com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs, new zealand; okay. We are back again for another video review of some of the latest smart watches in the market, so we have here very popular sport, sport smartwatch from z blaze. So we have here the z, blaze, heiress, okay, aries rs, so it’s, a beautiful, sporty smartwatch looks like your classic, as you can see here, classic digital wrist swatch – and this is brought to us by the z blaze again. If you want to get one, if you want to purchase this beautiful sporty smartwatch, then please check out the links below this is from okay, so we have here very neat, simple packaging, so it shows here you can receive notifications, whether light it is light and Comfortable, we also have it here, an alarm clock, so you also have a stopwatch here long battery life – and it has a custom watch faces, so it is packed with health exercise function and sleep monitoring, so let’s have let’s check. So this is black color. I guess so let’s check let’s have the unboxing so model eras, okay, so contents. Here the air smartwatch, we have a charging cable in the user manual, so it is compatible with the android 4.4 and ios 9.0. So let’s check it out. Okay, let’s check on the design. Okay, if you have any questions regarding this smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. Okay, so let’s.

So we have here the smartwatch, so i’m very excited with this one seems like it’s, a very sporty lightweight. Smartwatch, so we have here the smartwatch okay, so we have the charging cable so magnetic again and we have the user manual for the airs again. If you are, i think this one if you like our outdoor sports. Okay, especially if you are running okay, mountain biking. I guess this is one of the best smartwatch to pick okay. You can see here, it looks. Nice looks premium, okay, let’s, try to check on the user manual here, so it is available in different languages here, and we have a lot of options. Let’S go for the english version; okay, so let’s check. So we have the touch panel, so it supports touchscreen, okay and, of course, button also button operation, okay, power on power off. We have the qr code here, so it is using the glory, fit app, compatible system. Android 4.4 and ios 9.0, with its bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity, okay, charging and activation okay. So far it looks good and we have a lot of options here: okay, let’s check on the smartwatch, so it looks i love it looks like the classic casio smartwatch, okay, but advanced and beautiful here, let’s remove it. So, as you can see here, it is using the glory fit app, so water resistant held and exercise we have here the on and off. We have the the mood.

Okay, let’s have a closer look, so you have here it’s, not a metal body, but a pc material. It is light and durable, okay, so errors. We have here the sensor here: okay, the charging connector. We have the strap here: okay, proper tire, strap, breathable design flexible and we have a metal steel, metal enclosure. It looks. Nice looks like a very it looks like a smart watch, really a smart watch built for sport. Okay, again, let’s admire the beauty of the z blaze, aires. Okay, i love the design very sporty okay. I guess i’m going to wear it. This is going to be my new partner for mountain biking. Okay, so nice, it looks sporty looks different, okay compared to other smartwatch, with a sporty slash classic look, and if you are a fan of a classic wrist digital wristwatch. This one is a good one to pick okay let’s check, so we have here a button: okay, physical button here, pc material, so we have let’s check. So three water resistant up to 380 am here so 30 meters let’s check. If they still have a battery. Okay seems like we don’t, okay, so there’s still a battery nice, okay, very bright display here and confirmed jersey, touchscreen support nice, full color screen display beautiful smartwatch. I think this is a very good outdoor, smartwatch, very lightweight, beautiful partner for your outdoor activities, so let’s check. If you can search for these specs here see blaze, aires, specs search, so we have here it’s available already in different shopping site, so let’s check.

So we have here on our website. Okay, so it has an info here on. The zebra’s website also have here zblaze area smartwatch, so let’s check on the specifications here – okay, z, blaze aires. Then it is available. The specifications for this one is available on, so it has the processor here rtc8762c. We have i 1.3 inch ips lcd 170 mh battery a sensors here so 33 grams, only very lightweight smartwatch, so it has a pc body, 240 by 240 pixel resolution with a full touchscreen support. Okay, so let’s see 32 grams, so we’re going to update here. It says here, okay seems like we have a mistake, touch type. No, i think it’s thirsty support for touch button script. I guess the information that we got from the shopping site is wrong. It’S also here clamp charging but, as you can see here, it has a magnetic charging cable, pogo pin 3 atm. So we have accelerometer proximity sensor, heart rate blood pressure, monitoring, we’ll check on that, so there’s, no speaker support and mic. So it is available in black, green and red, so it is using the glory, fit support, app compatible with android and ios. Okay. So far, we are pretty impressed with this smart watch here. Okay, we have automatics monitoring, also have the graphs here: okay, let’s heavy focus, sleep monitoring, okay, i guess this one. I don’t know if this is weather or temperature, okay, music control and that’s.

It okay, see here on the bottom part, so message notifications can also receive. We have here the training, okay, we’ll check. On that later, we have the status here for the automatic activity or training so there’s, also blood pressure, so it’s confirmed okay, weather music message, okay and other options here so far: it’s a beautiful design, outdoor smart watch from zblaze it’s, pretty impressive with the design i, Like it much better compared to other bulky outdoor smartwatch, so this one it usually fit for outdoor activities, especially for cycling, hiking or running with its lightweight, and we, as you can see here this one, it has a very long battery life we’ll check on the specs. Again, does it have a long battery life? Okay? Is it stated here so here five to seven days of usage, but with the standby time i think it’s much longer, okay, so this one it has been sent to us for several almost a month already. Okay, due to the issues really covered, so it takes a while before we receive the smart watch, but still as you can see here, it is a battery life and you have here the status here all right. Let me show it to you: let’s focus on the 75 percent battery life, okay, again, i’m, very positive. I have a positive review. Okay on the design of this variable.