I think that i have to ask to turn one of their phone off. Look. Look. They they still call it, they still call it. So as someone with a tight budget in this country, you might want to start looking at other options that do not require to break the bank and also enable you to experience the full functionality of a smart device on your wrist that you can wear and rely On enter the me band 6. – Music, hey guys and welcome to yet another video. My name is john andrew for those of you that are new, and i am a movie tech and travel youtuber based in accra, ghana. So let’s start talking about this. Now i have been using the me band 6 for somewhere around three weeks to a month, and i have some thoughts on it that i can present to you as an option. Should you decide to get into the whole smart watch fitness tracker business. So let me get right down to it now coming to the unboxing, the box dimensions. Haven’T changed as long as i have used me bands from the me band 3 to the present generation me band 6.. In opening the box, i had to use a mosquito coil stand because i didn’t have the gumption to use a knife. There is a pull tab that enables you to pull out the contents of the box and the arrangements haven’t changed as long as i have used.

Mi bands as well, you have your watch with the default black band, which comes with every me band that is released. It also comes with a magnetic charger that is attached to the back of the device, and there is also included a quick instruction manual in multiple languages that teach you about the operation of the me band 6.. So right with the bat, the first thing i can tell you about is the unboxing experience now xiaomi hasn’t really changed too much from when i started using me bands in 2019. I started with the me band 3 and now i’m at the me band 6. In about the span of 2 years, there is this holographic element with their me banned boxes. That has remained the same. It was in the 3 of the 4, the 5, the 6 in different forms and there’s a bit of a texture with this six box, which i really really do like on the sides of the boxes, you get a general overview of the features that i included With that particular model, and they keep on increasing as the technology keeps getting better and as the iterations keep getting higher and the six has probably the most loaded of the functionalities of the mi band series that we’ve gotten so far, starting with the body of this Device now this is a 1.65 inch amoled display with no buttons whatsoever. Now this is one of the first differences between this watch and the predecessors.

Now the me bands one and two had physical buttons at the bottom. The three had a physical indentation, the four and five had a touch button that you could use to access menu, functions and whatnot. So with this six, you are going to be looking at a lot of swipe gestures to control. This watch in general and um it’s. A bit of a um it’s a bit of a learning curve you go through, but having used smartphones for a while, you shouldn’t suffer too much in trying to adjust, especially if you’re coming from previous models. This device also comes with bluetooth, 5.0 and is water resistant. So you can use for swimming, you can take showers with it and nothing would happen to the watch. There is no underwater mode like you would find on the samsung galaxy fit series. It can also survive underwater for 10 minutes at a maximum depth of 50 meters. So that’s a 5 atm right there, one of the cool things about this device is, you can actually remove it from the band that it comes with. This would actually allow you to have so many different watch choices or band choices with so many different colors, and it does allow you to change things up as and when you want to now in terms of design of the device. It actually seems to lean on its predecessors, the three previous ones i have used. So i see certain elements from all three of them.

You have a bit of robustness that the three provided you, you have the flat screen that we saw with the four the three had a bit of a cave. When you look at it and then the five had a bit of the curved edges, so it’s incorporated all of these styles to produce this um build and i must say, it’s, pretty good it’s, pretty comfortable it’s, also very lightweight, but you do feel a certain robustness When you wear it tightly, this device also houses a 125 milliamp battery, and a lot of people are rated this as lasting for seven days with battery life. But in my own personal experience having maxed out certain features that i will get to later on in this video, it lasts me just around two and a half to three days, which is still not bad. Actually at least it’s actually a lot better than the me band 5, which would die on me in just around a day and a half, so uh they’ve made those improvements and i’m about to get to why the battery dies as quickly as it does now. In terms of battery life, if you had to ask me between the four models of mi bands that i’ve used, which of them had the best battery life, i could easily tell you that was the mi band 4.. It had a very, very resistant battery and would take me close to three weeks before it would actually drain fully, and sometimes i actually forget – i needed to charge it, but by the time i looked it would be somewhere around 70, so it wasn’t such a bad Experience and i really enjoyed using that device.

This is the second me band model to include magnetic charging. It charges my device somewhere between an hour and 30 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes from zero percent and it’s, not exactly the fastest charging speed. The mi band 4 could do somewhere within an hour and 20 minutes. In addition, the charging animation for this particular device has been changed and it’s a welcome design. They are improving things with their software as well. So with the me band 3 and 4, you have to remove them from the bands with the mi band 3. There was this attachment mechanism to the bottom of the device using uh contact points with the 4. There was a dock mechanism that you had to use with the 5 and 6. However, it’s gone with the magnetic form, so you don’t have to detach it from the band when you are charging your device. Now, coming to the user interface, the me band has a new watch face and seeing that watch face would actually make you believe that they have changed their user interface. And whilst there are those tweaks, it seems more of the same actually looks a little bit more. Like the me band 5 ui, the me band 3 had an led display, so you just see one icon at the time whenever you swiped, the four was the first to introduce color into the mi band series, and you also see one icon at a time.

