How you guys doing hope you all having a great day, and here we are got a new product for you, uh, a smart watch called d18 it’s, a chinese branded uh. First time i see a smartwatch that cost this much it’s uh, seven bucks on amazon and, as you can see here, the box is all banged up that’s how i got it but never mind, let’s, see the real product here here we go. The first thing is the manual like there’s a barcode in here and a reminder. This is all chinese yeah, as you can see here, it’s all chinese, and we got first piece and the second piece of the watch. As you can see here – and we got the main pro that right here – this is the watch – d18 uh looks pretty cool, and here is the uh, the sensor for the uh pulse and the heart beats and the oxy it has an oxymeter in it. Actually, this is the reason why i got it because it has uh oxymeter and everybody needs that in the corona, so let’s see how accurate this thing is. So let’s go ahead, and this is where you charge the. This is where you charge the the watch. So let’s go ahead and attach it and see what it looks like there. You go you put that in, and this is the second part plug this in too easy. To put so, as you can see here, the watch looks pretty nice, as you can see here.

It looks really good on the hand the wrist looks like a decent watch. Actually, when you turn the screen on it’s, not a complete circle like it says or like it shows in the pictures that’s. The first thing i don’t like about it it’s a square as you can see here, and here we we have the steps counter and uh. Let me see what it has here. This is the most important thing: it has the heartbeat sensor, blood pressure and oxymeter right here, and it has a sport here, tab and messages. So you can connect this by the bluetooth to your phone and you can take pictures from the watch, and this is a long present connected to to find your phone where it is, and this is pretty much it uh let’s go ahead and try the uh and Test this, so you just click, click and hold it like that, and it keeps going and uh. It has a little sensor here, as you can see in the back it’s flashing. I don’t know if you guys can see it here: it’s a green it’s, a green light that that that the sensor flashes whenever it’s scanning here’s 82 over 1 21, the blood pressure and check the messages that came whatsapp. It can work on whatsapp. So let’s go ahead and check the application here. It is called fit pro. This is the application to control the watch. You can go ahead and uh click on the heart and you could just start measuring it directly from the app and, as you can see here, the the watches started lining up.

It has a history of the days and the hours that you measured before it’s. Actually all saved up here, even if you don’t, want, if you even if you don’t click it from the app it still saves it on the app uh here you can select. If you get a call, it will give you a notification, it’ll. Actually, vibrate and facebook messages twitter face wechat. I don’t use that twitter line whatsapp instagram skype cacao talk all these applications. You can turn it on. I have the calls reminder and whatsapp right now. So let’s go ahead and test the messages. So, as you can see here, it just he says hi and it appears and it vibrates and it does the same thing when you get a call, but it keeps on vibrating till you answer or decline the call, but it doesn’t. Let you answer from the watch itself, so i think it’s a pretty cool and cheap watch if you’re looking for. Actually the main reason that i bought it for is the meter the oxymeter, because you know everybody needs that at the corona virus epidemic, so uh yeah. I i i pretty much recommend it. If you wan na you know it’s pretty cool too, if you wan na y’all use it on the daily basis. I think we charge a lot, but the only the dislikes thing i don’t like about it is the square shape of the screen itself and the touch button is only one button and it sometimes doesn’t work it’s kind of slow but yeah.

I i recommend it to buy for seven bucks, it’s, not a big deal. Seven bucks is nothing. You could have yourself a a watch like that that you could show off anyway.