com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, finally, we receive this new smartwatch. It is the y68 plus smartwatch okay. So this is one of the latest version of the y68, an upgraded version. Remember we have the other one. Another upgraded version or another version of the y68 okay, new design, new specs and features, and this one it’s it is also an upgraded version. It is the y68 plus smartwatch, so it is very new and we are here to check it out. Let’S see if there are some differences. There are some upgrades: okay, addition to its features and specifications again, if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop the comment below and we will answer your queries. Okay, so let’s start and check it out. Let’S do some unboxing again. If you have any questions, please drop the comment below and we will answer your queries. Okay, so we have here so again, nice box. I love the packaging here, so we have here the user manual, y68 plus smartwatch compatible with android 5.0 and ios 9.0. So far you can really see some difference, especially in the packaging. Remember the y68. So here is the packaging of the previous y68 smartwatched. So this time it looks much better. Okay, it looks more premium compared to the first version. Okay, so we have here the user manual, so it is in chinese version or language, and we have the english here. So we have the support app.

It is still using hry fine, app available in ios and android, so we have here the qr code, okay, let’s check and remove this from the box. Okay, so we have here the device, the smart watch, the strap. We have the strap okay, so we have the strap here so still have they have the same material. Silicon strap and, of course it is also somewhat like a cover for the direct usb port here or direct usb connector here. Charging. Okay, so let’s put this attach this trap here: okay, oh that’s, it okay, so let’s check remove this, so it really shows that we have let’s let’s see an interesting watch faces available. Okay, so this is your plus smartwatch, so let’s check for our y68. We can see some comparison, okay, so this is your y68 smartwatch okay, so you see the difference. This one is much bigger. It looks more primo. I think there is a metal body here. We also have a physical button here. So let’s have a closer look, so we have a physical button, beautiful body here it looks premium and it is much bigger, especially for the screen size. Okay, so let’s set this aside. First, so let’s have a closer look at the design. Take a look at the y68 plus smart watch, okay, so it has a pedometer heart rate, monitor here, okay and seems like it has a very wide screen every power button here and what else sharp the same? Silicone strap.

Okay, so are you ready to check on the menus? Okay, the graphics here on this video we’re just i’m, just going to show you the preview of its menus on the second video we’re, going to show you the full menu, as well as the support app for the smartwatch okay, so let’s let’s turn it on. Okay, that’s it well very fast, okay, so we have here let’s check. I bought it from shoppie okay, so we have here: okay, the shopping site, y6s, 8, plus okay. So what are the features here? So it done cancer built in speaker, so sport mode? Okay, so it has a multiple sports mode, sleep sedentary and usb quick removal, direct charge, monitor your heart rate and bluetooth calling feature, so it is running hs, 6620 processor, very heart rate monitor and 3d acceleration sensor. So for the screen display, we have 1.54 inch ips color screen with a 240 by 240 pixel resolution. Okay, so let’s check this okay. So we have. I guess we have a touch screen: wow nice, one, beautiful smartwatch, affordable smartwatch, with the support for the touchscreen, so there’s a very huge improvement over the y68 okay, very sharp display. Let me show you the y68 okay, so this one doesn’t have a battery we’ll see we’ll get another one and check okay, let’s see! Yes, we don’t have the smartwatch here: okay, okay, we have here the y68 okay. So this is our y6a, the classic y68.

I have here at least two okay finger rose, gold, everything in color and the other one is black. Oh, this is your ui for the y68 and the display, while 40y68 plus smart watch sections. As you can see here, very huge improvement. It supports that touchscreen. It is preloaded with a lot of watch faces, as you can see here, based on the sticker we have or the cover. So this is your y68 plus smartwatch, okay menus okay. What else do we have here? Wow there’s, a lot of preloaded watch faces. I think it’s more than 10., not sure okay, so we have a lot of options here. Oh, that is a blue call sports mode. We have, let me see: okay running, jumping rope, cycling i’m swimming, so if it has a swimming function, so this i see very good waterproof rating hiking, okay, so that’s it. These are the sports mode available in your y68. So we also have music control. What else do we have here? Let’S see timer and let’s see the heart rate. Okay, so it is, measuring let’s, see it’s working so far, very good graphics, and we expect that there will be a lot of options for this smartwatch in the support app okay. So it is using the hry fine support, app, okay. So so far we have a very good impression of the y68 plus smartwatch okay. So if you are interested in getting an affordable, smartwatch, okay, i advise you not to buy to buy the this one, although it’s very affordable, but it has a very limited function and features go for this one.

This is also affordable, very cheap, but still but again it is very affordable, but it has a very improved design as well as the features here. The menu okay full touch screen, while for the y68 we have a touch button. Key okay seems like it almost looks. Like a toy, but anyway, if you want an affordable smartwatch and you just want a mess, simple message: notifications as well as time this one will do, but if you can spare more, if you want to buy a smartwatch, i guess this one. This one is much better. It is really plus for the y68 again, if you have any questions regarding this smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries again watch out for our second video review of this y6a plus smartwatch again, this is