com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are back again with this outdoor smartwatch from zblakes. We have here the z, blaze, aerys smartwatch it’s, a beautiful smartwatch, with a sporty design and, as i have said on our first video, i think this is going to be one of my favorite outdoor smartwatch this year. It is a light body here with a fishy pc, material, okay, soft and brief double silicon strap here with stainless steel body and, as you can see here, it is packed with hell packed with health and fitness features. We have here also have sleep monitoring, okay and it’s, compatible with the android and ios platform. So we have here is smartwatch, so this time, we’re going to check on its menus and other functions available in the z blaze, airy, smartwatch, okay, so we have here two physical button here, but it also supports touch screen operation. Okay, so we have here: simple watch face okay, we have here the data here, the stats or the graphs, and we also have here the time and the battery okay status, so let’s check okay, so scrolling here from left to from right left. We have here the activity monitoring, we have the steps kilometer here, the distance and the calories, and we also have the graphs here for your heart rate. We also have the sleep monitoring function. Okay, i think this is for maybe the weather and we have the music control.

Okay. So going back to the main page home, Music. Okay, we have here the activity training you have the heart rate. Okay, we also have. I think this is blood pressure. We have the sleep monitoring, we have the weather, music message, notifications and what else here we have a stopwatch: timer flashlight and a fine phone okay. So for the settings we have the watch faces here: let’s change it okay, so we have the digital analog. We have the simple digital here. We hope that there are a lot of options available in the device or in the support app. So we have here the training or the sports monitoring, so let’s check, for we have the outdoor running cycling also have the swimming skipping. Also have the badminton: here we have table tennis alpine alpinism. I think this is for hiking. You also have a walking yoga, spinning bike. That is an indoor activity. You have a seat apps here in the running, the jumping jack, so how many sports do we have here, one two: three: four: five: six: seven: eight: nine 10, 11, 12 13 at least 13 sports mode, okay, so let’s check, for example, let’s check for the skipping Rope: okay, so it automatically monitors once you activated it. So stop! Okay for the badminton see so it is. It is monitoring for the calories, as well as the blood pressure bits per minute. Okay, you have the option to store or save it.

What else status? Oh that’s for overall activity monitoring, okay, so from top to bottom, so we have here the settings. Okay and i lost. We also have here beeping sound. This one is what the brightness, okay so far, it’s a cool, looking outdoor smartwatch very light, and it is a perfect companion for your outdoor activities or indoor activities. Okay, if you love fitness, if you love working out – and you want a very light case – simple and with a very long battery life, smart watch – i think the z blaze aires is the one to pick if you want an affordable outdoor or activity monitoring. Smart watch. Okay, so let’s check for the user manual here, as you can see here, we have a lot of options and instructions here: okay, next on our next video we’re, going to download the support app, so we have here the support app. Let me see so. The support app, i think, is the glory fit support, app available for android 4.4 and above and ios 9.0 and above okay.