It really isnt long, but please dont, forget i havent bought handled, worn or reviewed any of these watches im not recommending them im merely showing them to you in the hope that youll, let me know which ones you like the look of in this video youre going To see watches costing over 200 in the previous video, it was watches costing under 200. So dont forget to check that out. If you havent seen it already right, lets crack on theres a lot to get through now, ive got the details of 20 new watches in front of me, but eight of those are san martins and i really dont think you guys want to sit here and listen To me, talking about eight new san martin watches, so im gon na leave the san martin watches to the end and im just gon na run through the highlights of those eight watches and one of them ive already ordered so stick around for that. But to start with, weve got the cheapest watch, costing just over 200 and its a chronos. They dont release many new watches, but when they do, they tend to be pretty good, and this one is another interesting offering from chronos a fully loomed. Dialed watch theyve done a fully loom, dialed pilots watch recently, and that was really cool, cool lots of options, uh milanese bracelet and some leather straps by the looks of it. Wow youve got the choice of three movements: pt 5000 or the stp 1 11, or the sw 200, pretty cool 100 meters of water resistance, sapphire crystal stainless steel, um yeah, you always get good specifications from chronos and i suspect the build quality is very, very good.

I should probably mention my association with chronos theyre, making the exciton and the exciton 2 watches for james, and i thats it nothing too drastic right lets, move on to watch number two. The second watch in todays lineup is a proxima costing 213 dollars and ive just received this watch to unbox and review for you guys so yeah look out for that soon on i like watches too, and then, of course, the full review will be on. I, like watches: what have we got an h, 36 sapphire crystal stainless steel, 42 millimeters in diameter yeah. It looks pretty interesting: 300 meters of water resistance, nice, yeah, ill post. Some content on this one very soon watch number three is a rudland and theres two options here: youve got this one with the pt5000 costing around 250 and then they also sell it with an sw, 200 and, of course, its going to cost more. So what have we got? 316 stainless steel, sapphire crystal 42 mil diameter 12 and a half millimeters thick 100 meters of water resistance, um yeah ruddling, make nicely made, watches so yeah. It might be worth considering this one lets move on to watch number four and its a steel dive in the top half of the price category. Normally we associate steel dive, watches with you know, super affordable watches, but yeah. This one is a bronze pilots watch 258 dollars, 200 meters of water resistance. What movement do we have an h? 35? Oh its a bit rich that one for an nh35, but it is bronze and yeah.

I mean it looks good doesnt it huge crown. Uh am i experiencing a deja vu im, pretty sure ive just spoken about this one: oh, its a sea stone, okay, a very similar watch by seastone. This ones got a seagull st 2130 automatic movement in it cu, sn8, bronze case sapphire, crystal 200 meters of water resistance, yeah lots of good specifications, but its almost 300 right were up to watch number six and its a labini. You havent seen too many new labinis. Recently, um yeah, they make nicely made, watches they tend to use interesting movements in their watches and they do tend to have a little bit of flamboyance about their design and look at this one, its got waves or the ocean on the dial and its interesting. Also, some sort of circle in the middle of the dial, with a moon, complication above the six yeah, its definitely interesting, a few color options. What movement do we have a jhb 10 automatic im, not familiar with that one ill have to look into that: 50 meters off water resistance, 11 and a half millimeters thick nice, sapphire, crystals, stainless steel, genuine leather, strap, um yeah its interesting isnt. It um. They definitely bring variety and interesting watches to the table when it comes to um, yeah aliexpress watches. So i do appreciate this brand right lets move on to watch number seven and its a bowdering. Oh look at this. I, like the color of that dial, actually um theyre a little bit like chronos.

They dont produce too many new watches, but when they do, they do tend to be pretty good on quite a few color options, im not sure about the green dial with the black case, but that green dial with the silver case um yeah, really nice 319 dollars. Though theyre starting to get a little bit, pricey arent they and looking at that dial, i suspect weve got the hangzhou 5000. A yeah ive just had to watch the video theyve, not given as many details or pictures um theyve. Just given us a video to watch. So ive just watched it yeah. It is the microrotor hangzhou 5000, a um yeah, pretty cool movement yeah. Let me know what you think of this. One watch number eight is a bernie and they had a watch in the previous video um for watches costing under 200. But here they are with a sort of dressy or stainless steel sports watch costing 325. I got to say, though, and their watches are very nicely made ive seen a few bernies um yeah. The build quality is very, very good, so i suspect at this price, um yeah. This is going to be a nicely made. Watch lets have a look at the specifications: 50 meters of water resistance, 40 ml diameter case. It looks smaller than that. Actually doesnt it 12 millimeters thick sapphire crystal wheres, the movement. Oh no dont tell me thats a myota 8215. Surely not, and is that a pressed clasp as well come on bernie, please yeah looks like it im out.

