This is actually a follow up to one of emylab’s, more popular smart watches, but has been redesigned to fit a more elegant and feminine profile, but i am getting ahead of myself, so let’s just get on with the review as usual. Let me quickly butt in to say that if you like our videos, if you like the content, we produce, why not show some love and subscribe to the channel, maybe hit that bell icon while you’re at it. So you can get notified when we upload new videos. I was pleasantly surprised with how pretty this watch was when i first took it out of the box it’s very soft and muted, which i really like it’s also light on the wrist and the face isn’t bulky compared to other watches, i’ve seen in this price range, The build and the weight of this makes it really feel, like you’re, wearing a regular watch like a regular non smart watch. The included, strap is made of silicone and comes in this muted blush color that matches the body’s rose. Gold. Like finish, the combination of these to make the watch really look elegant, i would opt to purchase another band, though, if you want to use this for your workouts, since it is a bit thick and gets hot when you’re moving around a lot. Luckily, the straps are interchangeable and should take any strap of the same size. There is a crown on the watch face that you can press to wake the device.

I thought i would be able to use it to scroll through the menu, but it’s really just a button and nothing more. Thankfully, the screen is very responsive and even if the bezels are pretty thick, it doesn’t feel cramped. I think having such a classic design really gives the watch a lot of versatility in terms of where you want to wear it, or maybe, where you want to use it, and the interchangeable straps means that this device doesn’t decide what color outfit. I am going to wear today. Watch face options are quite limited, but it’s a good small selection to choose from you can even upload a photo of your own to use as a background loading watch faces is easy, but not very fast, but it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes. At most, the w11l comes with a pretty standard set of features that you’ll usually find on most smart watches these days. These include a pedometer or step counter push notifications and more it even offers all day. Heart rate, monitoring and scheduled sp02 monitoring features are few, but for its price you’re, getting pretty good performance out of them, testing it against a more expensive smartwatch. We had on hand showed similar readings from its trackers. There were times that the step counter would count two or three steps too many, but the heart rate and spo2 readings were consistently accurate. The workout tracker is pretty bare bones, but it’s good enough to help you keep a basic log of your activities and monitor your progress.

It was nice to see that the watch also offered scheduled spo2 monitoring. So instead of manually prompting your watch to take the reading, it will automatically do so at a scheduled time. Spo2 measures the current oxygen in your blood and it’s actually really useful in determining the state of your health so having it measured. Every so often is really good practice, and it helps you keep aware of your current state. To add to that, you can get a quick glance of your info by swiping right from the watch face. Apart from its health and fitness features, the watch also offers select smart features such as music control phone finder. Push notifications call alert and call reject all these features performed as they should, and i have no complaints. Notifications came in almost at the same time as they did on my phone, and i didn’t have any problems with connecting to the watch at all. The design of the ui is as simple as can be, but that just makes it easy to navigate and understand. It’S, not the best designed ui out there and uploaded photos can be a tad pixelated. But overall information is clear: can easily be read and doesn’t hamper performance. The w11l pairs with a glory fit app available on both ios and android. The design of the app is also a bit dated, but the important thing is that it’s functional here you can see a general overview of your health stats, workout information and some settings.

You can also toggle, which notifications and features you’d like to have active. The w11l boasts of a 15 day battery life, but in my daily use i was able to get about a full five days before i needed to charge now considering the workload that i gave. The watch during the time that i was using it five days is actually not really bad. I’M. Sure, though, that this can last a lot longer if you fix the settings, maybe turn down the brightness and turn off some of the notifications. As for charging, there is a magnetic cable included, it’s a bit short for my liking, but the magnet on it is strong. So the watch doesn’t detach easily it took little over an hour to charge from zero to full, with a cable attached to a laptop. So we’re in that part of the video where we talk about special features in a device that make it worth having a little extra, something that gives it an edge from its competitors. Our creature feature, if you will and for the xiaomi emilab w11l smartwatch, it would have to be its elegant, design and simplicity of use in a world where even the tiniest devices can have an abundance of functions. The amylab w11l trims them down to the basics and pairs them with good battery life, you’ll be given access to very useful features that are wrapped up in a pretty simple and classic design. That’S sure to please many summing things up.

The xiaomi imilab w11l offers reliable performance in a pretty package it’s great for those who don’t want to interact too heavily with their wearables, but still want to benefit from their convenience, with a focus on design features have been stripped down to give you essentials, you’ll, most Likely be looking for on a smartwatch anyway, and there you go our review of the xiaomi emilab w11l smartwatch. I hope you enjoyed the video guys and thanks again for dropping by leave a comment. If you feel like it and as usual, please do visit our website and our other social media channels for more news features and reviews.