This is the second version of this watch. The first one came out did pretty well this time. They’Ve actually introduced it at about a thousand rupees lesser than the previous one. This is the me watch revolve active now, it’s significantly improved over. The me watch revolve the previous one. The display is better 1.’ inch, amoled display much much brighter. I felt the performance is better comes with 17 sports, more hundreds of watch faces comes with a nice premium appeal to a dedicated button for sports mode on the watch, which i think every smartwatch should have so at this price point which loaded with sensors spo2 heart Rate monitor sleep, monitor good. You know, claimed 14 day battery life and it’s priced at 99, rupees right now available for even a thousand rupees lesser Music. Xiaomi is back again now before everyone runs out of guesses. This time it’s a smart watch after a successful attempt with the watch revolve in the wearable tech space, the brand has introduced a new smart watch enter me. Watch revolve, active new and improved watch. Revolve active covers up on some major features that the original product skipped. So do those additions and an aggressive price tag, make it a desirable product let’s find out Music for their latest smartwatch xiaomi has stuck to a familiar design language. A round shaped dial, just like the existing me watch revolve. There are a few tweaks, though, that make the watch look more premium now and definitely add appeal.

Most noticeably two right hand mounted buttons instead of one but more on that later. The strap situation is also quite favorable, with the watch maintaining a firm and comfortable grip. The build quality on offer is satisfactory, since the watch feels sturdy and is water. Resistant up to 5 atm waking up the smart watch, while greeted with a 1.’ inch ammo led display. Definitely one of the better displays we’ve seen on a me device. This panel is optimally bright and color, accurate, the animations look crisp and a user can read the text on the smart watch easily once set to full brightness a user can look at the smartwatch even under direct sunlight, just like its color reproduction. The panel also provides great feedback time tap, scroll or swipe. The watch never missed out on any of our commands. Moving on to actually interacting with the smart watch me has ascended on the development ladder with this improved ui with better animations and improved design. This ui is fun to interact with and easy to understand. The os is intuitive and a user learns something new with every tap the ui works in sync, with our smartphones, where we can customize the watch actively according to ourselves from smart watch, faces to accessing cameras. This can be done from the smart watch itself. Unlike the original me watch revolve the watch. Revolve active, comes loaded with all the sensors. You expect to see in 2021, but do they all work perfectly well to some extent, the spo2 sensor, like pretty much on every device in this price range, is occasionally correct.

What works best is the heart rate monitor which can be configured to operate. 24. 7.. The heart rate monitor works well and in sync, with the 17 sports modes that the watch comes with talking about the sports mode. This is where the watch justifies its active name featuring a dedicated button for sports. The activities on the watch are versatile and will definitely meet your requirement if you’re looking for a device to monitor your routine, the data for these modes can be tracked using the xiaomi wear. Just like our previous encounters. The app is easy to understand and work around. The animations are crisp and we faced no issues using this app battery life is another solid usp of the smartwatch. The watch should easily last around 10 days on a single charge for light users, if you’re a heavy user, then it should last a week and it’s time we wrap up this review. An improved iteration of an already successful formula me watch, revolve active, is definitely a better product than its predecessor, trending features, great looks and a satisfactory os make it a great deal at 9900 rupees.