So how about lets unbox, it so hi guys its me mitch double auto xiaomi review and welcome back to my channel. So i have here this all new watch from a plus and they called it the a plus watch so yeah. I know that haywatch has been doing making some of those. I know that hey plus has been doing some of those really nice uh smart fitness bands – and this is probably one of their pioneer product, which is a smart watch and you can see its square in design, which i definitely would love to. Try and its amoled display giving us that better view, okay of everything on here on the screen, and you can see that its animating by default and yeah ive been using this for a couple of weeks already here on my wrist, and i can see that its Really definitely very light, and i love the way that its been designed its quite similar to that of the iwatch, and we have one single bottom over here and this trap. You can just simply unlatch and latch it just to replace one, and this underneath is those sensors okay. So we have your charging magnet over here. Okay, so yeah clicking it here you can see this is the watch face by default? So if you want to maximize your watch, uh, just simply download, hey, plus app from your google play store or your apple app store, so yeah.

It can give you all your statistics over here being tracked down, begin workout and all other things that you might want to know from your uh daily routines. I just want to quickly check whats inside the box, so you know they packed this pretty nice. Unlike other watches, which is well by default, just simply uh cable and a small box, and this one they just pack it a little bit better than the others. So you have this magnet clip uh charging dock so just have to clip it then yeah theyre good to go so im trying to jiggle test. So i can say that it can withstand my jiggle. So definitely it wont uh unlatch that quickly, okay, so yeah, not bad uh thumbs up to that so scrolling up, you can see all this other menus, so activity, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep monitoring, workout, uh, workout records, breathing pattern, alarms, weather stopwatch timer, music control. You can also use the camera shutter find my phone and some settings. You can change your watch space over here display a brightness then, of course check what reminders you have do not disturb mode check your battery in general and, of course, about now. You can also power off restart reset everything here on this watch now, uh just check my version number software and screen new, so theres still no updates. So you can check my watch face over here. Okay, so checking out there really nice watch face that you can choose from here.

So i kind of like this one so yeah lets change. Our watch face okay, so you can see that this is my new watch face. It really looks nice, okay, so uh swiping left, you can see, exercise wheel. This is my uh by this is the heart rate. Monitor then uh, of course, the weather. Okay, you can check some music over here, so swiping up. We can try to see and rate some of your blood oxygen over here, which is one important features that uh smartwatch should have right. Now is the blood oxygen level since its pandemic? Everyone should be aware that if your blood oxygen falls below 85, you should be very careful. So here are some other settings that you can find over here on this watch. You can use it as a flashlight. Okay, something like that. So just press this button just to exit, then you can put it on battery uh saving mode. Okay, so yeah try this for two weeks and i can see that this watch lasted me at around uh 13 days or so before. I hit the charging dock again, which is not bad, pretty pretty power saving and what i like about this one is really light and its really trendy and to be honest with you, i like the display its really bright, unlike other using tft, which definitely is not The end thing today, amulet, is definitely the one to go for on a smartwatch these days.

This smartwatch is also ip68 rating, so you can take it for a swim. So these are some of the workout modes that we can find out. The run outdoor walk in the run in the rock outer cycle, indoor cycle, free training, rowing elliptical, hiking and thats it just a few work out, probably in the updates, might add some more but as of now thats, just it for this watch. Okay. So i find this watery interesting and i like the way that it fits on my wrist and definitely i would really invest in this one if they might uh hit the market and right now this is just recently debuted, so ill. Be posting the link on the description box below where you can buy this stuff? Definitely you should buy it from xiaomi, open, lab and yeah. I could tell you that this watch really rocks if you like this video dont forget to like subscribe and, of course, click that bell icon.