Today i have this k11 from kislek. I have already reviewed their k10. A few weeks ago, ive been using this k10 for a while now almost more than a month and im super excited about this k11, because this one comes with 1.’ inch. Ultra amoled panel, there is always on display 40 days standby, easy 24 hour. Health management, extremely slim, metal body, 330, mah battery sleep monitoring, music control, search phone, waterproof ip68 rating call and sms reminder full touch: color screen, 2.5 d, fhd screen heart rate and spo2 monitoring, 20 workout modes, weather forecast, customized, dial, sedan, free reminder compatible with android and Ios phones, im inspired by thirst im inspired by worth. I desire your worst, so you can just hide. While i work, i aint tired you first, i write a second third verse inside the box. You will get a user manual and a proprietary charging cable here. This charging cable is a very good quality one after i have bought that key select k10. I have noticed they provide very good charging cables lets throw everything aside. Wow this one definitely is a bigger one. The display is definitely bigger than my k10. Yes, side by side at a glance, you may not notice the difference, but yeah its a bit. Bigger, disliked k10 comes with 1.32 inch display panel, and this one comes with 1.’ inch display panel. Okay, this one is key select k11 after i have unboxed this product and after i have recorded the first two minutes of this video.

I have started using this one. Its been a few days now and im here with a small bowl of water on the box. I have read its written ip68, waterproof okay, they say its ip68 now im gon na dip it in water, Music. Okay, i have already dipped this one into water. For three times you have already watched it lets see whether its still working or not. As i mentioned earlier, i have been using this one, so its already paired with my smartphone lets, try to change a watch face okay, its working. I have managed to synchronize a new dial or new watch face. Lets, try one more wow. This display panel is really nice. This display panel is actually one of the finest among all the smart watches that i have used, especially among all the affordable, smart watches. This one is the best okay, this smartwatch key select. K11 comes with tpu silicon, smart watch bands. This one is good, very comfortable, but they have also provided one set of smartwatch bands for free with this order. Yeah this one is definitely comfortable because i have been using one of these with my disliked k10 for almost months, but im gon na use my smartwatch bands. This means you can select any smartwatch bands and use that smartwatch bands with your key select k11. Its really very easy to interchange the smartwatch bands and it offers convenience and makes this smartwatch more fashionable. I dont really know what comes next im just doing my best, even though im so stressed out.

Everything just feels like Music. Okay, there are six different watch faces available on your smart watch. You dont have to use the application to change or interchange between these watch faces, but if you want you can download and synchronize a lot of like countless of watch faces are available on that application. Let me show you its like endless: there are lots of different watch faces wow. This one should look very good on this smartwatch, because this smartwatch comes with 454 by 454 pixels. This is ultra amoled and yeah. This one is comparable to any other 300 or 400 us dollars flagship smart watches. I mean the display panel. Okay, what about build quality? This one comes with super slim, metal frame and ceramic back panel or rear panel. Build quality is premium. There is 2.5 d glass on top of this display panel, the curves, the edges, everything is premium, there is no gap, you wont feel it when you touch through the edges, like its younger brother, select kitten. This one also comes with 330 mah battery, but this one actually doesnt offer as long battery life as keslek k10, because i have managed to squeeze around 15 days of usage time with that key select kitten. But this one offers around 11 days of usage. I am a power user. I always keep heart rate, monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring running in the background, so maybe thats why it was draining battery faster than usual, but usually you can get up to 20 days of battery life.

If you use this in normal mode with half the brightness yeah its possible to squeeze up to 20 days of battery life and 40 days of standby time, well like its younger brother, this one also comes with heart rate, monitoring, blood, oxygen monitoring, weather forecast and sleep Time, monitoring you can also control your music and there are 20 different workout modes, walking running indoor running cycling, climbing spinning bike, yoga, skipping gymnastics, jumping jack, badminton ping pong, which is table tennis, football, basketball, tennis hockey, rugby boating, setups and free. There is only one thing i dont like about this smartwatch is: there is no auto brightness. You have to select your brightness. If you are using it at 100, then battery will get drained faster. As i mentioned, i couldnt go beyond 11 days, but if you can leave with 50 battery it will go more than 15 days. You can use always on display this one actually doesnt drain, that much of a battery, but definitely drains a bit of a battery like its younger brother, kislek kitten. This one also performs a very well offers a very accurate heart rate. Monitoring offers a very accurate heart rate data blood oxygen monitoring is also perfectly okay. I like to have this weather forecast option you tap on weather and yeah its gon na show you the forecast. You will get call notification, sms notification and other application notification. If you turn those options on like i have selected to have call reminder or call notification, i can actually reject the call.

I cannot receive a phone call on this one, because there is no microphone. There is no speaker on this one, but the haptic motor of this smartwatch is way better than its predecessor and way better than any other smartwatches within this price. Music inside segment must mention one more time about this, always on display this one actually reminds me about 2006 or 2007 when i used to wear wrist watches, not smart, watches yeah those expensive, wrist wristwatches looks like this and wow. It looks cool. This one actually saves battery and offers convenience because you dont have to go through like okay lets see what time it is its always on. This is aod always on display. Now look at this. I have like 20, 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 12. Here there is another 13, my apple watch, samsung watch and six other in my home, so yeah all together, thats 22. I have 22 smart watches and i love the display panel of this ki select k11. After using this one for more than a week im in love with this one, if you are looking for the best smartwatch within 70, us dollars, then key select k11 is the one that you should get. But if you cannot afford 70 us dollars, then they have another solution within 50 us dollars, thats the select k10. Well, what do you think about this video? What do you think about this smart watch? Please dont forget to make a comment in the comment section below also, if you have liked this video yeah, if you have liked this video, then please click on the like button and subscribe to this channel share the love.

I dont really know what comes next im.