This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s video is i’m going to do. The unboxing and i’ll also give my quick review of this x16 smartwatch that i got from alibaba, yes, and if you want to purchase this smartwatch, just click on the link that i put on the description box. Alright. So and again, thank you for our sponsors for giving this one okay. So now guys uh here is the box of our x16 smartwatch. So in front, as you can see, there is watch six here and on the sides there’s nothing okay and at the back. So we have here the specifications, and here are the specifications of our x16 smartwatch guys so first 1.75 inch high definition. Color screen screen resolution is 320 by 385 and it also supports bluetooth. Yes and the language it has. The thai vietnamese, french and the software features it has step counting distant calories, sleep monitoring, heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen monitoring as well as device search and sedentary reminder. Yes and the battery it’s built in lithium battery – and it has a 3.7 volts or 195 milliamp battery capacity and the charging method it’s magnetic charging all right – and here are some colors guys that you can get so you have that one here, like black pink white Red and also kind of navy, blue or ocean blue. This also supports custom dial, so you can change your watch face with that, and also guys.

It has also a gaming watch capability, as you can see here, so we will try that one later on as well – and here is the price guys. So if you buy two or two or 199 pieces, you can get that one for only 29 and 90 cents. If you want to check guys – and if you want to purchase you can click the link on the description box, all right so now guys let’s unbox our x16 smartwatch, all right guys. So, as you can see, we have here the x16 smartwatch in red and the material guys it’s, tpu let’s put this aside, and we also have here the watch itself in red. So we are going to take a look at that one later on. Okay – and we have here another small case here – so it has the charging cable okay, so it has a two pin charger here and the usb cable. Yes, so it is nice guys because they already have this kind of white magnet here, because the previous smartwatch that we had has only two pins there. So i hope this will fit better guys, and we also have manuel is also there all right guys. So now let’s take a look at the smartwatch, so let’s take this one out, okay, so this one guys it looks really like the iwatch six and the body it’s in its metal frame. Okay right and this one is made of gas and at the back guys.

So you have here the sensors, i believe, and the charging area there – okay, so in red, and we have also here guys the crown. So i hope that this will also work, and it has this one is the microphone and on the side we have here the speaker, yes, okay, so let’s turn it on guys all right guys. So now let’s try to check our x16 smartwatch and its features. Okay, guys so upon turning on so you can see this watch face here, it’s moving and on top you can see there the date and also the time and at the bottom you can see there the step counter. Okay, so let’s check guys uh. How many watch faces does it have so let’s try to count one two: three: four: five: five: six: seven: eight: nine ten, eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen, sixteen seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty twenty one; thirty, two, twenty three: three: four and five: twenty six: twenty seven. Fifty eight! Twenty nine, fifty fifty one, thirty, two, thirty three, thirty, four, thirty, five, three: six: thirty, seven, thirty, eight thirty, nine! Four! Eighty thirty one! Forty two, forty three, forty three, twenty four, forty, five, twenty six, forty seven, forty, eight forty, nine tea, guys; yes, wow! For that alone, we have 50 watch faces, that’s already, amazing guys so let’s try to check this feature so let’s try to swipe down okay, there’s, nothing and let’s, try to scroll up, and you can see there the shortcuts guys for bluetooth, brightness, flashlight, also music, bluetooth Control and the application.

So when you try to swipe to the right and swipe to the left, guys, you can change the watch face and when you tap at the center and you will be directed to the features okay, so we have here the first feature guys. So, as you can see, we have here the alarm clock. The message also – and we also have here the calls – call logs – and we have here settings guys so there’s settings there clock. So you can change the time and the date that you like, without syncing, to your smartphone, so let’s say, for example, the time so you can set it there and also with the date okay. But if you want to sync it to your phone and then you can just easily use that one as well all right and then we also have here the sound. So you can adjust the sound that you like and it’s the volume. Okay and the display. We have the brightness and the screen time out and the language this one all right and reset and about okay. So now guys let’s move on here. So this one is the dial. So when you try to contact somebody, you can just use this one using your x16 smartwatch, and we also have here the contacts and the remote camera control, and this this one is for the remote bluetooth control as well, and your bluetooth settings guys shortcut, alright and Then we have your gmail the calendar and we also have here the calculator which is nice, and we also have here guys the siri i’m, not sure.

Maybe it’s google talk, i don’t know like okay, so we will test that one later on as well and find my device and the code when you want to scan the application all right, and then we have here the wake up. Gesture guys also have here the the kind of style that you want for your home screen, and we also have here the weather, okay, and we have here the blood pressure, guys let’s, try to measure it and, as you can see at the back, it is turning On the lights or the sensors, so let’s just test our blood pressure, so it stops at 110 over 91. So i think that’s quite okay, i’m, not sure, with the over it’s a little bit high, okay and then we also hear the sleep monitoring and also the step counter and the k cal that you burnt – and we also have here the heart rate. Okay – and we have also have here the sports mode guys we have out the running sport, walking, go hiking indoor running and your sport record guys. Okay – and we also have here the background that you can use – and we also have here the some reminders – and this one is for your o2 level or your oxygen level – okay and the transition guys you can have smooth cube or flip okay. We also have here the i think this is, i don’t know like coffee break and okay wow.

We also have here guys the game, so this is what we called as the i don’t know: space wire. Yes, as you can see, it is also nice, especially if you are bored, so you can just play this one using your x16 smartwatch okay, and we have here your breathing. Yes, when you are stressed out, so you can use this one and we have another game guys. So this is like fruit, i don’t know and you can just tap and then switch like that tap and switch tap and switch okay, that’s, nice and guys. We also have here it has like a flying bird. Okay, so let’s check guys so just stop on the screen. Let’S see if we can make it all right. We passed the first level, the second all right, so don’t don’t, just press it. So so much guys or you might break your screen alright. So i think that’s about this watch guys it’s nice and you also have the facebook notification, twitter and what’s up. Okay, that’s pretty much it guys, so it’s, really nice and now let’s wear our x16 smartwatch. Okay and boom, we have here our x16 smartwatch and guys when you wear it, it feels really comfortable with the hand and you don’t feel like it’s, you’re sweating or like what, like the it feels hot it. It feels comfortable guys and it also looks stylish. Yes, okay and guys, if you’re going to ask me about my initial review and opinion about this watch for its price, it’s really affordable as well, and the design is nice and you already have that iwatch look alike.

Uh yes, feature as well all right! So guys.