Ls05S let’s go hey guys. This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s videos. We’Re going to have the unboxing of our xiaomi halo, rt or xiaomi halo, ls05s, okay, guys, so i actually got this one for around 2000 pesos, so that’s around 40 dollars. There are the specifications. I actually got this one guys from sharpie. Yes – and here are the specifications of the watch, so we have here, the watch size is 45.5 by 51.15 millimeters and the display is 1.28 inch. Tft display and the resolution is 240×240 and it has bluetooth version 5.0 and the sensors are dynamic optical heart rate sensor or acceleration sensor, and the battery capacity it’s, 275 milliamperes, okay and the system requirements guys is android, 6.0 or ios, 11.0 and above and then battery Life it’s about 10 days, the heart rate function is turned on for 24 hours and it also has a ip68 rating. It has dust proof and waterproof. Ok, guys so let’s check the watch. Okay, so guys i have here the screen protector, okay and the extra strap, which is black, so i was actually confused guys. So i thought they would only give me the black version, but this is actually a free strap. So i could have chosen another color, but anyway it’s already there now guys here is our halo, a watch on top there’s, halo, branding and also halo rt at the bottom part and the left only the halo branding and on the right it’s, the same okay and The back, so you have here also guys the specifications let’s open it guys so let’s just light it up: Music, okay, Music.

Okay, so, as you can see guys it’s in black and yes, it looks nice, yes and this and the strap guys it’s, also uh, smooth. Okay, it’s 22 millimeters and it has lots of holes in it and we have here the charging area and we have here the sensors, okay and then in the watch buckle guys. So there is also halo branding there. So let’s take this out, leave the switch on and off button, and this one is the pusher. So we will try to check that one later on so i’m, just gon na connect it guys and we’ll be right back and guys. Uh here are. The here are the things in the box, so we have here the manual so halo, rt smartwatch. So yes, the instructions, and it is the english guys. So you shouldn’t have any problem with that and we have here our charger. So it’s magnetic guys all you just have to do – is you’re going to place this one, and you can already charge this one. You just need an adapter, okay and there’s. None guys now let’s look at the watch. Okay! I actually set it up guys. So, okay, so i have here our xiaomi halo, rt, okay, so let’s try to scroll down guys. Okay, as you can see, you can see the notifications there, the find my phone and then the brightness and the battery percentage settings, and i think this is the do not disturb mode okay.

Now, when you want to to go back guys, all you just have to do is you’re going to press this one here: okay and then, when you swipe to the right, so you will see the application like take a break weather and sleep monitoring. Okay and your heart rate and the steps okay. Now, when you swipe to the left guys – and it will also give you the shortcut and when you swipe up so you will be taken to the different applications. So we have here statistics the heart rate, okay, and we have here the sports, so in our sports guys. So we have your jogging fast, walking, biking, climbing, spinning, yoga indoor running integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football bowling wow. Those are the sports mode, guys so it’s. Quite a lot, and then we have here weather sleep and message: notification, music, setting and let’s click on more guys. So we have your stop. Watch countdown, find phone breath, training, okay and for the settings guys. So you have your watch face, so you can actually choose the watch face that you like here right on your smart watch, but later on, i will be uploading a video on how to customize your watch face and also to download another dial or another watch face. So we have here also guys the brightness okay. You can adjust this one and about power off and you want to turn your watch and then the reset button.

Okay guys. So you might wonder what is the uh purpose of this pusher here? Okay, the second pusher. So all you just have to do is going to press this one and it will directly bring you to the sports mode, chugging, fast, walking and etc. Okay, so let’s try to check our heartbeat guys so let’s check this one and, as you can see, the sensors are lighting up, so let’s check our heart rate, okay guys, so our heart rate is 81 bits per minute, so guys uh. It reminds me of the xiaomi halo ls05, the one that we had before it’s, just that the design is different and it this one has two pushers. We have the on and off button and then this one is for the shortcut for sports mode, and it has also this kind of design guys. So please comment down below if you know the name of this design here, yes, i’m, not really particular with this. Okay and guys uh. For me, it is quite lighter than the halo ls05. This xiaomi halo rt this much lighter yes. So when you try to do exercise, then it will not really bother you, okay and i guess guys for the price and for the design.