This is the series where we compare various smart watches and now today we got xl mini mi watch and the xiaomi mi watch light and if you thought the light version is basically like a normal one. With just less features, then you’re dead wrong. This one is basically totally different to this one, and let me show you in the video and let’s start with the design. As you can see, the meme watch has a round design and has two physical buttons on the side. The upper one opens up the app menu and the lower one takes it to all of your sport modes. The watch has a 1.’ inch amoled touch display with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixels. The mi watch is actually a big 46 millimeter smartwatch, which weighs in at 32 gram. Now, if we put the light version next to it, you can definitely see the difference. The xiaomi mi watch light has a square case just like a lot of other sport watches, for example the garmin sq. I personally prefer round smart watches, since they look more like an actual watch but it’s just my opinion. The mi watch light has a 1.4 inch lcd touch display with a resolution of 320×320 pixels, so it may be a tiny, tiny bit bigger as the main watch, but it doesn’t have nice amoled display. Now, since the smart watch has a 41 millimeter case, the diameters are also way smaller than with its big brother and, in addition, the light version, of course, is lighter than this big brother, and it only weighs in at 21 grams.

Now, as for some side, specs, both watches are water. Resistant up to 5 atm at bluetooth 5.0 have galileo and glonass now. In addition, the mi watch also have galileo baidu and the spo2 feature. Now. As for the sport modes, the mi watch light only has 11 different sport modes, whereas the mi watch has over 100 different sport modes to choose from also the 100 sport modes are categorized to make it easier to find them. Another thing to mention is the accuracy on the heart rate tracking. When it comes to calories burned, the light version is always a bit off, but the heart rate reading is almost just as good as on the me watch when it comes to the sleep tracking. The me watch is the clear winner. It is more accurate on when i went to bed and woke up and in addition, it tracked the ram face which the mi watch light doesn’t. Now i don’t want to say that the mi light is bad, but it’s, just not as good as the mi watch. Also, the mi watch light doesn’t track your power naps. Next up, both watches have breathing exercise and a long timer stopwatch and weather app flashlight compass and a music player. You can also look up most of your past workout stats on the watch itself now. In addition, the me watch also has a stress and energy tracking. As for the watch faces, both watches have a big variation.

Now there really only is one difference, and that is that you can customize one watch face on the mirror, light to a certain degree. You can set up four different tracking apps to be shown on your watch face so on this one. I got sleep, quality, battery, heart rate and steps, but i can always swap one of them out if i want to. If we talk about the battery life, the mi watch is the clear winner once again, with this 420 milliamp battery, it will last for about two weeks and will be fully charged just after two hours. Now, on the other side, the mini watch light isn’t doing too bad either it has a 230 million per battery and that one will last for about 9 days and just like its big brother, it will be fully charged just after 2 hours, but if you’re, using The gps and other features like always in display mode. The battery life will be shortened by quite a bit at last. The charging cable the mi watch has a traditional magnetic charging cable, whereas the mi watch light has a chunky charging case which really doesn’t look too good, but therefore the watch will definitely not fall off the charger. As for the next part, let’s talk about changing band and it’s supposed to be easy on both watches on the mii watch. You just have to pull back the metal pin and just like that. The strap comes off now on the light version.

It’S supposed to be easy, but maybe mine is broken or whatever, but it’s just too hard to do it. Actually, you just have to press down the button and pull the strap and it should come off, but for some reason it did not really work with mine. Let me know in the comments below, if you have similar problems with that now when it comes to navigating on the watch. The me watch once again is the winner. If you swipe left right up and down on the mi watch, it does it with no lagging or stuttering and it’s a very smooth transition to the next tile. Now, if you put the mi watch light next to it, you can clearly see that it’s not a very smooth transition. It is more like boom next patch boom, next page, so it’s just skipping to the next page, always with a bit of delay. Also, you don’t get to see as much on the watch itself. As with the mii watch on the mi watch, you can click on the tire like, for example, the heart rate tracking, and it shows you a more detailed version of it. So on that one, you can now see your maximum and minimum heart rate, as well as your hardware zones and your 30 day heart rate. Now the mi watch light. Does it a little bit different on tiles? You can only see what is on the tire and if you want to see more details, for example, for the heart rate tracking app, you have to go to the app menu first find the heart rate tracking over there click it and then you’re able to see More details and, as you can see, you get to see basically the same stats as with the me watch, but you don’t get a graph, and that is especially important when you want to know how your hardware was during your night.

If you want to pinpoint in an exact time or when you want to know when your heart rate reaches maximum or a minimum, as for the last big point, the price and the me watch costs right about 110 euros and a mi box. Light costs about 50 euros, but considering the difference in the performance of both watches, the price is adequate. Now, what do i think about these two watches? Now? I definitely prefer me watch. It has a bunch of more features. You have more than 100 sport mods to choose from you, have the spo2 feature and have a smooth navigating, and all of that makes it more attractive to me now. I can totally understand if you want to buy the mi watch light. It has all the basic features. You have a heart rate tracker, you have sleep tracker, you have some sport modes, maybe not all of them, but you definitely have the basic ones and both watches you can consider both watches bunch of smart watches, since they are not that expensive. Now folks that’s it for the video, i hope you enjoyed it. If you did don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel, it only takes two clicks it’s for free and will help me out a lot now with.