Today we are going to talk about the best budget, smart watch of all the time, its probably one of the best smartwatch under 30. The smartwatch i am talking about is the xiaomi ki select k10. So this is the xiaomi ki select cat and some key features are mentioned over the box. It comes with semi amoled screen 13 workout modes. I will show you that later on 30 days of standby mode, which means the battery is more durable. The sp o2 sensor is also here by which you can determine your oxygen level. This is a great features, heart rate, monitoring and sleep monitoring, which we have seen before and almost every single smart watch now, let me just take it out of the box, so this is our cabin smartwatch, which looks very premium and very fashionable, and just look at Its curved design im just loving it. The quality of these strips also looks very premium as well inside the box. You will get this magnetic charger and some menu paper, which nobody reads so coming back to the smartwatch. The first thing i will talk about is its display, which is very smooth, because this is a semi amoled retina display. If you are using a smartwatch with ips panel, then this would be just a heaven for you, because its very smooth and providing a very clever view. Besides the emulator panel logic screen, resolution for watch is 240 by 240, and highest is 466 by 466, but the k10 has 360 by 360 pixels.

So this is a basic high level screen, which is presenting more hd colors at very low price range. The display is also protected by 2.5 d curve, screen its perfectly protecting the screen edge and looks more fashionable. Now i would say this is the most undervalued, simi amoled smartwatch, because 30 dollars is nothing for this smartwatch. The smartwatch is basically designed by the world top id team thanks to them for providing such a killer. Look at very affordable price, its extremely slim metal body in our daily life. You will forget that you are wearing a watch and you will feel very easy. So, on the design side, i will give 10 points out of 10.. Key select kitten also offers 13 different kinds of sports mode, which is very useful. You can activate any of them regarding your sport activities. Advanced biological tracking optical sensor in this watch can perform 24 hours, heart rate monitoring, keeping you aware of the exercise effect and providing warnings when your resting heart rate is abnormally elevated. Most importantly, this watch is protected by ip68 water resistance. I personally test this smartwatch many times in water and it works perfectly, so you can wash this watch as many time as you want. If we talk about the battery backup, so this smartwatch has 330 mah battery, it will take around 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100 with this magnetic charger, and you would be able to use it for 7 days continuously and 30 days of backup on standby Mode, which means the battery is more durable.

Most importantly, if you are looking for the best budget smartwatch with simi amoled screen, then i think you should go for the key select caten because its complete package and you would be satisfied with its premium quality and its features. I am mentioning the link in the description if you are interested just order it now and get your cat and a to your doorstep with few clicks. Okay, so it was all from us for today. If you guys have got any question regarding this smartwatch.