It can track your data with multiple sports modes and get fast and easy access to data, including exercise, duration, steps, calories and more during the exercise. You can also activate gps tracking on your smartphone and track routes. You have traveled via the very fit pro app adopted, advanced heart rate sensor. It can monitor your heart rate automatically all day measured. Every five minutes view your real time. Heart rate data on the smart watch directly or you can also intuitively check the heart rate graph and rest average max min heart rate data in the very fit pro app. Do you really know about your sleep? This watch can track your deep sleep light sleep awakening and analyze your sleep quality all day, only record the sleep lasting more than three hours. You can also add up to 10 alarm clocks to wake you up by gentle vibration, no need to worry about disturbing people around. You check the link in the description below to get the most updated price in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one. Smart notifications receive and read sms messages and sns notifications or rejecting calls on your smartwatch directly when it is connected to very fitpro app. Keep you informed in time of anything important number 2. accurate fitness tracker watch. Yame watch will accurately track your all day: steps calories, consumption, distance, traveled, heart rate. It also supports nine sports modes to help you track your other exercise patterns and will connect to the smartphone’s gps to draw the route map in the very fit pro app number 3 smart watches for iphone android phones.

This watch is compatible with most ios 8.0 and android 4.4 above smartphones, not for pc or tablets. You can get call text, calendar, email and message alerts and read them directly on the watch. This watch can fit for 6.5 to 9.5 inch wrist perimeter suitable for men. Women and kids number four sleep tracker with more practical tools. This watch will auto, detect and track your sleep and analyze your sleep quality. You can easily check the data in the ver fit pro app. This watch also has many practical tools like alarm, clocks, music, controller, deep breath, guide, sedentary reminder stopwatch timer number, five, seven plus days battery and swimming waterproof compared with traditional watches, yame watch enhanced the battery life a lot with one single full charge. It can work seven to ten days. This watch also has an ip68 waterproof standard. You can wear it with no worries when washing hands or swimming number, six stay active and stay healthy. This watch has accurate readings, practical tools, stylish, looks lightweight and comfortable wearing on the wrist, but at an affordable price, being a very good gift for friends and family members to help them stay active and stay healthy and so much more. Some common questions, question number one: do they make a metal band for this watch answer? Our strap is made of tpu, which is environment, friendly and very comfortable to wear. Question number two: is this compatible with an iphone 7 answer? Yes, it is compatible with iphone 7.

. The watch is compatible with most smartphones with ios 8.0 and android 4.4 and above question number 3. Does this watch need a screen protector answer? The screen of watch has a good abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, but you could also purchase a 1.3 screen protector. If you want thanks for watching, i leave my affiliate links down in the video description below click on those links and they’ll give you most updated prices in real time.