This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s video guys is. We have here the me bro color and i actually got this one for around 1729 pesos or 35, and here are the product specifications guys. So it has a body dimension of 43 by 35 millimeters and the thickness is 10.2 millimeters, one dimension, it’s 20 millimeters and the weight is 52 grams, including the strap and the material guys it’s, metal, plus pc or abs, plus liquid silicone rubber. The display is 1.5 inch, hdd screen battery capacity is 270 milliamperes and the battery life it’s daily mode. It can last up to seven days or basic mode for 10 days, and the charging guys is magnetic charging cable, bluetooth version 5 and the sensor it has heart rate, blood, oxygen and sir, and the water and dust proof it’s 5 atm all right guys. So now let’s see the box, so, as you can see guys, there is a me bro, color, branding in front of the box and on the side. So we have here sport, tracking, dynamic, heart rate, blood, oxygen and 5 atm okay, it’s waterproof guys. So it means you can submerge this one up for up to 50 meters and at the back, so we have here some information about the model and the bluetooth version guys. Okay, so the color that we have is tarnish so let’s open guys, all right, Music, so Music, okay, this is the watch itself.

Okay, we have here the information, quick guide and, as you can see guys, our charger is already magnetic and it’s more like a duck style, so it’s nice and we have here the amiibo color manual. So if you have any questions, just refer to your manual as well: okay, so let’s have here our me, bro color, so let’s take this one off okay. So, as you can see guys, this is the screen of our watch and uh. Here is the strap so it’s 20 millimeters, and it has lots of holes in it guys, so it can fit to your watch easily strap, also there’s mibro branding and at the back. So we have here the sensors and the charging ports here. Okay and as you can see, it really looks nice guys and it also feels premium and based on the specification it is made of metal. Okay, so let’s try to turn it on guys. Okay, so it has a amiibro branding there and guys i already set it up uh before we have the re unboxing for you to really know about the watch. Okay, so we have here the watch face. Okay, i actually already downloaded this watch face before so you can find the watch face on the me. Bro fit application. Okay, so we have here also guys on the sides we have here the home button and on the left: there’s, none alright! So now let’s try to swipe down guys.

So, as you can see, you can see the different kinds of shortcuts. We have here lock mode and the settings, and we have here the brightness do not disturb mode and the off and on icon there, okay, and we also have here the qr code, all right so now let’s swipe up. So you will have this message icon here. So it means that when you successfully connected it to your application, then you will receive the messages as well so let’s swipe to the right. So you have here the shortcut for the recent application that you opened: okay and then let’s swipe to the left. You can see the the widgets, so we have here heart rate activity, weather, resin, pressure, music, okay, so now let’s try to press the home button guys to access the application so and the same as the other watch guys. So it has the heart rate and we have here the sports, so let’s try to look at how many sports mode does it have. So we have your treadmill outdoor running, cycling, outdoor cycling, walking football, badminton, tennis, basketball, elliptical machine on foot, yoga strength, trail tracking, free training wow. So we have lots of sports mode, guys that you can choose too okay, and then we also have here the spo2 or the blood oxygen level. It is nice so that you can measure whenever you want to check your spo2 and then we also have here the timer okay, and we have your breath training, especially if you get stressed guys, so you can use this function.

We also have your sleep report or sleep monitoring and the weather. Okay. We also have your activity. How many steps that you you had? Okay – and we have here met so it means that the value of your exercise, the boot of music control a stopwatch, and we also have your calculator Music, and we have here the settings so in the settings guys you can adjust the brightness. So look at the watch guys, so it can be really bright when you turn it on to its max uh, brightness, okay, and we also have your off time so the duration that you want your watch to be turned on, and we also have you raised awake. Do not disturb vibration, language connect to mobile phone, about factory reset and restart and shut down. Okay, so now let’s count guys how many watch faces. Does it have it’s one two, three, four five and six, so it can only have six watch faces and one custom watch face. So there are plenty of watch faces guys on the me bro application. Okay! So now guys, i’m gon na give also my review about this. One i’ve actually used this one for a couple of days, and here are the things that i can say about the product. Okay, let’s start first with the battery, so actually the battery is really nice. Guys so it can last you for around seven days, because since i got this product i still have 46 percent and two days ago it was around 70.

What i like the most also is the is the charger. Okay, it is magnetic, so you can easily place this one and it is pretty much durable okay, so it is nice. Thank you, uh xiaomi, for this, and also the design guys and the quality. It really looks premium and it also feels comfortable to wear and the strap is not hot guys because i actually had before some watches and when you wear it for a long time, it can give you that kind of hate on your wrists. What i think is the things that could be improved. Guys could be the ui you because the ui it feels for me it’s a little bit dull, especially the the text i’m, not sure guys. But for me i don’t really like the the text and the font. It kind of looks like a little bit a downgrade for me, okay, and i also hope that the watch faces can be upgraded or can be updated that you can store for. Maybe three custom watch faces also the bezels it doesn’t really look thin. So, as you can see guys, it is quite big on the sides, but when you try to use another watch face, it is not really recognizable but other than that guys with the price of 35 dollars. It is really worth it. I think i can really recommend you this watch, especially if you’re on a tight budget, and you want a smart watch that can really do basic functions.