go to purchase this device and actually put it to use thats? What matters? What has my user experience been over these last, however, many days or weeks that Ive had these devices now Ive had the watch5 pro a lot longer than the Apple watch Ultra so lets start there. My user experience on the Galaxy watch 5 Pro I enjoy. This watch this is an outright Banger right here. This thing is booming. Now I do feel like I would have preferred the rotating bezel and a slight design different as this isnt. You know my top pick design wise, but the best and most lovable thing about the watch5 pro is the battery life. It is so effective, it is so reliable and it is so what we have wanted on the Galaxy watch in a long time. So I appreciate that you know once I dress it up and I also get these nice watch faces, which I cant do on the Apple watch, because Apple watch doesnt have a traditional watch shape the Apple watch. Doesnt have the customization like this thats, the beauty of the Galaxy watch. 5 Pro I love the customization. I love the battery life. I love the build quality of this smart watch. Um Im, seeing mixed reviews about the you know, Fitness tracking and so forth.

Ive only used it a couple of times for like walks and things like that and track that, as I said with all of these watches, uh itll pick up when you start the walk and actually hey are you on the Walking you can say yes and itll Track it, but once the walk ends, thats, where you know its like sometimes itll still be going and so forth. Im seeing mixed reviews on that Im, not that big of a person thats going to want to work out with a massive watch of this size. So, Im not always going to be tracking like when I hit weights. I dont want things on my wrist thats. Why? I need you guys to get down in the comment section below and let me know your user experience when it comes to like tracking with the Galaxy watch5 Pro because Im seeing mixed results. But overall my user experience has been Pleasant with the Samsung Galaxy watch. 5. Pro it is an Android exclusive and its honestly, a Samsung exclusive for features and so forth, and it is what it is, because the Apple watch is the same thing. Lets move into the Apple watch Ultra now. The Apple watch Ultra is a new phenomenon currently in the tech space. It is definitely shaking things up in the Smartwatch Arena. Apple packed feature upon feature display upon display value upon value, depending on how you look at it, because I know the price point is high and a lot of people are going to stress that.

But I mean people were paying 7.49 for a stainless steel Apple watch with nowhere near half of the features thats included with the ultra titanium, sapphire glass same things. You are getting on the watch5 pro. So, as far as value goes, I will say the watch5 pro from the price point perspective and build quality, and things like that is probably the better value cost wise hands down, but the Apple watch Ultra its just. I dont know why its just such a breath of fresh air in the Apple hemisphere, I mean, obviously not a lot of things change in the Apple world. So seeing something like this happen is very exciting and its just causing a buzz and a Ruckus In the Apple world, but from a user experience standpoint. If you, you, havent, seen like my day review and obviously Im gon na drop the one week review, I can tell you this Ive been enjoying this watch thus far because for people who are within the Apple ecosystem, who, like apple watches but youve, always wanted a Bigger display well here it is for those people who, like apple watches, but youve, always wanted better battery life. Well, here it is. The series 8 has a great battery life too. My video on that is coming soon as well, but this is like the battery life that we have not seen on Apple watch until now, so I can understand why theres such excitement and joy around this product.

This is one of those exciting Apple launches. In a long time, but it will also carry over to the user experience – and I will say this, although its rectangular, when it comes to looking at your notification and reading things and seeing them in that full rectangular like platform. Basically, and essentially it becomes that small smartphone on your wrist so was a great sidekick to your iPhone. So when you dont want to flip over and use your iPhone and you can check out those notifications, they are big, bright and beautifully displayed on this display. So theres a lot of things with me using this Apple watch Ultra is just typical, smart watch user, with this Apple watch Ultra that checks a lot of boxes that I didnt have checked, typically with the Apple watches, especially in comparison to watches like this, which give You Mega Battery and theyve been doing it for so long so to finally get that here on, the Apple world is exciting and it just adds to the overall user experience for the Apple user. Now, between these two honestly, its Tit for Tat, I mean its honestly preference, because if youre gon na go with the Apple watch, you got to be within the Apple ecosystem. If youre going to go with the Samsung watch, you have to be within the Samsung ecosystem. Slash Android but technically Samsung ecosystem, so really its preference between these two watches. I just wanted to display the offerings of the top of the top and the smart watch realm from these two Brands and they line up quite well against each other.

I will say that the Apple watch Ultra has a lot more feature wise. A lot more safety features a lot more packed into it, as the Apple watches have always had in comparison to say, the Galaxy watch its. The reason why the Apple watch is the number one selling smart watch and theres a reason why the Galaxy watches, including this watch5 Pro, are extremely popular amongst Smartwatch enthusiasts.