You know so i have the new uh, so it was released in november side. No immortal i mean this is the watch. I got it from gadget, nepal, money or online story price difference. I thought Music, so this is the first time i’m opening the box. Okay, was a plastic container, so it just came like this. So the products smart watch too hello, okay, so yeah yo box, saying our box packs are so it comes with the combination of white and blue color, so more open versions and serum so inside it has a black box very unsunny, so it’s coming. So it comes with a wrap on your protective Music. So i’ll just keep this aside honey, so i know how it works. So i just want to show you on something cause. We got seven error, so looking at the watch it it has a silicon band on sunny, so you think it’s stable Music and then it has a brand name. It has a problem Music here. So my local ls02 was saying it has a 1.4 inch screen and with a tempered glass, so only a tempered glass proof, kind of sketch movement, um, Music, tunzani, so it’s all about live on the office. Apart from that, it’s very powerful just keep it here: Music, austin sunny your app download warner buster, so amazon already app nature, so the interface looks really good, so it has a very high saturated display inside your color, saturated sun and daylight moment foreign.

You get this digital, along with the heartbeat steps got the calories. Your locations are: okay, Music, Music, honey, trainings or gymnastics basketball, football rowing or something on your custom sunny. You can just start once a necessity will account for the answer and then only timing on rules. Subway calories got ta, be born by your heartbeat, calculate you can just of money, yes, amounts, honey, it’s, good at least 80 functions, it’s about the mute county options. The only thing you can do is like concerning me. Your functions are there internet some connect money and you can just see emails, Music, Music time, Music, the, but the only thing you can do is Applause, music, Music, Music. This watch can run almost 30 days this thing somewhere around. So since i have already tested tested this watson, so i can just keep track of my health after exercise, Music, Music, and you can just order if you want so that’s it unsunny as a review. I hope you liked it when sunny i wan na, take them and i’m like your watch, honey. You can tony if you want to see what we have in our sun collection foreign. Please like comment and subscribe, love and love love from your night.