If you want to watch our review of the xiaomi 12d pro, you can. Click on the link here or well have a link in the description section for now. Lets talk more about the smartman 7 Pro and the slew features that come with it whats going on everyone. This is Nico Fugue attack and let me share with you all the nice features of the new xiaomi SmartBand 7 Pro. We originally had a hard time setting up the band 7 Pro with our phone, with all of the background permissions and the watch not being able to sync automatically. We even tried it with the xiaomi 12T Pro to no avail. After several days of tweaking and updating the watch with a new firmware update, we finally got it working perfectly. Do let us know if you encountered the same issue and we might be able to help out in the comment section anyway. At First Look, the SmartBand 7 Pro seems way bigger than its predecessors in terms of display size. The 1.64 inch AMOLED touch display is about 84 larger than the me smart man and 50 bigger than the smart man. 7.. We dont have those two other smart bands with us at the moment, but weve been using this one from Huawei the band 6.. It has a 1.47 inch display and you can clearly see the difference in the sizes of the screen. The smartman 7 Pro is already looking like a proper Smartwatch due to that large display size, and it reminds us a little bit of the Apple watch that 1.

64 inch AMOLED screen has a resolution of 280 by 486 pixels, giving it a 326 PPI pixel density and Up to 500 nits of brightness, it also features an always on display which you can set in the companion app, although that will certainly affect battery life of the watch to customize you get over. 150 watch faces to choose from theres limited storage in the watch itself, so you can only store a few watch faces or simply delete old ones. If you want to install a new Fresh watch face, I really like this retro look that reminds me of the nothing phone the strap is removable and interchangeable, its made of thermoplastic polyurethane, which is smooth and soft and resistant to oil. The buckle, on the other hand, is made of polyox methylene, which is high quality, hard plastic. As for sensors, the Smart Band 7 Pro comes with a few very useful ones: heart rate sensor that comes with a blood oxygen sensor, an accelerometer gyroscope and ambient light sensor. Other built in features include sleep, tracking, stress, monitoring and breathing exercises. If youre a fitness, buff Im sure youll be glad to know that the band 7 Pro comes with over 110 Fitness modes on rist running courses and other exercise modes for beginners fat, burn endurance and interval. There are two more features we really liked about. The smart man 7 Pro first is the water resistance up to five atmospheres or 50 meters. You can practically go diving with this one.

The second is the built in gnss for location, tracking, meaning you can track your outdoor activities and check your Trail or route via the smartphone app. As for battery life, xiaomi cleans up the 12 days of typical use time, but when we tried it for a week, ours already needed to recharge. On the seventh day, perhaps the tons of notifications we were getting on the band 7 Pro from our smartphone was the major culprit. The watch does charge fast, though, as it can charge up to 100 in just under 60 minutes, and there are so many strap colors to choose from Ivory Olive orange, blue, black, pink and a special Pine Green and moon gray colors the xiaomi band 7. Pro is now available in the Philippines and comes with a suggested retail price of 4599 pesos, its actually a very affordable, Smartwatch and xiaomi did a pretty good job in terms of the design and features weve been using it for a couple of weeks and the only Thing we wish that had was a longer battery life. Aside from that everything else is spot on the xiaomi SmartBand 7. Pro is something we can truly recommend everyone should get if theyre looking at affordable and feature rich smart watches. Do you guys, like the xiaomi, smart man, 7 Pros? Well, do let us know in the comment section down below go ahead and hit like if you like this video or consider subscribing to our Channel and clicking on the notification Bell to be updated of all our future.

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