Is this? Finally, a great wearable line from xiaomi lets inspect hi welcome nice to see you. How are you doing today? Well, if we see each other for the first time, michael nice, to meet you? What we do here on the channel is the inspect, fresh and cool tech, and today were going to talk about wearables, a stream that, in the past few years, has developed a lot well. If we think about the materials being used with watches, they have gone a lot more premium brighter displays longer lasting batteries, a lot more features supported, and today i have the chance to show you not one, but actually two wearable devices that we are going to closely Inspect together, the xiaomi watch s1, which is this the more premium looking and the s1 active, which is covering lets, say 80 of the same features, has slightly different design and a bit better price. Well, for the past two weeks, one of these has been on my wrist and ive, been using them 24 7, and i already have collected plenty of information to share with you. Since the xiaomi watch, s1 series are based on their proprietary minimalistic miui based operating system, which is not as advanced as wear os or watch os running on apple wearables. You have limited ability to install apps and some of them may look basic, but theres a pretty solid compensation by spectacular battery life and a lot more detailed and consistent health tracking data looks like the xiaomi watch.

S1 line is gon na step up against huawei watch. Gt3 or fit gtr and gts the third generation and similar devices, but it may also be challenging some of the sports oriented wearables by garmin since ive unpacked two devices were gon na watch this in parallel. In fact, the experience has been quite different about both youre gon na notice that the shape of the active pack is entirely different and the box is long and slim for the more expensive s1 model. Xiaomi provide the experience that most wearable makers would go for when they want to look premium generally with both of them. The unboxing felt great. I think it is quite obvious that the materials on the non active version are a lot more advanced and its clearly, the stylish looking one sapphire glass makes stainless steel frame and a leather strap. On top of that, the active edition comes with exquisite metal bezel. The case itself is made of plastic, though a very pleasant fact is the display to body ratio, especially on the active, while xiaomi gives no exact data about it. I noticed that the bezels on both are kind of thinner than most similar watches, and this big display looks stunning concerning the specs. Let me highlight the most important common features: 143 inch amoled display, which not only looks great but supports. More than 200 watch faces ppg hr sensor, but oxygen, saturation measuring accelerometer and gyroscope ambient light sensor. Dual band multi gps microphone, speaker nfc, inbuilt for contactless payments.

Amazon, alex is a smart assistant, a 470 milliamp hour battery for more than 12 days standby time, bluetooth and wi fi. The s1 also arrives with my favorite feature already, namely the wireless charging. It is a very important for me advantage because it means one less charger or adapter to carry with it, and you can even charge it with your smartphone if it supports reverse wireless charging, the specs so far sound pretty decent and an interesting observation. Uh xiaomi dont really advertise that much the availability of wi fi but, as you can see here in the settings its there currently sort of unutilized, maybe due to the fact we dont have access to internal storage for storing some files – and i dont really know if Such a thing is present and would be enabled at all anyhow looking into the whole picture and knowing about all these specs. This smartwatch is immediately better than the latest editions of the gts and gtr series by amazefit, because it does support bluetooth phone calls and also, if you use the smart assistant, which in this case is alexa. You know its gon na talk to you via the speaker and even with the speaker. Xiaomi maintain a 5 atm waterproof rating. Both devices share the same way of controlling. There are two buttons on the side. The top one is a home button and quick access to the app launcher. The bottom one opens the workouts here we talk about 117 fitness modes which are covering a wide variety of exercises, including water sports, outdoor activities, training, dance, water sports and many others pretty much.

Every kind of workout you may think of is included in here. Those that are meant to be trained outdoors will also collect gps data. Here. I do have some remarks, though, since soccer which is primarily happening outside, has no gps tracking option. For instance, therefore, the distance is only counted based on estimations in this particular case. Even such estimations are missing, so you mostly can rely on heart rate and training, intensity data, walkings and outdoor running sessions are a lot more interesting, because the watch would also record the routes in details and its a good opportunity to try out the gps accuracy. You may remember that in the past months there have been a number of devices, including the famous huawei watch gt3 that have struggled to deliver precise positioning and were sometimes up to 5 or 10 meters away from the reality. Xiaomi watch s1, on the other hand, is pretty good about gps positioning shows my route without any deviations or errors due to the snowy and cold weather outside. I still have no chance to try it with mountain bike, but since city street routes are fine, given the cloudy weather, i assume open areas are gon na, be even more accurate. The amount of apps is significant, however. Also, a bit limited, there were no extra apps available in the me fitness store by the time. I was working on this review, but there might be some coming soon or later theyre going to be quite basic, though the s1 series are running their own proprietary operating system, which is xiaomi in house developed and based on what it says.