The five did change things up a bit, but you were seeing one icon at a time, but with the six you can see as many as two icons at a time when swiping through your menu in this mid device as well, new workout modes have been added From the 15 that way in the mid band 5 to 13, the mi band 6, now arguably doesn’t have the biggest catalogue of workouts available in a smartwatch device. We’Ve seen samsung devices have well over 200 in their user interface, so it’s not exactly the biggest catalog out there, but still very efficient. There are some workouts that can be tracked automatically such as walking long distances and running so more or less. This is practically a me band 5 with better battery life and a slightly different user interface, but they also have taken the liberty of adding, for the first time to the mi band series, an spo2 tracker or a black saturation tracker. Now the inclusion of this spo2 tracker is what has kind of bumped up the price of the me bands. Now standard mi bands were somewhere around 40 bucks, and now this band is somewhere between 44 bucks to 50 bucks, depending on where you buy it uh. If you’re on amazon you’re most likely going to get it somewhere between 50 to 55 um dollars, it’s somewhere around 40 pounds in the uk, or slightly higher than that, but either way the price has really increased this year.

By about ten dollars, it’s standard price from before now, as long as i’ve used, mi bands there’s always been a heart rate sensor in the device, and it usually is seen on the back of the device. That emits a green light, and this has over the course of time, helped with tracking things such as sleep, so sleep tracking was really introduced with the mi band 4, but with the me band 5 you could also detect naps and with the mi band 6, there Is something called advancely breathing quality? So this would actually enable the spo2 tracker to constantly be on at night and even long after you’ve woken up. It stays on for about 30 minutes before it’s sure that you are not going back to sleep and then it turns off now. This is a feature that is in beta testing and, quite honestly, the spiritual tracking with this device is uh somewhat finicky. I usually don’t really get too much with my readings i don’t know. It’S, like i can’t seem to get the readings as and when i would need to so. You might have to fasten it a little more, but this is going to be a primary reason for what your battery drains, especially at night. Now, as always with the me band, you do have the ability to see notifications and see when incoming calls are coming. Now you cannot answer any calls or answer any messages, but you can decline, calls and dismiss notifications from your smart device.

In addition, you can use this device as a shutter for your camera. So say you have your camera at a far distance. That is within the range of the watch. You can toggle the button on the device that is displayed and it will act as a camera shutter for your device. Now this watch has no gps, and this is one of the compromises that has always been present with the mi band and that’s. What actually helps it to keep its price on a minimum now. This is also why the me fit app is very essential to download it’s actually where you need to activate the device when you start up – and it is very, very um, informative with some of the things that you will do in the course of using this device. So practically every setting with this watch can also be controlled from the me fit app and you can actually determine which apps give you notifications and whatnot from this device. It also enables you to enable the advanced sleep breathing, as i mentioned before, and a whole slew of other things and watch faces that you may want to change in the course of using the device, and it comes in very handy it’s. A very great experience. It’S still not as advanced as say, a samsung health app or an apple health app, so it still does the best they can and it doesn’t restrict you to an ecosystem. So you can download on an ios or android device or, if you’re, using a huawei device.

You can even download it on one as such. Now for the second time, xiaomi has included pai into this device. Now pai is this indicator of sorts that determines your physical activity and it’s like on a scale from zero to 150 and, depending on how high your pai is, is determining how active you are on a daily basis. Now it determines this from so many different things. Like your activity levels, how many steps you’ve taken in a day that is tracked on this device, how many calories, you’ve burnt and all those things that mesh into this one metric and, i think, it’s a very good metric, because it allows you to keep in shape When you are trying to lose weight or maintain your health or your fitness, in addition, this band also allows you to control your music remotely and view the weather, based on the information that you get from your phone through the me band app, and this is something That was introduced with the me band 4 and has progressed over time and those little aesthetic changes that we see with the user interface of the mi band 6 are a little reflective in terms of how they appear, but generally still the same as it’s been since The mi band 4. now, in my opinion, for what you get you are really getting a lot of value for what you pay for, and you get a lot of flagship features in this entry level.

Device uh slowly what’s happening with xiaomi is they are slowly letting the me band creep out of a strictly fitness tracker device to more of a smartwatch device. There are those compromises like no gps and inability to respond to messages and answer calls but it’s still a very good fitness tracker and i wouldn’t have any problems recommending it to you, especially if you are trying to manage your budget, but also trying to get into The smart watch game now, if you want other options, that is the me watch light, which is in the xiaomi range of products. If you want anything within your ecosystem, you can look for cheaper options, although to be honest, when it comes to apple, you don’t exactly have something in the budget range necessarily, so you can really look at it. This way, this watch actually allows you to use both ecosystems with its full functionality. You don’t exactly need to use a samsung watch with a samsung device to experience full functionality. I mean that’s the norm, but you can’t pair it with an apple watch and expect to have full functionality. In the same vein, you can’t use an apple watch with a samsung device and experience full functionality, so this actually allows you to move through the ecosystems with no problems whatsoever and something i’d really recommend so yeah that’s it. I have purchased links below amazon links. You will be helping me if you purchase through one of those links and if you’re within ghana, outside ghana and you’re interested in getting this watch now, if you are specifically within ghana, you’re not interested in using amazon, but you want to have one of these watches.

You can send me a dm on my twitter instagram. I have the links for those in the description as well. I will answer as as soon as you text me and i’ll set you up with one of these as soon as i can uh thanks. So much for watching this video post, your comments down below and let me know if this is a viable option for you. My name is john andrew.