Smartwatch let’s go hi guys. This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s video is we’re going to have the unboxing and our initial review of this youth 2 thermometer smartwatch. So i actually got this one guys from aliexpress and we’re glad, because we’ll go loop actually sent us a product, and here is the product guys on their store. So this is the youth to thermometer smartwatch and you can buy this one from twenty five dollars to twenty six dollars all right and it has three different variations or different colors. We have here in black in white and also in pink and here are the specifications of the watch guys all right guys so let’s open the box, so open opening. So we can see there the smartwatch itself, okay, let’s put this aside, and we have here the magnetic charger and also the manual we have here in english and also in another language, guys all right and that’s it. So here is the watch as you can see guys. It is round all right and it has some designs here on the sides and it really looks and feels premium guys, yes and because it is made from alloy all right and at the back. So i believe these are the sensors and the charging pins, and here is also the strap guys and it has lots of holes in it, and it is easy for you to change because there are latches here, so you can swap to another strap.

If you want to so let’s try to turn on the watch guys and by the way, guys on the right side. You have two buttons here. This is the on and off button, and this one on the other side, it is a shortcut for thermometer and on the left, there’s, none guys upon. Turning on the watch guys, you will be greeted with this watch face and the time and also the battery percentage on top, so let’s try to scroll down guys. So you will see that it changes the watch face and when you try to scroll up it will also do the same and let’s try to swipe to the right. Then it will give us different notifications, so we have here music, bluetooth control. You can also see the battery percentage, the on and off icon there and the brightness as well. And when you try to swipe to the left, then you can see the different applications. So we have here first, the sports mode one. This is the walking two is running. Three is for bicycling and four is for hiking all right. So we have four sports modes guys. But don’t worry. You can add this one. When you connect this one on your watch now we have here another application. So this is for blood oxygen level, so let’s try to tap on this one. Okay and, as you can see guys, the sensors are lighting up, so let’s try to check it.

So, as you can see guys, our blood oxygen level is at 97 percent. We have here heart rate, so let’s try also heart rate let’s. Stop on that one. So guys our heart rate is at 69 bits per minute. Okay, so now let’s check on another application. So we have here thermometer so let’s check our temperature Music so guys our temperature is at 36 degrees celsius all right, and then we also have here weather, okay and also the steps and the kilometers and your kcal monitoring. Okay, now let’s move on to another application. So we have here breathing, so you can come down and focus on your breathing. Yes, so it will vibrate. Actually, so you inhale and exhale okay. Next, we have here messages, so you can check your messages here as well now let’s move on. Also to this is your remote camera control. So whenever you connect this one to your smartphone, then you can capture picture remotely. We also have here find the phone, so it is easier for you to find your phone, especially when you lose it and we have your alarm clock. Okay, you can set that one, and this is also the sleep monitoring. So whenever you you sleep, you can check if you have deep sleep or light sleep, and this is what i was talking about guys. This is the female assistant. So this is an interesting application which really helps women to track their period.

Yes – and we also have here the stopwatch – okay and you can also adjust the brightness of your watch – we also have here the qr code for your smartwatch application, and this is the setting. So you can check the bright screen duration. How long will you want your watch to be turned on and then change the background? You can choose this one, whichever you like, and the language preference. We also have here the power on and off button or icon and the restart icon. We also have here information, and it includes the firmware and the bluetooth name. It has also always on display – and you can set this one whenever you connect this one to your application. So it is a very nice feature, guys that i actually unbox here in our channel, the always on display and also the female health assistant. For me, this product is really nice and with its price, you can really get a premium build as well. The strap is good. The feature is wise, especially the always on display and the female health assistant, so it is really great for women out there, okay and if you’re interested, you can check out the link on the description box and you can also use their coupon. So that you can get a discount okay, so let me know guys what you think about this uh youth to thermometer smartwatch from will galoop.