Watch number: nine is a steel dive costing. Are you ready for this 4′ yeah? I always thought steel dive produced cheap, affordable watches, but some of their watches are really quite pricey. Arent they um 1000 meter diver, though nh35 thats going to be a problem at that price. I think cus and 8 bronze 46 mil diameter case. I mean it looks like theres a lot of bronze in that case 17.3 millimeters thick reminds me of that chronos 2000 meter diver yeah, im struggling to see past the nh35. I love the nh35, but not in watches costing almost 450. Oh wow. The prices are really starting to climb arent they um dont. Forget weve got a few san martin watches to come after this, so dont switch off just yet, but yes, its the usual siegel watches towards the end of the videos um they do tend to produce rather expensive watches. I mean thats a good looking diver. I got ta say i like the look of that im, not sure what that n is for on that bezel insert. But anyway i do like the look of this watch. Um but almost 700 come on really lets check out the specifications and see how theyve justified this i mean its got: the seagull st 2130 good movement, but not for 700 sapphire crystal stainless steel, three bar that cant be right: 30 meters of water resistance, thats got To be a mistake, now there it says it again: three bars, surely not! No, i think theyve made a mistake because further down it says 300 meters of water resistance, which makes a lot more sense.

I really dont think that watch is gon na have 30 meters of water resistance anyway. Lets move on to some san martin watches. Now i mentioned earlier, theyve released eight new watches, im not going to talk about all a lets. Maybe talk about four of them and one of them ive already bought its this one. I couldnt resist it um its their 62 mass homage, but this one is a 37 millimeter diameter version and their version 4. Their full sized version 4 of this watch is incredible. Its sold really really well so as soon as i realized, theyd created or produced the 37 mil version, i bought it immediately now. Seastern have also produced a watch looking very similar to this im trying to get that one in i dont want to buy both ive. Just bought the san martin, one im trying to get the c stone one for free, but yeah itd be nice to do a comparison. Anyway, i bought the pt5000 version um its also available with an sw 200. It looks good doesnt it um yeah ill. Be posting an unboxing on all that which is due very soon looks like theyve produced an updated, um turtle im not going to go into that. One lets move on. Oh this! Next one: a pilots watch, oh man, thats three pilot swatches that look just like this. In this video thats, incredible isnt it and the san martin, one looks well the cheapest, i think its the cheapest 44 and a half millimeters in diameter.

Its got the yn55a movement in it, which will put a few people off um it shouldnt, because it is effectively an orient or an epson movement, so you could argue its a seiko movement, its not a chinese movement. What else have we got hundred meters of water resistance, stainless steel, sapphire crystal bandwidth, 23? Millimeters? Oh, no, really, anyway, yeah. It looks good lets move on to the next one its this dive watch. Myota. 8215.. Oh 235! Oh no! Lets move on to another one! Now this one looks quite interesting a little bit of originality. I think yn55 movement, 41.5 millimeters in diameter 200 meter diver lets have a look at the rest of the specs stainless steel 20 mm lug width ar coating hexagonal logo on the crown nice yeah. Definitely a bit of originality to this one so might be worth picking this one up. Then weve got a colorful exploring watch ive seen a couple of their exploring style watches so yeah lets move on from this one to another sort of rounded square. Cased watch from san martin theyve produced a few original ish sort of looking watches with rounded square cases recently. In fact, ive got two of them already um yeah look at the numerals on this one, almost sort of spacey and futuristic numerals arent. They um interesting k shape as well. Lets have a look at this one in a bit more detail: oh 38, millimeters in diameter, nice, okay, thats um got the juices flowing 100 meters of water resistance, pt 5000 sw 200 sapphire crystal stainless steel, 11.

2 millimeters thick nice um yeah. This one looks interesting. Let me know what you think guys right: um are there any more? No, the last one is just another: exploring climbing series watch from san martin um yeah im not going to go into detail on this one 321. um yeah right lets, move on and wrap up the video right, guys um, as always. Thank you so much for watching. Please do let me know in the comments section which of these watches, that ive shown in this video um. You are interested in me. Getting into review. Ive already got a couple in the proxima and the san martin 62 mass homage 37 mil. So you dont need to. Let me know about those but um yeah. Any of the other watches do let me know and ill see what i can do, alright guys. Thank you. So much for watching take care.