Find more Xiaomi MI Band 4 price, display, watch faces, Bluetooth pairing, battery life, charging time & more feature & specs of this fitness band (smartwatch) in this Xiaomi MI Band 4 review.

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Before starting with the Xiaomi MI band 4 specs, here is the price of the various variants of the MI Band 4.
Xiaomi MI Band 4 Standard Edition: 169 Yuan ($25)
Xiaomi MI Band 4 NFC Edition: 229 Yuan ($33)
Xiaomi MI Band 4 Avengers Edition: 349 Yuan ($51)

Now let’s talk about the Xiaomi MI Band 4 features. The fitness tracking band comes with a 0.95-inch display, which is 40% bigger than what we saw on the MI Band 3. While performing Xiaomi MI Band 4 vs MI Band 3, you will also notice that the display has been colorful this time. Since the Xiaomi MI Band 4 display comes with AMOLED display, the colors look punchy on this device. The display on the device comes with 120 x 240 pixels resolutions and flaunts a 2.5D scratch-resistant glass on the top.

The device pairs with the smartphone via Bluetooth. Because of the Xiaomi MI Band 4 Bluetooth connectivity, it easily pairs with the device. Xiaomi MI Band 4 pairing can take place on both the Android and iOS devices. So there won’t be much of a hassle. For the connectivity, you also get the NFC feature. And the major difference between, Xiaomi MI Band 4 NFC vs non NFC is that the NFC variant can also be used for payments, which is not possible with the Non-NFC variant.

Talking about the battery, the regular variant comes with a 135mAh battery whereas the NFC variant has a tad bit smaller 125mAh battery. As far as the Xiaomi MI Band 4 battery life is concerned, the normal variant promises 20 days of battery life whereas the NFC variant promises 15 days. Xiaomi MI Band 4 charging is also hassle-free. The device charges up really fast. So you don’t have to plug the Xiaomi MI Band 4 fitness tracking band all day to get it fully refilled.

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