Under the watch information, its called miui watch 1.0 very basic, like if you plan to try selling anywhere os based apps thats no go. On the other hand, you have a lot of free watch faces around 200, that you can access through the smartphone app, and i really want to underline the free of charge. Im saying this, because even huawei now start to charge you for some of their watch faces. Not to mention where os, where really the majority of the cool watch faces, are paid. So here i think its finally time to appreciate these freebies free and more than 200. You can make some of the apps from the list to disappear in order to scroll faster and reach out to the apps quicker, and some of them offer additional configuration. What is pretty fresh in terms of ideas is the widget section, so beautiful and well designed. There is consistency across the different types of widgets, unlike what other brands do in terms of design. There are a lot of improvements notable compared to the first generation and concerning the ui and the overall user experience. These changes are more than welcome. Sadly, im not entirely happy with the scrolling speed its smooth but its not as buttery smooth as the latest amazement or huawei devices. I think this lovely display deserves a little bit more. So hopefully, an update is going to improve the overall experience, considering the tracking features hr very accurate, no option to add an external chest mounted tracker, but i think the data coming from the wrist sensor is good enough.

Spo2 is also on par with what we expect. Continuous tracking is supported while now in 2022. This already is a focus area. Xiaomi s1 is among the very few that do this continuously during the whole day stress sleep cycles, the usual fitness tracker data is present very detailed and nicely presented. The navigation gestures are very easy to get used to swipe down for notifications, swipe up for the quick toggles, its the opposite direction to what most other vendors use, but i find it as comfortable, oh and not to miss the payments. You have a wallet open, select the card and pay. Notifications are quite well implemented too, and they resemble the qf notifications on your smartphone. Emojis are in place, however, no option for responding, not even via predefined replies. Hey here we are, this is a test phone call. So that you can assess the quality of the intel speaker inside the xiaomi s1, some words about the app surprisingly, it has now a new name me fitness, so it all started with me. Fit then show me where, and now we have the me fitness based on xiaomi, where, with the option to migrate, the data from me fit go and figure this out good interface, functional menus, a lot of customization options and, of course, beautifully grouped data. If you want to explore in depth some of the workouts be my guess, this is how an exemplary workout with gps tracking is going to look like.

There are a lot of details as you cannotice altitude distance space, heart rate theyre all present for some sports. You can count on laps sectors and so on inside the app there is one more key feature supported the strava integration. Looking at you, huawei health and after seeing all these customization features and the possibilities to track health and sport activities and the always on display which would nah it just went away so thats thats, the always on display. So how many days of battery life? Do you think im getting per charge? No with always on display heart rate tracking 24 7, sleep tracking, stress, tracking, spo2, again 24 7, and probably one to two calls per day through the watch and occasionally one or two times per week? Gps tracked sports somewhere between five and 6 days, are achievable if you disable the always on display, then probably 8 to 9 days, and if you reduce the samples for hr tracking, i might go up to 15 days easily. So fitness tracker like battery life, but also a possibility for quite many customizations and, of course, a delightful stylish design, especially for the xiaomi watch s1, how about the drawbacks? No access to internal storage, no rotating crown, limited apps, update option and quite a basic operating system. These are the only major scenes of the series, as i see it, yeah some watch faces are animated and in the end, uh after knowing that here we have google feature integration and strava integration and the fact that it has inbuilt gps.

I think thats going to be a very favorable choice for most people that do sports outdoors and still prefer to have a stylish look in a very reliable, rather smart, watch on their wrist, and i dont know. I think the xiaomi s1 series are probably a step or two away from being the perfect 2022 wearable, if only they had a rotating crown and access to the internal storage for storing some music files. That was about to be great, but hey its just me dreaming about it and maybe speaking of dreams you can, let me know, is it? Is it the smartwatch released by xiaomi that you have always been dreaming about or after seeing everything we have reviewed so far? You have some second thoughts, maybe maybe we can talk about all of that in the comments down below the video as usual, some more information links to the devices youre gon na find in the video description and its been such a pleasure to get to show you These two bodies in the past few minutes. Thank you very much for choosing my channel im michael and we look forward to seeing you in our next episode.