Welcome to another honest review video today i have this case licked i dont know how to pronounce it. I pronounced the name of this brand as kislekt, but someone i have heard that they pronounce it like kai, select k, select key, select yeah. I think disliked actually sounds better and yeah. Today we have key select kr. This is the newest, smart watch from key select, and actually i have been using keyslack k11 for a while before i have started using this key select kr. I have liked kislek k11. I mean among all the budget and affordable smart watches. Keyselect k11 is one of the best, because that one comes with amoled display panel now key select have released another smartwatch kispect kr, and this one also comes with amoled panel yeah. I have already unboxed it. I have already been using this one for more than two weeks and im super happy, because this one comes with a few special features and a chipset which you wont find in any other smart watches below 200 us dollars price tag. Okay lets first check the features and specification of this key select kr yeah. This is the chipset that i have been talking about. Real tech. 8763Ew keyslick is the third global brand to have this twin one chipset other than this chipset. There are a few features like sleep monitoring, breathing training yeah this one is ip68 rated and definitely waterproof customized dial built in games wow its good to have games in your smart watch, calculator, heart rate and spo2 monitoring, stress and emotion, test, emotion, test.

It can check my emotion, oh thats, great slim, metal body. Okay, dislike k11 also have sleeve metal body. The body seems to be the same. Its almost identical 30 days, standby weather forecast compatible with android and ios smartphone yeah im using this key select kr with my iphone 13 pro, and it works perfectly okay. You can also use this one with any other android devices, as i have already started to use this ski select kr, i dont think i can do a proper unboxing. But, okay, let me show you what things ive got inside the box after you open the box. Your key select care would be here which is already on my wrist and underneath the smartwatch, you will get a usb, a based proprietary charging dock and a user manual. I always like key select user manuals because they always offer a lot of illustrations and everything is described in details. You will get all the details: how to connect it. How to change watch faces, how to do it with an ios phone, how to do it with an android phone and all the operating instructions function, introductions. Everything is there and there are a lot of illustrations. Well, lets put things aside and lets check the features of this smartwatch. There are a lot of features: training, workout status, phone, heart rate, monitoring, sleep monitoring, spo2 weather forecast, music message, alarm mode, monitoring, breath rate breath, quality built in games, voice, assistant functions and settings.

Well, the layout of the features is also nice and convenient. There are options to select different layout based on your personal preferences, heart rate, monitoring of key select care works, fine built in high precision. Ppg sensor will track your heart rate 24 hours a day and sends alert when abnormal heart rate is detected. Sleep monitoring of key select care is really far better than other affordable, smart watches. It counts every minutes with precision. I am not fond of blood oxygen monitor because even a thousand us dollars smartwatch cannot provide hundred percent accurate information anyway, he select k11 and kiselect kr. Both offers very good accuracy. Weather forecast is, as usual, you will get all the necessary weather related data. Music control option is connected to the paired phones music. So we can play our pause, skip and control volume from kr. Also kislek care comes with a very good speaker. Sound quality is pretty nice, so we can even enjoy music on our kiss like kr, i dont really know i like this brief test option. It takes a few seconds to complete. It is far more accurate than many other expensive smart watches. Music kislek has included bird game and number cloud ski its a nice touch cause. Now there is an option to relax a bit while enjoying these games on smartwatch. One of the upgrading points of this keyslack care is, it has a set of waterproof microphone and speaker which allows us to make phone calls from the watch and to answer phone calls on the watch when its inconvenient for us to pick up our smartphone lets, make A phone call lets check, call quality, hey siri call htt hi.

Can you hear me hi? Can you hear me yeah? The voice is very clear and it can go very loud on the right side. There are two buttons. The bottom button is dedicated for sports and voice assistant press. The button once to start training, mode or double press the button and your voice assistant will get activated. Key select care is packed by a amoled panel, but i really dont know why they call it semi. Amoled anyway, there is a 2.5 d protective glass on top of the panel and its pretty much scratch resistant. I love this appearance and design dislike care, like its siblings, also has very good, build quality, highly durable slim metal frame and high quality rear panel altogether. This is a premium class smartwatch. The display panel of this key select care can go very bright. There are 4 brightness levels even under heavy sunlight. I only use 75 Music brightness key select care also has a night mode, and you can also use the display panel. As a flashlight, the settings menu includes dial theme, brightness and screen time. This key select care comes with a tpu silicon smartwatch band. This one is very good, very comfortable and we can easily interchange watch bands without any hassle. Music gloryfit is the application that is required to pair this smartwatch with a smartphone. There are tons of watch faces and i am amazed wow. It will take days, if not months, to try all these watch faces.

Let me try. A few of my favorite watch faces. Lets check how it looks Music as usual. There are a lot of options available on this gloryfit application. Address book watch faces heart rate, settings, spo2 settings, emotional stress, phone, sms applications, sedentary reminder, light up, do not disturb firmware update everything is there in this application? Key select care is packed with a 280 mah battery capacity. It takes a bit more than an hour to get fully charged and offers 30 days of standby time. However, i have managed to squeeze 15 days of battery life without making a phone call and three days of battery life with usual daily phone calls through key select, kr, okay, after watching through this video. What do you think im in love with this one? Actually, i have really liked this. He select k11 and now definitely i prefer case lets care over keyselect k11. But if you dont need that calling function, then keyselect k11 is also a very good choice. Yeah i have a lot of female subscribers and some of them have made comments like why dont you try to find something nice for females. Well, yeah this time i have brought something for my female subscribers and regular viewers. This one is key select. L11. This one is ladies smartwatch, this one only costs 59.99 us dollars and comes in a very nice nifty package after opening the box. The first thing you will notice is this: ki select l11, and i really like this smartwatch band.

The gold color is the same everywhere. It doesnt even look cheap and the back panel wow, look at this, its so gorgeous. You can change the belt, but the smartwatch belt that comes with this keyselect l11 is already one of the best that i have seen with any other smart watches below hundred us dollars as usual. Underneath the smart watch, you will find a usb c based appropriate recharging. Cable and user manual i have already mentioned keyselect – always offers details and illustrations on their user manual. So, even if it is your first smartwatch, you wont have any trouble to pair it with your smartphone and to use it Music ill. Leave a link of these two smart watches in the description box below if youre interested go ahead and check that. I wish that this video was helpful for you. If you have liked this video. If you have found this video helpful, then please dont forget to click on the like button and subscribe to this channel yeah. I always share honest and true content.