This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s video is we’re going to do the unboxing of our x8 smart patch, and also we are going to give our initial review. So i actually got this one guys for around eight dollars and here are the specifications of this smartwatch case. So it has the sms notification alarm reminder sedentary reminder, find the cell phone play music and so on so we’re going to look at the details once we open the smartwatch. So i got this one around eight dollars or that’s around 480 pesos. So now guys let’s open this one, but before that let’s look at the box. So on the upper left part there is smartwatch x8 logo there and on the side, there’s smartwatch and there’s, no other guys. Okay, so now let’s open it guys, Music, okay! So upon opening the box, so you can see the man ball, it’s in english and Music, also in chinese guys. Okay. So if you have any questions, just look at your manual and we also have here our charger. So it is a kind of clip style and now guys we already have here the x8 smartwatch. It has this iwatch style, so let’s take this out: Music. Okay, so guys the strap it’s nice. So the typical strap that we have and at the back guys it has the sensor and the charging pins there, and we have also here on the right.

We have here the crown yeah and also the power off or on button it’s here and it’s, actually moving guys so it’s, just not only a design and we have here. I think this is for microphone and on the left. You have here the speaker. Yes, so let’s take this one out: okay, let’s turn it on guys. So now we have here the watch itself and, as you can see guys the bezels here at the bottom, it’s quite big. Yes, okay and let’s swipe to the left guys and you can see the watch faces so let’s try to count how many watch faces. Does it have okay, so let’s count one two, three, four: five: six, seven, six, seven, eight nine ten! Okay, guys it has only ten watch faces, but later on, let’s check. If we can change or we can download. Another watch face now guys what i like about this one it’s, because it’s screen it looks really nice and sharp yes and it doesn’t feel cheap guys. Okay, the color is really nice. Okay, so now let’s try to swipe up and it will bring us to the applications. So let’s try to change this launcher guys to grid style so that we can see the applications clearly so guys we have here dial. So i believe, when you want to sync this one to your phone, then you can remotely call someone and we have here, contacts call log message, run skipping cycling, climb, speedometer and also it has sleep monitoring as well health.

Okay, i think this is for heart rate. So let’s check guys our heart rate, okay guys, so our heart rate is uh between 84 to 87. bits per minute, so it’s not bad, and we have to also have our blood pressure, so let’s check our blood pressure, guys, Music, okay, so our blood pressure it’s 130, over 87 that’s, quite high, so let’s check it again, guys, okay, so it just gives us this result. Yeah and also we have your blood oxygen level, so let’s try to check okay, our blood oxygen, it’s uh around 98 percent, okay, so uh. It reads very quickly guys so it’s not the same as the watch that we had before that it took like around one minute before it can measure those. You know: blood pressure and heart rate and oxygen level. So again guys. This is only for reference, and you should not rely on this watch if you have any underlying health conditions, okay and then we also have your bluetooth camera. I will be making some tutorials later on on how to use each function, and we also have your stopwatch find phone torch. Torch guys is like kind of flashlight, but you know it can help you if there’s really no light and about there. So it will give us the name and the version. Okay. We also have your brightness so it’s good guys because you can increase or you can lower or increase the brightness of the watch.

Okay – and we also have here alarm, bluetooth, music and the style. So you can choose the one that we had before the bubble launcher or you can just use this grid style here and the qr code guys. So once you pair it with your smartphone, then you can just scan the qr code. Okay and let’s check the settings. So we have lift up and uh shock on and the language guys. So in our case we use english. But if you want you can choose french or spanish, Music and there’s, also weather guys. So there’s no data yet, and it has facebook, also twitter and what’s up. So if you have notifications, then i believe it. You can check the notifications on this application for twitter, whatsapp and facebook. This is nice that it has a dedicated application for that and we have your shutdown so yeah it’s easy for you to turn it off let’s. Try it guys, there’s, no shortcut! Yes! So when you scroll down it will just bring you to the watch face and when you scroll up it will take you to the applications. Okay guys, so i think that’s pretty much it of this watch and all i can say guys for my initial review is that it looks premium guys and also it doesn’t feel cheap at all, so it’s not light, not so light it’s just average and for the Charging guys, so all you just have to do is you’re going to place this charger here.

Okay, and you can charge this one, make sure that it is placed correctly. Okay and now let’s try to wear guys our watch and let’s check guys if the crown is moving or if it is working. Okay. I’M, sorry guys, but it is not uh rotating yes. Okay, now let’s wear our x8 smartwatch okay.