3 inch round hd touch screen, which is very vibrant and very bright. It has a real tech processor underneath that screen, which helps run the entire watch. It also comes with a very soft and flexible rubber band. Now this band is very comfortable and it feels really good on your wrist. It has a smooth metal, alloy and a stylish, but still very active. Look like i said earlier. It has a very vibrant, bright screen and you can adjust it if it’s too bright for you, you can always take the brightness down or bring it up even more. It has 40 different watch faces that you can download from the app and, if you don’t like any of those, you could also customize it with your own image and colors. So it offers you a lot of flexibility with the watch face that you put on your watch. If you want to switch between faces while you’re wearing the watch. If you long press the screen, it’ll then give you the ability to swipe through different watch, faces and choose the one you like on the side you’re going to find one button that is used to control some of the navigation and lighting the screen. So, instead of flipping your wrist up, if you want to see the watch, you can press that button and it’ll light the screen up, but it’s also used to back out of menus. It has a large wrist strap with plenty of room to spare.

Now my wrist isn’t huge, but it also isn’t small, but i still have plenty of notches to open up the watch a little bit more. If my wrist was bigger, it comes with a heart rate sensor and you’ll find that on the bottom of the watch. It also has accelerometers inside the watch, so it knows when you lift your wrist up, so it can light up the screen. So you can read the time it has an ip68 rating, so it’s fully waterproof up to five atms. So if you want to use it in the pool you can or if you’re, just washing your hands or taking a shower, you don’t have to worry about your watch. It connects via bluetooth and is compatible with ios 9 or android 5, and up now this does work for phones and tablets. So if you have a tablet that you want to connect to with your watch, you can do so with this particular model. Now the battery itself is a 340 milliamp hour battery and on standby, without using the watch you’ll get about 30 days of battery time. Now, if you’re using the watch consistently, they say you get 7 to 10 days of usage. What i found from my testing is that if you don’t have the 24 hour heart rate on, you can get about 7 days. But if you turn on the 24 hour heart rate and have it monitoring your heart rate all day, long you’ll get only about 6 days, so that’s not too bad.

If you want constant heart rate readings, you only lose a day, but when it does run down, you can use the magnetic charging cord to fully charge it in about 3.5 hours. So it does come with an app it’s called the only fit app and you can get it on the play store or you can get it on the apple store. Once you open up this app it’s going to give you a lot of different things, you can change and set now i said earlier, if you wanted, some more watch faces inside here is where you’re going to download them to your watch. Along with that, you can set alarms in here. You can check your metrics. You can also check your heart rate, set units and set up goals now, after you make all these changes, it does take a few seconds to sync and if you want to make sure it’s synced, all you have to do is pull down on the screen and Then it’ll begin to sync after syncing your alarms and any other things. You’Ve changed will sync to the watch and any activity metrics that come from the watch will now be synced onto your phone. Alright, so now let’s talk about the performance of the watch. I will say it is very responsive to all touch gestures so anywhere i decided to touch on the screen. I never had any issues with touches that went unregistered, also, swiping left and right was really easy and it flowed pretty well.

The button on the side is very easy to push and very easy to find, and so that too works very well. One of the things that i like most about this watch is the fact that almost all, if not all, of the notifications that happen on your phone get sent to your watch, so text messages. Reminders phone calls all those pop up. Notifications that come on your phone end up going to your watch, and so you never have to take your phone out of your pocket and i have other watches that i’ve tested that only receive text messages and phone calls and that’s nice, but it’s nicer to have Every pop up message go to your watch and one of the things that i noticed is it glitches sometimes and when it sends a notification, it’ll say it’s coming from a different app than it actually is coming from. So maybe i’ll get a text message, but it’ll say it’s from one of my apps on my phone and not my message: app i’m, not sure if this could be fixed by a firmware update or something like that, but um. It was a tiny little glitch that i experienced a few times now going back to phone calls. When you do receive a phone call in there. It will give you the caller id and if you want to you, can hang up from the watch. So again, you don’t have to pull your phone out, so the watch also has alarms on it.

So if you want to use it to remind you of something or to wake up, you can set those alarms. It also has move reminders. So if you aren’t moving around it will remind you to move periodically, so you can stay active. It has do not disturb hours that you could set inside the app, but you could also do it from the watch now inside the app they do have a find. Your watch function, but i find this pretty useless because it vibrates the watch and so, if you aren’t wearing it, if it’s in the couch or on the floor somewhere and it vibrates you’re, not gon na know it’s three short vibrations and there’s no way. You’Re going to hear that if you don’t know where the watch is so, i really wish these smartwatch companies would start to build in a audible signal so that you can hear and find your watch now. Another thing that is lacking is it does not come with weather, so the watch does not do any weather readings or any weather forecasts, but it does track your steps and it does a pretty good job, pretty decent accuracy with step tracking. It also comes with fitness rings, so you can quickly at a glance, see how you’re doing with your activity during the day. Another feature that’s pretty useful. Is it enables you to control your music from the watch, so you can track four. You can track backward.

You can pause and play different tracks on your phone. Now it doesn’t control volume, so you will have to go to your device for that. It also has a little feature where you can control the camera so inside the app you can open up camera control and you can shake your wrist and take a picture. Another cool feature is it does sleep tracking? So if you wear it during your sleep, it can monitor how well you’re, sleeping and it’ll log all that data to the app and, like i said earlier, it does have a heart rate monitor, so all that data will go to the app. Also now one of the things i was bummed out about is it doesn’t, come with blood oxygen readings, sometimes it’s nice to know that reading when you’re working out one of the last things you can do in the app which is pretty useful, is it connects to Apple health, so if you want to send all of that health data over to apple and read it in there, you can do so with a couple settings inside the app now. This watch comes with 13 sport modes, so it comes with running walking, cycling, yoga, skipping and a bunch of other exercises that you can track. And after your exercise, you can check that sports data on the smartwatch or you can go to the app things like workout time. Heart rate distance steps burned calories. Those are all going to be logged in your data overall, i think this watch is pretty stylish looking and does a really good job tracking your fitness and it comes in at a pretty decent price.

So right now on amazon, it’s 46 there’ll be a link down in the description. If you want to check it out further or see current prices. If this review was helpful, then please hit the like button and remember if you want to learn more about awesome technology and cool gadgets then hit the subscribe button. I really do appreciate you watching.